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Best Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh


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Hair follicle has life cycle that can be influenced by individual age, disease, hormone factors and much more. When new hair cells are produced by hair follicles, old cells are pushed out through the skin’s surface around six inches a year.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh

  2. 2. WHAT IS HAIR LOSS ? Human skin possesses hair growth everywhere except palms of hands and the soles of feet Hair is made up of a keratin, a kind of protein produced in skin’s outer layer by hair follicles.
  3. 3. LIFE CYCLE OF HAIR FOLLICLE Anagen- Active hair growth phase that lasts between two to six years. Catagen- Transitional hair growth phase that lasts two to three weeks only. Telogen - Resting phase of hair follicle that lasts for two to three months.
  4. 4. REASONS BEHIND HAIR LOSS? Hormonal imbalance - Abnormal levels of androgens, a male hormones produced by men as well as women. Acute illness, and pregnancy- These factors are responsible for temporary hair loss. Fungal infection like ringworm also causes hair loss.
  5. 5. REASONS BEHIND HAIR LOSS? Medical Causes – Diseases like Thyroid, Jaundice, lupus, diabetes, low - protein diet, eating disorders, and unhealthy lifestyle leads to hair loss.
  6. 6. REASONS BEHIND HAIR LOSS? Chemotherapydrugs – These Drugs are used in Cancer treatment, use of beta- adrenergic blockers in controlling high blood pressure and excessive use of pills like birth control pills causes hair loss.
  7. 7. SERVICES Hair Fall Solution Hair Growth Solution PRP Thearpy Hair Transplant
  8. 8. BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT Dr. Harsh Kumar’s Tarini’s Hair Transplant Clinic provides Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh | India. Dr. Harsh Kumar is a consultant surgeon with more than fifteen year experience.
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