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Tu times volume ii, issue 5

  1. 1. Volume II, Issue 5 Transformation for Worthy Service TU-LCF $100,000USD Symbolic Handshake Inside This Issue  TU-LCF $100,000 USD Symbolic Hand shake  TU Signs MOU with Top Asian Universities  Sen. Ballout Brings Top Diplomat to TU  TU Signs MOU with Top Asian Universities  Dr. Laurence Bropleh Mesmerizes TU Students & Faculty  Pictorial of the Speakers’ Bureau  TU Holds First Capping & Badging Ceremony  Pictorial of the Capping & Badging Ceremony L –R, Dr. Carbajosa in a symbolic $100k handshake with Rev. Dr. Laurence K. Bropleh The William V.S. Tubman University (TU) and Lonestar Cell Foun- mitting $100,000.00USD towards the TU-LCF ICT Collaborative dation (LCF) have had a symbolic handshake on November 4, 2013, Initiative. The partnership includes the setting up of a modern  TU-LCF Certificates 16 in ICT for a One Hundred Thousand United States (100,000.00) project. ICT Lab and a Resource Center that will be fully digitized by LCF  Director Grimes Visits Several Universities in the US According to the Corporate Executive of Lonestar Cell Communica- with state of the art equipment with high speed internet connec-  A Tribute to the Late Cecelia JonesBrowne tion MTN, Rev. Dr. Laurence K. Bropleh, Lonestar Cell is commit- tivity through I-connect. The Resource center will serve as space ted to the educational needs of Liberians. As such the corporation for free internet access for both students and the Community of will do everything in its power to lift Liberia and Liberians. Harper. It will also serve as a training center for high school students Rev. Dr. Bropleh said LCF is com- and teachers in the use of ICT for research purposes. The Acting President of Tubman University Dr. Elizabeth Q.E. Carbajosa thanked Lonestar Cell Foundation for the gesture. She said the initiative will help TU fulfill its mission of providing quality services that transform the lives of individuals for worthy services. She extended special thanks to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Rev. Rita Townsend for leading the initiative to engage Lonestar Cell Foundation as a strategic partner .
  2. 2. Page 2 TU Signs MOU with Top Asian Universities Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, President of TU The Executive Assistant to the President of the William V.S.Tubman University (TU), Mr. Johnny C. Woods Jr. has revealed to TU Times that the University has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with three top Asian Universities. The Universities include the Sais International University and Dalian Neusoft University of Information both located in China and the Institute of Business Management of Pakistan. The MOUs which were signed on TU’s behalf by Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, President of TU and witnessed by the Dean of International Education, Barbara Simmons, JD, will give TU students the opportunity to study abroad and gain international experience. According to Executive Assistant Woods, the MOU with Dalian Neusoft University of Information includes the establishment of a joint five-year program in software engineering which incorporates a stay of 2 ½ yrs in each institution by students of both TU and Dalian; and the provision of scholarship for students enrolled in the program. Neusoft Institution of Information is a private university with campuses in Dalian, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, China. This institution specializes in information technology and is a joint venture of Neusoft Group and Dalian Software Park Co. Ltd. “Whereas that signed with Sais International University involves the donation of scholarships to five students of TU to study at Sais with no cost to TU”, Mr. Woods added. Sais International University is a private university affiliated to Zhengzhou University in Henan Province, China. It was founded in 1998 by Mr. Shawn Chen, head of SAIS Group as a small business trade school. It is the first American university in Central China. Mr. Woods also explained that the MOU signed with the Institute of Business management of Pakistan involves partnership on the development of a program in entrepreneur partnership with TU. The institute is a University located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is composed of four colleges. According to the 2012 ranking issued by the Higher Education of Pakistan, it was ranked at the 3rd position of Business Universities in Pakistan. The institution also publishes the country’s only business research journal, the Pakistan Business Review. The MOUs were signed in Zhenzhou, China September , 2013.
  3. 3. Volume II, Issue 5 Page 3 Senator Ballout Brings Top Diplomat to TU The first ever South African Ambassador to be resident in Liberia, H.E. Masilo E. Mabeta has paid a courtesy visit to Tubman University (TU) on August 23, 2013. Accompanied by his wife and son, Amb. Mabeta, was in the County as guest of the Maryland’s Senator John Ballout Jr. In his introductory remarks at the dinner held in honor of the Ambassador by the Tubman University’s President’s Council, Senator Ballout said that he has personally invited the Ambassador and his wife to explore possibilities for partnership in the area of Health, Education, Agriculture and future investment in Maryland’s economy by South African Entrepreneurs . The Senator also disclosed that Mrs. Mabeta who has over 25 years of experience in Higher Education was also looking for the possibility of giving a helping hand to the youth of Maryland, most especially in the area of education. In conclusion, Senator Ballout described TU as the most strategic invention anyone could invest into and at the same time strongly recommended TU as a strategic partner for any future intervention by South Africa in the education sector. For her part, the President of the Tubman University, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, welcomed the Ambassador and family, Senator Ballout, and Superintendent Nazarene Brewer Tubman to the University and extended appreciation to Senator Ballout for including the University in the itinerary of the Ambassador’s visit to the county. She then outlined some of the achievements, challenges, and major projects of the University including the Cavalla Village inte- Senator John A. Ballout Amb. & Mrs. Masilo Mabeta grated program and Grow Our Own Scholarship Program (GOOS), etc. In her elaboration about the GOOS program, the President disclosed that the University had provided scholarships to nine of its staff to attend graduate programs in Nigeria and Liberia and further said that TU is also looking for the opportunity to explore partnerships with South African Universities that will allow GOOS beneficiaries to enroll in South African Universities not as international students but as nationals. This, she said would give the GOOS beneficiaries same tuition payments and opportunities as South African nationals. Tubman University “Grow-Our-Own Scholarship Program (GOOS)”, was established to allow deserving employees to attain their educational goals, meet their professional development objectives, and succeed in their careers. In addition, the program will enable employees to take advantage of opportunities for continuing professional development, and to serve as a tool to improve recruitment and subsequent retention of qualified faculty and professional staff. In response, Amb. Mabeta said that the University located at the very south east tip of Liberia was an opportunity for young people to realize their potential. He then cautioned faculty members to be committed in their profession and the University to enshrine in its academic programs, courses that will prepare students as well as local government officials as Liberia moves towards decentralization of state power. Without promises, the Ambassador concluded by saying that his embassy will explore the possibility of reflecting TU in the Liberia- South Africa relations. This he said will pave the way towards a partnership between TU and a South African University. Tubman University “GrowOur-Own Scholarship Program (GOOS)”, was established to allow deserving employees to attain their educational goals, meet their professional development objectives, and succeed in their careers.
  4. 4. Page 4 Rev. Dr. Laurence Bropleh Mesmerizes TU’s Students & Faculty The campus of the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County was a panorama of intellectual display on November 4, 2013 when Rev. Dr. Laurence Bropleh, Corporate Affairs Executive, Lonestar Cell Foundation, addressed the prestigious Speakers’ Bureau at the University. The Speakers’ Bureau is a platform designed by the Department of Public and Media Relations of the William V.S. Tubman University. It is aimed at bringing to the University and community qualified speakers with a message of relevance to evoke a positive change. Rev. Dr. Bropleh Greeting the students, staff, faculty as well as local government officials, Rev. Dr. Bropleh said that he was elated, yet humbled by the invitation extended him to serve as a guest speaker at the Speakers’ Bureau. This he continued “marks yet another defining moment in the annals of Tubman University, a great and noble institution that stands tall in Southeastern Liberia as a Leader in the impartation of quality education.” Speaking on the theme “Attitudinal transformation: the nexus for better Leadership and Decision Making.” Rev. Dr. Bropleh said, “in order for us Liberians to make better decisions that will see Liberia rise to the occasion, we must now change our minds and attitudes. Even though Liberia is better off than what it used to be in our recent history, I’m still of the hope that this Nation is yet to be what it is supposed to be.” He therefore challenged his audience that the task of making Liberia great rests on their shoulders because when each Liberian strives for greatness, Liberia will become great. The Speaker’s Bureau aspires to present inspiring messages for positive change by providing high level speakers who will inspire Tubman University and the community to reach the pinnacle of their purpose through educational and inspirational messages that evoke a positive response. Speaking of diverseness and diversity, the Charismatic Speaker said, religious, cultural and ethnic divisiveness had wrecked our nation because we were yet to understand that diversity is not divisiveness. He then added that though we are all different in nature, morphologies, in voices and attitudes; something which makes us diverse, but amidst our diversities, we must co-exist as a people. He meanwhile called upon his audience and the nation to begin to dream of a different kind of leadership in Liberia; hence leaders with changed minds and attitudes. “You see as leaders, it is not your decision to judge those whom you serve, rather it must be the exercising of your intentional will to guide and respect those whom you lead and appreciating those whose works have hugely impacted the larger facet of your organization, your institution and by extension your country. We as Liberians must begin to appreciate selfless leadership that reverberates the interest of humanity” Rev. Dr. Bropleh strongly added. He then said that Liberia is at a critical and defining juncture as 2014 and 2017 election activities inch near. “Liberia needs selfless leaders who will allow national interest and the general good of the majority populace to prevail against personal aggrandizement” Rev. Dr. Bropleh strongly told his applauding audience. He also told his audience to remember that “getting old is mandatory but growing up is optional”. Liberia is the oldest independent African Nation, and then asked the question “has Liberia grown up?” In the midst of battle cries and unstoppable applauses, Rev. Dr. Bropleh said that if Liberia must grow up; it takes Liberians to make it work. He powerfully noted “it only takes collectivism or the inclusivity of every Liberian in breathing a breath of change; we must never desert it, we must uphold it forever and ensure that this sweet land of liberty remains ours.” He then said that Liberians must in joy and gladness begin to shout with unity of hearts the freedom of a race benighted. The Prelate-Corporate Executive challenged the students and faculty not to accept mediocrity , and instead should aspire towards excellence and greatness through self believability and reverence for God. The well voiced United Methodist clergyman inspired his audience by his soul and mind touching speech amidst standing ovations and approbations.
  5. 5. Volume II, Issue 5 Page 5 Pictorial View of the Speakers’ Bureau
  6. 6. Page 6 TU Holds First Capping & Badging Ceremony Arriving as they marched up the stairs of the Harper City Hall, the nurses-to-be of the College of Health Sciences (CHS) at the William V.S. Tubman University (WVSTU), solemnly entered the auditorium. The ceremony observed all the seriousness due their noble, life-saving profession. Smartly attired in their yellow and white uniforms, the students represented unity and dignity following the flags of Tubman University thence, that of the College of Health Sciences. They sang the song, “God Has Smiled on Me”, to the accompaniment of Mr. Joe P. Davis on the keyboards. Assisted by Mr. Prince Morris as photographer, the CHS Nursing students processed to their assigned seats while the platform guests and audience appreciated the organization and procession. One could even see the platform guests singing along. Wearing their yellow and white tops, white bottoms, white socks and black shoes, the nurses-to-be arrived at their seats in perfect formation, evidence of their careful program planning. Welcome remarks were presented by Ms. Iona Thomas-Connor, Chair of the Nursing Department. She presented 35 men and women to be recipients of Nurses’ badges and caps. She welcomed and thanked family members for supporting the students. Chair Thomas-Connor also served as Mistress of Ceremony for the program. Mr. Mulbah Tokpah recognized the collaborations of the WVSTU-CHS with the JJ Dossen Memorial Hospital, Cavalla Rubber Corporation, Catholic Health Center, Cavalla Government Hospital. Mr. Phillip Davis, faculty of the CHS, presented 35 students to be capped and badged. Ms. Patricia Jackson, Nursing Director of the JJ Dossen Hospital induced the Candle Lighting portion of the program. She urged the incoming nurses to be passionate for the nursing profession which has great value, as evidenced by the pledge that was later committed. She gave the acronym of the CAP to be worn by the female nurses as C is for Christ, A means around, and P is for the patient, meaning, Christ is around the patient in the form of the nurse, therefore show love to the patient. The male nursing students received the badges on the sleeve. All nurses-to-be recited the pledged as enumerated by Ms. Willimai Weetol-Genrnyon, faculty of CHS. Holding the lighted candle in their left hand while raising their right hand, they committed to the Nightingale Pledge. The newly capped and badged nurses-to-be were presented to the President of Tubman University, and to the Dean of the College of Health Sciences. The student nurses then performed a musical selection to honor the occasion. They filed to their seats with their candles lit as they ended the selection. Cheering parents and well-wishers could not contain themselves and began showering the nurses-to-be with flowers as they took their seats. One could sense the pride, enjoyment, and sense of accomplishment thus far, on the faces of the CHS faculty and Chair of the Nursing Program. Ms. Esther Scere introduced the guest speaker, Rev. Dr. Soney Comfort Lake, Director of Nursing Services as the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital in Tapittah, Nimba County. Rev. Dr. Lake spoke of the challenges in field of nursing as she spoke on the theme, “Providing Quality Care through A Quality Education”. She spoke of seeing changes in the procedures and habits of senior nurses. She queried where is the passionate, compassionate care while responding to patients? She quoted the Nurses’ Ode, written by a Liberian, evoking a thunderous clap response from the audience. She encouraged the incoming nurses to further their education in other specialties in nursing, including administration. Expertise in chronic medical management is needed as clients live longer. Research, she advocated, helps nurses to grow, impacting health care systems. She admonished them to continue their education, while requesting Tubman University to embrace new technologies and establish a residency program so that students are able to enhance their learning. Saving lives, good customer service skills, a positive attitude, will make the patients of these nurses-to-be feel more secure. She reminded the recipients that the caps and badges received symbolized their profession. Rev. Dr. Soney Lake urged the incoming nurses to care for the sick, injured, and dying, in the practice of nursing as Florence Nightingale intended. She ended by looking forward to having some of the honored students join her at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital. For Special Remarks, Mr. Maurice Copeland, Sr. spoke on behalf of parents by expressing thanks to the Government of Liberia for bringing an institute as Tubman University to the County. A representative of the Director from the midwifery program in Zwedru urged the students not to seek wealth, or just uniforms, but rather to be compassionate and prioritize patient care. He urged them to seek qualifications rather than a fast-track career. Dr. Francis of the JJ Dossen Memorial Hospital in Harper thanked the WVSTU-CHS and anticipates having nurses from among them as members of the JJ Dossen Hospital. Harper City Mayor, Regina Sampson encouraged students to let their lights shine, as their profession is a calling. “Bravo to TU and HE Ellen Johnson Sir leaf, for the University that was once only a technical college”, she said. Dr. Lucky Ehigiator, inaugural and only Dean of the WVSTU College of Health Sciences, received a roaring applause as he reached the podium. He said this is the third of this type of program in this part of the world. He believes that the incoming nurses will pursue their profession, having been prepared with quality and excellent instruction and skills. Dr. Elizabeth Q. E. Carbajosa, Vice President for Academic Affairs congratulated the 35 nursing students. She said, “This is just the beginning of a long, challenging journey”. She emphasized serving in excellence, and urged them to respond to the national goals of Liberia to build capacity in the health care profession. In Closing Remarks, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, TU’s President, reflected on the years of the University since its meager beginning in 2009, remembering how the students have persevered to get thus far. She cautioned them to continue and looks forward to shaking their hands as they receive their Baccalaureate signifying their having attained knowledge, skill-sets, but importantly, attitude. She urged them to anticipate their patients’ needs. She gave her expectation that these nurses-to-be, represent not only themselves, their families, but that they represent the William V.S. Tubman University! One could feel the sincerity of expression of heartfelt thanks in the realization of the dreams of TU. Nurse Alice Pency, a faculty of CHS, gave the Vote of Thanks. She said “the occasion reflects the dynamic leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell”. She mentioned that TU is positioning itself to respond to the needs in the society such as preventing child and infant mortality, malnutrition, etc. Nurses Alice Pency and Willimai Weetol-Genrnyon, both recently joined TU’s College of Health Sciences, after having obtained their Master degrees as recipients of TU’s Grow Our Own Program, TU’s self-help design to build its human capacity. The program ended to the cheers of everyone as photographers struggled to straddle chairs to capture the moment with the best photos. As many celebrated the day, the larger anticipation looked to 31 May 2014 – TU’s first graduation. What a day that will be!!
  7. 7. Volume II, Issue 5 Page 7 Pictorial of the Capping and Badging Ceremony “This is just the beginning of a long, challenging journey”, Dr. Elizabeth Q. E. Carbajosa, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  8. 8. Page 8 TU-LCF Certificates 16 in ICT The William V.S. Tubman University (TU) and Lonestar Cell Foundation (LCF) have completed the training and certifications of 16 students and faculty as Trainers of Trainers (TOT) through its ICT Collaborative Initiative. Speaking during the certification program, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rev. Rita Townsend said the program was as a result of intense negotiations between Tubman University through the Division of InstiCertificated Trainees pose with TU & LCF Staff tutional Advancement and Lonestar Cell Foundation He thanked the implementing He commended the trainees through its Corporate Affairs. partner, Sahara Technology for the level of enthusiasm Solution, headed by one of and interest they have She expressed profound Liberia’s proponent in the shown throughout the trainthanks to Rev. Dr. Laurence ICT Industry, Darren Wil- ing process. K. Bropleh for ensuring the kins, for successfully impleprogram is a success. Rev. menting the initiative. Rev. Mr. Wilkins said he was Townsend intoned that the Dr. Bropleh expressed hope proud for his firm to have TU student trainees will serve that the trainees will use the been chosen as the impleas trainers for 10th grade stuknowledge acquired for the menting partner for the prodents from Cape Palmas High advancement of Tubman Uni- ject. In two separate remarks School while the TU’s Faculty versity, the Southeast and Li- two representative of the trainees will serve as trainers Ms. Annie beria and for their own bene- trainees, for other faculty members. Sleweon, a student trainee fit. The students went through a and Mr. Kayibanda Doe, a six month rigorous training Also speaking during the certi- faculty of Tubman Universiprovided by Sahara Technolo- fication program was the chief ty expressed thanks to gy Solutions. executive officer of Sahara Lonestar Cell Foundation Technology Solution, Darren and Tubman University for The Corporate Executive of Wilkins. Mr. Wilkins ex- the opportunity afforded Lonestar Cell MTN, Rev. Dr. pressed thanks to Lonestar them to acquire knowledge Laurence K. Bropleh exCell Foundation for affording in ICT. They expressed their pressed satisfaction with the the people of the Southeast readiness to transfer the training exercise. the opportunity to acquire knowledge gained to their ICT knowledge. peers.
  9. 9. Volume II, Issue 5 Page 9 Director Grimes visits several universities in the United States The Director of Career Planning & Placement, Benoni Tarr Grimes, recently met with his counterparts Career Services professionals or practitioners at several leading universities in the United States of America. According to a report submitted by his office, Mr. Grimes met with the Career Development professional at Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Clayton States University in Atlanta, GA as well as the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN and Pierre View University in Huston, Texas. Mr. Grimes said visits came as a result of a professional social networking site, LinkedIn, where he began to interact with Career Services professionals and practitioners around the world and in the United States. At Emory University he met with Anne Kocurek, Director of Career Counseling and Pamela Brown, Senior Director of the BBA CMC Employer Relation at Emory University; at Clayton State University in Clayton County, Georgia. While in Georgia, he also met and held talks with Mrs. Bridgette McDonald, Director of the Career Service Center. Mr. Grimes also travelled to Minnesota where he visited the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota and met with Mr. Paul Timmins, Director of Career service and Sarah Wolfs, Career Coordinator of the College of Education and Human Development. Director Grimes (in the middle) poses with his colleagues at Emory The discussions at the various universities centered on what they as Career Services practitioners could do to support each other in ensuring students success as it relates to Career Services. They then invited Mr. Grimes to become member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA.org) and National Association of Career Employer (NACE). He said he and his colleagues agreed to maintain a program-to-program relationship and over time it could move into a relationship between their respective universities and institutions. They also agreed to keep in contact and share ideas and resources from time to time. At Georgia Institute of Technology Mr. Grimes attended a three day workshop on Best Practices in Human Resources Management and Career Development. He also participated in a Career opportunity and Job Fair at Clayton State University. While in the US, Mr. Grimes was also invited by Minnesota and Georgia Branches of Maryland County Association the two organizations which he gracefully accepted and addressed them. At the forum in Minnesota, a Marylander, Ms. Beatrice Rue who is RN in Minnesota, donated an assortment of nursing books to be used by the students of the College of Heath Sciences.
  10. 10. Page 10 Tribute to the Memory of the late Mrs. Cecelia Jones Browne BY Benoni Tarr Grimes Henry Wadsward Longfellow in The Psalm of Life said: “TELL me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream!— For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul,” I wish to use this occasion to express my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Stephen Browne and the bereaved Jones and Browne families. Howbeit, I refuse to accept the fact that Cecelia has passed away. Cecelia was like a daughter to me. Because of the proximity, being next door to her office, she stopped by all the time to check on me. If there was a vehicle going to town, she would come over to inform me and find out if I needed a ride. If I had some clerical work to do, she was the consultant I touched base with. She was always there for me. When she needed advice on anything, she came over and shared it with me. Indeed, she will greatly be missed! I recall our last conversation before I left for the US. She had some Liberian home-made pepper-sauce which she was trying to send to her husband. She was looking forward to the birth of the baby and to one day reunite with him when he completes his studies in Nigeria. As I sit and reflect, I am still puzzled about her sudden departure from this Earth. Till this day, I am traumatized and hurt; and can say so for many who interacted with her in one way another. To my TU family and others; let us take solace in the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ when he said and as recorded in John 11:25: “I am resurrection and I am life, whoever has faith in me shall have life, even though he dies”. I have the faith that Cecelia is not dead, she is resting in the arms of the Lord, waiting for that great resurrection morning. She was a believer and had faith in Christ. It is not often that a life comes along upon which a community gets attached and then there is a sudden good bye, you don’t expect. Yes, Cecelia in her quiet way made her mark and imprint on some of our minds. Her ever smiling face, joy to assist, soft but effective voice, and her kind heart to serve everyone, will be truly missed. Linda Ellis (1996) in her poem The Dash, said: “…For it matters not, how much we own, the cars…the house…the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. So, think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged.” As she spent her dash, Cecelia had many unique qualities; She was a dedicated wife, an affectionate mother, a compassionate family member, and a trusted friend. Cecelia had the gifts of hospitality and generosity. She made everyone to feel welcomed with her warmth and friendliness. She made strangers to feel welcomed into her office and home; and rendered special assistance, favors and services to anyone who approached her. As a Secretary by profession, Cecelia indelible mark of excellence is stamped on the faces and in the hearts of all our students, faculty, administrators and staff. Excellence was her hallmark and she emphasized discipline, hard work and good character. During this difficult period of great loss and grief, on behalf of myself and the Office of Career Planning & Placement of the William V S Tubman University, I wish to express profound condolences to her husband, Stephen; children, the bereaved family, Dr. Colleen Clay, faculty and students of the College of Education, and the entire TU community. The late Cecelia now finds eternal rest with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom she served faithfully in her sojourn on earth and is reunited with her beloved relatives and love ones who went before her and to be with the Lord. During this difficult period, please permit me to use an excerpt from William Cullen Bryant in his Thanatopsis which states: “So live, that when thy summons comes to join the innumerable caravan which moves to that mysterious realm where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged by his dungeon; but, sustain'd and soothed by an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave, Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.” Good bye Cecelia, Good bye, see you in the sweet by and by on that great resurrection morning; Rest Cecelia, and May light perpetual shine upon you. It is my prayer that your soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
  11. 11. Transformation for Worthy Service William V.S. Tubman University History & Facts Chartered: 14 September 2009 Vision: TU aspires to be a center of quality and excellence Mission: Provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy service  TU has 6 Colleges:   Arts & Sciences  Education  We’re on the web! www.tubmanu.edu.lr Agriculture & Food Sciences Engineering &Technology  Health Sciences  Management & Public Administration Upcoming Events: TU Times Newsletter  Nov.18- Dec. !8 ,2013  Nov.20—Dec 13 2013 Application for Graduation Issuance of Letter of Admission Access to College  April 5, 2014 Placement Test For inquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact: Rev. Rita Townsend, VPIA, or Mr. Solo Otto Gaye Division for Institutional Advancement William V. S. Tubman University Email: rtownsend@tubmanu.edu.lr sgaye@tubmanu.edu.lr publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr Disclaimer !! TU Times is a monthly Newsletter from the Division of Institutional Advancement of the William V. S. Tubman University. If you wish to discontinue receiving emailed copies of this Newsletter, please email to: publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr or sgaye@tubmanu.edu.lr