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Model question by tanbircox

  1. 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Menu Bar এর View অ঩লনরি তে রিক করর Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩লনরি রির঱ক্টকরুন (অথবা িরািরর তযরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এবার ↑ up Arrow বা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করর আ঩নার ঩ড়ার িুরবধাঅনুিারর স্ক্র঱ স্পীড রিক করর রনন।1. Goggles : Eyes .A. Helmet : head B. Leather : hideC. Hands : feet D. Brush : teethE. none2. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy PETAL : FLOWER -A. Fruit : Seed. B. Author : Publisher.C. Tree : Roots. D. Chapter : BookE. none3. .......... answers the phone should be pleasant.A. Whoever B. Whomever C. WhomD. Both B+C E. Both A+B.4. Which one is correct sentence?A. A ten year old child was run over yesterday.B. Two thirds of the work has been done.C. Two third of the work have been done.D. Both A+B E. Both B+C5. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy HANDWRITING : SIGNATURE.A. Doctor : Symptom B. Author : Publisher.C. Biographer : Confession D. Painting : Self-portrait.E. Both B+C6. Translate it into English.তয তকউ আইন ভঙ্গ কররব োরক লারি তেওয়া হরব।A. Whoever breaking the law will be punished.B. Whoever break the law will be punished.C. Whoever breaks the law will be punished.D. A+B E. None of the above.7. Everyone who – into the woods shouldrecognizecommon poisonous plants such as poison ivy andpoison oak.A. go B. goes C. can goesD. went E. none8. Choose the correct sentence -A. Let him and you be witnessB. Let you and him be witnessC. Let you and he be witnessD. Let he and you be witness E. Both B+C.9. Choose the correct option.A. She behaved with me in friendly way.B. She behaved with me friendly.C. She behaved with me in a friendly way.D. She behaved with me friendly way.E. She behaved with me in a friendly.10. Give the prize to ............ deserves it.A. whoever B. whomever C. whomD. whose E. Both A+D.11. Your name comes after – on the list.
  2. 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. me B. I C. yourD. mine E. my.12. We think – to be a dolt.A. he B. him C. hisD. they E. Both B+C13. — comes is welcome.A. who B. whoever C. whomsoeverD. whom E. whosoever.14. Find out the noun form the following.A. Barbarian B. Barbarism C. BarbarityD. All of the above E. Both B+C.15. Mr. Brown will hire a new employee, eitherRashid or -A. She B. her C. whoseD. I E. he.16. The top of the mountain was covered in cloud.It is -A. Pronoun B. Adverb C. NounD. Verb E. Preposition.17. His skin prickled with horror. It is -A. Noun B. Adjective C. AdverbD. Interjection E. Pronoun.18. Some of the students had done theirhomework,ut most b[^n‖t. It is -A. Noun B. Pronoun C. AdverbD. Preposition E. Adjective.19. Shila entered the interview room in fear andtrembling. It is -A. Pronoun B. Adjective C. NounD. Adverb E. Preposition.20. They showed no mercy to their captives. It is -A. Noun B. Adjective C. PronounD. Adverb E. None of them.21. He showed great courage and determination inbattle. It is -A. Proper noun B. Material nounC Abstract noun D. Common nounE. Collective Noun22. Choose the correct option.A. Distribute these books between you and I.B. Distribute these books between you and me.C. Distribute these books between you and mine.D. Distribute these books between yours and me.E. None of the above.23. Complete the sentenceYour name comes after – on the list.A. me B. I C. yourD. mine E. my.24. Choose the correct option.A. I saw she at the bank B. I saw her at the bankC. I saw hers at the bank D. Me saw her at thebankE. None of the above25. Choose the correct option (59 61).A. It is I who is responsible for themismanagement.B. It is I who am responsible for the mismanage.C. It is I who am responsible for themismanagement.D. It is I who are responsible for themismanagement.E. None26. A. They requested me to take part in thecompetition.B. They requested I to take part in thecompetition.C. They requested me to be taking part in thecompetition.D. They requested mine to take part in thecompetition.E. None of the above27. A. I like you walking like a cat.B. I like your walking like a cat.
  3. 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. I like yours walking like a cat.D. I lik_ you‖r_ w[lkina lik_ [ ][tE. None of the above28. Complete the sentence.Eva believes she knows – will win the election.A. who B. whom C. whoseD. wbo‖s E. Non_ o` tb_ [ov_29. Choose the correct option.A. The chap who came here yesterday is my son.B. The chap who came here yesterday was myson.C. The chap whom came here yesterday must bemy son.D. Tb_ ]b[p wbo‖s ][m_ b_r_ y_st_r^[y w[s myson.E. None of the above30. I go to university with – everyday.A. she B. her C. usD. None of the above E. All.Sentence Completion:31. -------- of the larding of the May flower is arathersmall, gray store.A. The site B. For the siteC. There is site D. To the siteE. None of the above.32. Although most species of fox are reddish,brownin color,------ it often pure white.A. the Arctic fox B. that the Arctic foxC. but the Arctic fox D. so the Arctic foxE. None of the above.33. Upper New York state --------- some of theloveliestlandscapes in the eastern part of the UnitedStates.A. boasts B. being C. that hasD. with E. None of the above.34. The U.S legal system -------- based uponadversarialrelationship, but this is not always the case inpractice.A. it is B. since it is C. beingD. is E. None of the above.35. ------- large rodents about the size of a pigthatlive in South America.A. Capibaras B. Capibaras that areC. Capibaras are D. Capibaras while they areE. None of the above.36. -------- refers to right to build in the spaceoversuch areas an building roads or railroad tracks.A. The term air rights B. Air rights termC. It the term air rights D. Air rights areE. None of the above.37. --------- have two sets of eyelids an outer lidthat covers theeye when the cat blinks or is asleep and thenictitatingeyelid on the inside that washes and protects theeye fromthe elements when they eat in a wake.A. Cats B. That cats C. For catsD. A cat E. None of the above.38. Although he was a brilliant philosopher muchofM[rtin H_i^_aa_r‖s tb_ory -------- into question_][us_ b_ w[s [ m_m_r o` Hitl_r‖s p[rli[m_nt.A. who is calling B. which callsC. having been calling D. has been calledE. None of the above.39. Scientific research in oncology ------- thefunding
  4. 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comit deserves.A. is seldom B. seldom givenC. being given D. is seldom givenE. None of the above.40. A. Nipa and us are going to join the sameseminar.B. Nipa and we are going to join the sameseminar.C. Bob & me plan to look for another job.D. Bob & I plan to look for another job.E. B + D41. When they have enough money, Tuli and -------will probably go back to school.A. she B. her C. hersD. herself E. None42. After Sandy talked them into buying bikes, ---------- never drove to university.A. she and they B. she and themC. her and they D. her and themE. she and their43. --------- whom everyone wanted to win.A. It was he B. It was himC. it was his D. It was himselfE. It was hisself44. Di^n‖t you know tb[t it ---- who played thejoke.A. were we B. was we C. was usD. was our E. were ourselves45. They asked --------- whether we were satisfied.A. your, Jame and I B. you, Jame and meC. your Jame and me D. you, Jame and IE. yours, Jame and me46. He always helps ------ with our tax returns.A. my wife and I B. my wife and meC. me wife and I D. his and meE. him and I47. The results of the test surprised ---------becauseeveryone seined much better than expected.A. they B. them selves C. themD. their E. B + C48. Do you really believe that she has blamed -------for the accident, especially ---------?A. we; you and me B. we; you and IC. we; your and me D. us; you and IE. us; you and me49. The cake is from Jalal, and the flowers arefromJamal and ---------.A. we B. us C. ourD. ourselves E. None50. Just between --------, tbis isn‖t [ v_ry aoo^price.A. you and I B. your and IC. you and me D. your and meE. None51. Among --------, it was he who always acted astheinterpreter.A. they B. them C. weD. their E. our52. A. We can count on her helping we.B. We can count on her helping us.C. He regretted their misunderstanding his him.D. He regretted their misunderstandingE. B + D53. W_ ^on‖t un^_rst[n^ wby you oj_]t to ----------coming with us.A. his B. he C. himD. she E. None
  5. 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com54. I would appreciate -------- letting me known assoon as possible.A. your B. your‖s C. yoursD. ours E. all of above55. The doctor insisted on ---------- taking a leaveofabsence.A. her B. hers C. sheD. he E. himself56. My father approves of -------- studying in theUSA.A. me B. my C. ID. you E. None57. Kevin jammed -------- finger while he wasfininghis car.A. he B. its C. theD. his E. him58. -------- [r_ so lona_r tb[t b_ ][n‖t `in^ sbiststo fithim.A. The arms B. Arms C. His armsD. Him arms E. He arms59. A. She broke the wrist in the accident.B. She broke her wrist in the accident.C. How did you twist the ankle?D. How did you twist your ankle?E. B + D60. A. She is the secretary who works in thelibrary.B. She is the secretary whom works in the library.C. This is the new typewriter which you ordered.D. This is the new typewriter who you orderedE. A + C61. The people --------- cheated on theexaminationhad to leave the room.A. who B. whom C. whichD. whose E. what62. There is someone on the line two ---------wouldlike to speak with you.A. which B. whom C. whoD. where E. what63. The student ---------- receives the highest scorewill be awarded a scholarship.A. which B. whose C. whomD. who E. None64. A. I asked him who he was calling.B. I asked he who he was calling.C. I asked him whom he was calling.D. I asked him whom him was calling.E. I asked he whom he was calling.65. He did not know --------- he would take to theparty.A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. None66. There is often disagreement as to --------- isthebetter student, Bob or Ellen.A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. A + D67. Did you meet the girl --------- was chosenHomecoming Queen?A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. None68. Be careful or you will hurt ----------.A. yourself B. your C. youD. yours E. None69. A child can usually express --------- by the ageofsix months.A. self B. him C. himselfD. he E. itself
  6. 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com70. I had to teach --------- to swim.A. me B. myself C. myD. I E. self71. A. An oven that cleans its is very handy.B. An oven that cleans itself is very handy.C. Help your to whatever you like.D. Help yourself to whatever you like.E. B + D72. R[kbi [n^ R[ki [r_n‖t ^[tina --- any more.A. each other B. one anotherC. one to other D. one to the otherE. each others73. It is considered cheating when students help ----------- on the tests on quizzes.A. each other B. one anotherC. each the other D. other oneE. A + B74. L_t‖s m__t -------- after the class.A. other B. other oneC. one the other D. each otherE. A + B75. My sister & I visit -------- about once a week.A. each other B. others C. anotherD. one another E. A + D76. This is the way --------A. coming the last time B. come the last timeC. comes the last time D. to come the last timeE. we came the last time77. These are the one that --------A. we bought B. boughtC. buy D. buyingE. to buy78. This book is the one that --------A. our class B. our class usedC. our class using D. our class in useE. our class to use79. These are the assignments that --------A. our teacher giving usB. our teacher to give usC. give our teacherD. our teacher gave usE. our teacher80. These are some things that --------A. ^on‖t un^_rst[n^B. does not understandC. ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^D. understandE. I ^on‖t un^_r st[n^81. It is a shame that -------A. you missing the movieB. you is missingC. you to miss the movieD. you missed the movieE. you misses the movie82. She knows that --------A. mistakes in grammarB. mistake ion grammarC. mistaking in grammarD. to mistake in grammarE. she mistakes in grammar83. He said that --------A. going was he wantedB. going was he had wantedC. he wanted to goD. wanted to go heE. go was he wanted84. I noticed that --------A. M[ry‖s [s_n]_ todayB. Mary was absent todayC. Mary absence todayD. Mary was absense todayE. Mary absent today85. The experiment proved that --------
  7. 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. less water for the plantsB. need less water for the plantsC. needing less water for the plantsD. the plants needed less waterE. less water needed for the plants86. The --------- is not legal unless everyone signshishome.A. agreeing B. agreement C. agreeD. agreementation E. agreely87. Even young children begin to show -------- inMathematicsA. able to B. ability C. ableD. ability for E. able for88. --------- have been made for the funeralA. Arranging B. ArrangementsC. Arrange D. ArrangementE. Arranged89. A free --------- is guaranteed to every citizen.A. educating B. educated C. educationD. educated E. educative90. The -------- of hybrids has increased yields.A. develop B. developmentC. developing D. developedE. develop ion91. I ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^ ---------A. what is say B. he saidC. what did he say D. what he saidE. what did he said92. Do you know ---------A. how much do they cost B. how much they costC. how much they do cost D. how much they costsE. how they cost much93. I wonder ---------A. when is her birthday B. when her birthdayC. when her birthday is D. when is her birthdayE. when her birthday is?94. Could you please tell me ---------A. where is the post office?B. where the post office is?C. where is the post office ?D. where the post office is.E. where the post office?Answer Keys:1.a 2.d 3. a 4. d 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. b 9. c 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. b 14. d 15. b 16. c 17. a 18. b19. c 20. A 21.c 22.b 23.d 24.b 25. c 26. a 27. b 28. a 29. a 30. b 31. a 32. a 33. a 34. d35. c 36. a 37. a 38. d 39.d 40. E 41. a 42. a 43. a 44. b 45. b 46. b 47. c 48. e 49. b 50. c51. b 52. e 53. a 54. a 55. a 56.b 57.d 58.c 59.e 60. e 61. a 62. c 63. d 64. c 65. a 66. b 67.b 68. a 69. e 70. b 71. e 72. a 73. b 74. d 75. a 76. e 77. a 78. B 79. d 80. e 81. d 82. e 83.c 84. b 85. d 86. b 87. b 88. b 89. c 90. b 91. d 92. b 93. c 94. b 95. a
  8. 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. A synonym `or ―Epo]b‖ is -A. Generation B. Society C. EraD. Event E. Relevant.2. Wb[t is tb_ plur[l `rom o` ―B[n^it‖? :-A. Bandits B. Banditti C. BanditessD. Both a+b E. Both a+c.3. What is the feminine form of the word signor?:-A. Signress B. SignoraC. SignorixD. Signorerix E. Both a+c.4. Give the prize to ............ deserves it.A. whoever B. whomever C. whomD. whose E. Both a+d.5. Find out the correct spelt word:A. Maneuver B. Mannoeuvre C. ManoeuvreD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.6. Tb_ opposit wor^ o` ―Form[tiv_‖ is -A. Moulding B. Development C. DestructiveD. Shaping E. Clergy.7. Wb[t is tb_ A^j_]tiv_ o` tb_ wor^ ‗H_[rt‘?A. Heart B. Hearten C. HearteningD. Heartful E. Heartfully.8. Choose the correct sentence -A. Let him and you be witnessB. Let you and him be witnessC. Let you and he be witnessD. Let he and you be witness E. Both b+c.9. Which of the following word is a Pluralnumber?A. Aristocracy B. Vermin C. PeasantryD. a+b+c E. Only a+c.10. Which one is Singular?A. Information B. Expenditure C. MachineryD. a+b+c E. Both a+b.11. .......... answers the phone should be pleasant.A. Whoever B. Whomever C. WhomD. Both b+c E. Both a+b.12. Find out the correct spelling -A. Inferred B. Diarrhoea C. RenaissanceD. a+b+c E. Both b+c.13. Which is the correct spelling?A. Aptitude B. Accesible C. OccupideD. All of these E. None of these.14. Wb[t is tb_ synonym o` ‗Frustr[t_‘ ? : -A. Foil B. Idle C. AffordD. Curious E. Vermin.15. Choose the pair of words that best completesthe[n[loay ‗Submission : YieldingA. Subjection: Liberation B. Restrain: IndulgeC. Complaint: Acquiescent D. Restriction:RelaxationE. Impulsive: Deliberate.16. Which one will be the plural form of theword―Comm[n^_r-in -]bi_`‖?A. Commanders-in-chiefs B. Commander-in-chivesC. Commanders-in-chives D. Commanders-in-chief17. Choose the correct spelling.A. Aniversary B. Anniverrsary C. AnniversaryD. Aniverrsary E. Annivarsary18. Make it plural Syllabus?A. Syllabi B. Syllabuses C. SyllabusessD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.19. Find out, Which one is the plural number?A. Poultry B. Tenantry C. Perfumery
  9. 9. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. a+b+c E. Both a+b.20. Make it plural – ―Formul[‖?A. Formulae B. Formulas C. Both a+bD. Formulases E. Both b+c.21. Choose the correct spelling.A. Assesment B. Assessment C. AsessmentD. Asesment E. Asseisment22. Make feminine of the word – – ―Pros_]utor‖.A. Prosecutress B. Prosecutrix C. ProsecutretrixD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.23. What is the synonym of Mystery ?A. Answer B. Enigma C. ClueD. Solution E. Ominous.24. What is the synonym of Jealousy?A. Suspicious B. Geniality C. IndifferanceD. Tolerance E. Wavering.25. Make it Masculine gender – – ―Nympb‖.A. Swain B. Widower C. StewardD. Patron E. Enchanter.26. Which one is correct sentence?A. A ten year old child was run over yesterday.B. Two thirds of the work has been done.C. Two third of the work have been done.D. Both a+b E. Both b+c27. Which one will be correct?A. A three years diploma course will be start.B. More than two boys were present.C. The poor drag a miserable existence in theirday today life. D. Both b+c E. Both a+b28. Which of following is a correct sentence?A. The Titanic went down on her first voyage.B. The Titanic went down on its first voyage.C. The dog is noted for its faithfulness.D. Both a+c E. Both b+c.29. Which of the following is not a correctsentence?A. Two and two make four.B. ―Gr_[t Exp_]t[tions‖ y Di]k_ns is [ `[mousnovel.C. The poor lives from hand to mouth.D. Three months is a long time.E. The United States of America is a host countryinthe world cup football of 1994.30. Find out the plural form ?A. Agenda B. Alumni C. Vertices.D. a+b+c E. Both a+c31. Wb[t is tb_ synonym `or tb_ wor^ ‗E]st[sy‘?—A. Ill B. Bad C. MournD. Joy E. happy32. Wbi]b wor^ is ]orr_]t witb pr_`ix ―il‖ ?A. illegal B. illogical C. illiterateD. All of them E. none33. Goggles : Eyes .A. Helmet : head B. Leather : hideC. Hands : feet D. Brush : teeth34. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy PETAL : FLOWER -A. Fruit : Seed. B. Author : Publisher.C. Tree : Roots. D. Chapter : Book35. Tb_ synonym o` ―F_[sil_‖ is-A. Brittle B. Inevitable C. PracticableD. Harmful. E. none36. Tb_ synonym o` ―R_l_v[nt‖ is-A. Eternal B. Germane C. FurtiveD. Inventive E. Both b+c37. Which one is the correct adjective form withthe suffix―ous‖?A. Sagacious B. Ostentacious C. GeniousD. Both A+ B E. none of the above
  10. 10. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com38. Wbi]b s_nt_n]_ isn‖t ]orr_]tly us_^ o`―_nouab‖?A. You are beautiful enough to satisfy me.B. You can love if you have enough money tospend for women.C. You are enough beautiful to satisfy me.D. Both A + B. E. none39. Which one is the correct adjective form withthe suffix―[l_‖ ?A. Supposable B. Repayable C. ImmovableD. All of the above E. Both b+c40. Choose the correct usage of adjective.A. Muhit is enough matured to takeresponsibilities.B. You do not have to wait little while.C. Sherlock Holmes has few clues to themur^_r_r‖sidentityD. None of the above. E. Both b+c41. Find out the correct adverb form.A. Ruthlessly B. Northerly C. DisrespectlyD. A+B+C E. fatherly42. Choose the correct usage of adverb.A. Britney called aloud for helpB. We barely had no time to catch the train.C. You have to simply change your attitude.D. That night the house seemed abnormal quite.E. Both b+c43. Wbi]b s_nt_n]_ isn‖t ]orr_]t?A. She looks beautiful.B. She looks up beautiful.C. She looks up beautifully.D. I saw a beautiful cottage girl. E. Both b+c44. Complete the sentence.I want you to collect — regarding this issue.A. information B. informations C. inform.D. informative. E. none45. Tb_ plur[l `orm o` ―Poultry‖ is —A. Poultries B. Poultry C. PoulD. None of the above. E. Both a+b46. Which of the following is a correct sentence?A. Rarely are you found in the room.B. He always used to agree with me.C. You have hardly never seen a cheque of fivelac taka.D. Both A + B. E. none47. Tb_ synonym o` ―Equivo][l‖ is —A. Foolhardy B. Pinnacle C. AmbiguousD. Arrogant E. none48. Tb_ synonym o` ―Pro^iaious‖ is —A. Audacious B. Dull C. GiganticD. Copious E. none49. Find out the correct spelling.A. Accomoddation B. AcommodationC. Accommodation D. Accoommodation.50. Find out the correct spelling.A. Hygeinic B. Hygieniic C. HygieniceD. None of the above E. Both b+c51. Find out the correct spelling.A. Fahrenheight B. Farenheit C. FahrenheitD. Mallifluous. E. Both b+c52. Complete the sentence.Bipasha found it very — when her parentsdivorced.A. contentious B. distressing C. punctiliousD. skittish. E. none53. Tb_ [^j_]tiv_ o` ―S_nsiility‖ is —A. Sensitive B. Sensible C. SensiblyD. Sense E. Sensibility54. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy HANDWRITING : SIGNATURE.A. Doctor : Symptom B. Author : Publisher.
  11. 11. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Biographer : ConfessionD. Painting : Self-portrait. E. Both B+C55. Everyone who – into the woods shouldrecognizecommon poisonous plants such as poison ivy andpoison oak.A. go B. goes C. can goesD. went E. none56. Ethics – the study of moral duties, Principlesandvalues.A. are B. deal C. isD. are about. E. none57. Choose the incorrect option.A. These are twenty dollar shoes.B. These are twenty-dollars shoes.C. These are a twenty-dollars shoes.D. All of the above E. a+b.58. Translate it into English.তয তকউ আইন ভঙ্গ কররব োরক লারি তেওয়া হরব।A. Whoever breaking the law will be punished.B. Whoever break the law will be punished.C. Whoever breaks the law will be punished.D. A+B E. None of the above.59. Real estate prices in New York, like those ofmanyother major cities, have declined ---- .A. over the few years B. over the past few yearsC. over less years D. over the past few year60. ---- have amphibious attributes, although notall areamphibians.A. Much quadrupeds B. More quadrupedsC. Many quadrupeds D. A quadrupedE. none of the above61. Which one is the correct adjective form withthesu``ix ―ous‖?A. studeous B. Rebellious C. RightiousD. Pretenteous E. None of the above.62. Tb_ synonym o` ―Equivo][l‖A. Universal B. MistakenC. Quaint D. Clear63. Choose the correct use of adverb hardly-A. Tb_ r_st[ur[nt w[s so p[]k_^ tb[t I ]oul^n‖thardlymove.B. The restaurant was so packed that I couldhardlymove.C. The restaurant was packed that I could hardlymove.D. None of the above. E. All.64. Which of the following words are pluralnumber.A. cattle B. gentry C. verminD. all of them E. None of the above.65. An [ntonym `or ―Obstacles‖ isA. Hindrance B. Impediments C. HurdlesD. Supports E. None of the above.66. In which sentence adverb is placed properly?A. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [lw[ys 9 O‖ ]lo]k [t tb_office.B. Always the man has to arrive at the office at 9O‖]lo]k.C. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [t tb_ o``i]_ [t 9 O‖]lo]kalways.D. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [t 9 O‖]lo]k [lw[ys [tthe office.E. The man always has to arrive at the office at 9O‖ Clo]k67. Choose the correct option.A. She behaved with me in friendly way.B. She behaved with me friendly.
  12. 12. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. She behaved with me in a friendly way.D. She behaved with me friendly way.E. She behaved with me in a friendly.68. Our final assignment for the English class isto givean impromptu speech.A. eloquent B. technical C. unpreparedD. unbiased E. none69. The counterfeit bills were a good facsimile ofthe real ones.A. factorial B. reproduction C. identificationD. similarity E. same.70. The television station was inundated withcallsprotesting the distasteful program.A. harassed B. probated C. modulatedD. confiscated E. flooded.71. The people interviewed for the survey wererandomlyselected.A. carefully B. sincerely C. carelesslyD. thoughtfully E. indiscriminately.72. After a long, hard struggle, we graduallysucceeded inhaving people accept the truth of our theory.A. slowly B. momentarily C. suddenlyD. graciously E. gratefully.73. A desert receives less than twenty five –– ofrainfallevery year.A. centimeter B. a centimeter C. centimetersD. of centimeters E. none74. The teacher has ––, but they are not in atboos tone.A. four book B. four of book C. four booksD. four of books E. a four book75. The temperature has risen –– in two hours.A. ten degrees B. ten degree C. of ten degreesD. ten of degrees E. all of the above76. Several of the people in this class speak––.A. three language B. four languageC. three or four languages D. three or fourlanguageE. none77. The shape of –– unique.A. a snowflake is B. a snow isC. snow flakes are D. a snowflakes areE. snows are78. A. California has good weather.B. California has a good weather.C. Laughter is the best medicine.D. A laugh is the best medicine.E. Both A+C79. We are supposed to have –– this wreaked.A. a sunshine B. sunshine C. sunshinesD. sunbeam E. none80. We are late because we got struck in ––.A. a traffic Jam B. traffic C. a trafficD. a + b E. All of the above81. A. A mail travels faster when the zip code isindicatedon the envelope.B. A piece of mail travels faster when the zipcode isindicated on the envelope.C. There is a limit of two pieces of carry onluggagefor each passenger.D. There is a limit of two carry on luggage foreachpassenger. E. b + c82. ––– in this display is on sale for half price.A. Each piece of furniture B. Each furnitureC. Furnitures D. Each pieces of furniture
  13. 13. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. Each furnitures.83. According to estimates by some botanists,there are–– of plants.A. seven thousand type B. seven thousand typesC. type of seven thousand D. types of seventhousandE. none84. I only know how to run –– computerprogram.A. one type of B. one type C. one type aD. one types of E. all of the above85. A. This exam has two types problems.B. This exam has two types of problems.C. Are you looking for a special kinds of car?D. Are you looking for a special kind of car? E. b+ d86. We saw several –– birds at the wild lifesanatorium.A. kind of B. kind C. kinds ofD. types E. type of87. Pro`_ssor‖s stor_ k__ps –– in his office becausehe^o_sn‖t b[v_ room `or m[ny.A. few chairs B. few chair C. little chairsD. a little chairs E. a + c88. A. John has very little friends.B. John has very few friends.C. There is few time to waste.D. There is little time to waste. E. b + d89. My brother used to help me a lot, but now hegivesme –– advice.A. few B. a few C. the fewD. little E. no little90. He had to balance his account very carefullybecause he had –– money.A. little B. the little C. fewD. a few E. the few91. Tb_ l_tt_r w[s sbort _][us_ tb_r_ w[sn‖t ––news.A. many B. much C. littleD. few E. a few92. How –– years have you been living in Texas?A. many B. much C. moreD. less E. lots93. He always has –– problems with his teeth.A. many B. much C. moreD. little E. a little94. I think that there is –– violence on T.V.A. many B. too many C. too muchD. few E. a few95. A. We have a little time. B. We have littletime.C. We made a few mistakes.D. We made few mistakes. E. all of the above96. Give me –– butter, please.A. little B. a little C. fewD. a few E. all97. There are –– tickets left for the concert.A. few B. a few C. littleD. a little E. None98. ––– people in my apartment building arefriendly.A. A little B. Little C. FewD. Much E. The little99. ––– people were at the reception.A. Only few B. Only little C. Only a fewD. Little E. Only a little100. A. Only a little students are lazy.B. Only a few students are lazy.C. Tinne took only a few pictures.D. Tinne took only few pictures. E. B + C101. The advisor makes ––– to the rules regarding
  14. 14. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comprerequisites.A. only few exceptions B. only a few exceptionsC. only a little exceptions D. only little exceptionE. None102. We will need ––– food for the picnicA. few B. a few C. only a littleD. only little E. little103. ––– own most of the land there.A. A small number of familiesB. A small amount of familiesC. A small amount of familyD. A small number of familyE. A little number of families104. The lab has a –– of equipment.A. large number B. large amount C. more numberD. few number E. little number105. W_ ^on‖t b[v_ tim_ `or –– of interruptions.A. a large number B. a large amountC. a few amount D. a few E. none106. There are ––– Chinese restaurants in thecity.A. small number of B. small amount ofC. large amount of D. a small number ofE. large number107. A. We have enough tickets.B. We have tickets enough.C. We have enough time.D. We have time enough. E. a + c108. Tb_r_ [r_n‖t –– for all of us to go.A. enough car B. car enough C. cars enoughlyD. enough cars E. enough the cars109. Without ––, you won‖t _ [l_ to ^o w_ll tb_examination.A. enough sleep B. enough of sleepC. sleep as enough D. sleep enoughlyE. None110. Do we have –– for the party?A. enough hamburgers B. hamburgers enough asC. hamburgers enough D. hamburgers enoughlyE. All111. I n__^ to uy [ l[mp _][us_ I ^on‖t b[v_ ––in myroom.A. light as enough B. light enoughC. light enoughly D. enough lightE. c + d112. H_r littl_ ][r isn‖t –– to seat more than twopeoplecomfortable.A. big enough as B. enough bigC. big enough D. the enough bigE. enoughly big113. Her score on the exam was –– to qualify herfor agraduate program.A. good enough B. enough goodC. good as enough D. as enough goodE. None114. He should be –– to get out of bed in a fewdays.A. enough strong B. enoughly strongC. strong enough D. strongly enoughE. strong as enough115. Billy isn‖t –– to enlist in the army.A. old enough B. enough old C. enoughly oldD. old as enough E. as old enough116. Tb[t _x]us_ isn‖t ––.A. good enough B. enough goodC. good enoughly D. enough the goodE. a + b117. One movie starts at five, ––– starts at sevenand theother movies starts at nine.A. a movie B. the other movie
  15. 15. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. another movie D. the other E. others118. One of my roommates studies engineering,anotherstudies business, and –– studies computer science.A. others B. the other C. the othersD. an others E. None119. One English proficiency test is the TOEFL and–– isthe Michigan TOEFL.A. other B. another C. othersD. the other E. some other120. There are three kinds of solar eclipses, one istotal,another is annular, and –– is partial.A. the another B. the other C. othersD. other E. some121. Some of these T-shirts are red, –– are blue,and therest are white.A. other B. others T-shirts C. othersD. another E. the others122. Some plants are annuals, –– are biennials,the restare perennials.A. some another B. anothers C. otherD. others E. none123. Some of my friends are player, other friendsarebusinessman, and –– are professor.A. the other B. the other friendsC. the other friend D. some anotherE. All124. Some applicants want student visas, –– wantresident visas, and the other applicants wanttouristvisas.A. other applicants B. other applicantC. another applicant D. others applicantsE. others applicant125. Put the mail on the –––.A. b[ll t[l_ B. b[ll‖s t[l_ C. b[lls t[l_sD. hall of table E. a + b126. All of us are foreign––.A. language teachers B. languages teachersC. languages teacher D. teacher of languageE. languages teacher127. I forgot your–––.A. t_l_pbon_‖s num_r B. t_l_pbon_ num_rC. telephones number D. number telephoneE. None128. There is a sale at the ––.A. sbo_s stor_ B. sbo_‖s stor_ C. sbo_ stor_D. store shoes E. shoes stores129. All –– must take the Graduate ManagementAdmission Test.A. usin_ss‖s stu^_nts B. usin_ss stu^_ntsC. businesses students D. businesses studentE. all of the above130. Agriculture 420 is a ––– class.A. five-hours B. five-hour C. five-the-hourD. the five-hour E. a + b131. –– is cheaper than a four-door model.A. A two-door car B. A two doors carC. A two-car-door D. A car two-doorE. A the two-door car132. I have to write–– this weekend.A. a one-thousand-word paperB. a one-thousand-word papersC. a one-thousand-words papersD. a one-thousand-words papers E. a + d133. They have–– baby.A. a four-months-old B. a-four-months-oldC. a four-month-old D. a four-old-monthE. None
  16. 16. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com134. ––– call any where in the United States costslessthan a dollar when you dial it yourself.A. The three-minutes B. A three-minutesC. A three-minute D. The three-minuteE. c + d135. We were –– by the results of the test.A. surprising B. surprised C. surpriseD. surprises E. the surprise of136. What an–– idea!A. interested B. interesting C. interesting ofD. interested of E. the interesting137. The petition has been signed by –– citizens.A. concerning B. concerned C. concerned ofD. concerning of E. concern138. Drug abuse is increasing at an––.A. alarmed rate B. alarmed ratesC. alarming the rate D. alarming rateE. alarming the rating139. He is ––– he never gets to class on time.A. so slow B. so slow that C. as slow thatD. as slow as E. too slow that140. This suitcase is –– I can hardly carry it.A. as heavy that B. too heavy thatC. too heavy as D. so heavy asE. so heavy that141. We arrived –– Professor Zahan had alreadycalledthe roll.A. so late that B. so late as C. too late thatD. too late as E. a + b142. He drives –– no one likes to ride with him.A. so fast so B. so fast too C. so fast thatD. so fast as E. too fast as143. Preparing frozen is –– anyone can do it.A. too easy B. so easy that C. so east asD. as easy that E. as easy as144. The tiny pictures on Micro film are –– smallto beread with the naked eyes.A. so B. too C. muchD. more E. such145. A. It is too cold to go swimming.B. It too cold to go swimming.C. Ralph is such a young to retire.D. Ralph is too young to retire. E. a + d146. The top shelf in the cupboard is ––– high forme toreach.A. too B. to C. soD. such E. much147. This brand is too expensive –– buy.A. for B. to C. tooD. so E. such148. Mercury is not often visible because it is ––near thesun to be seen.A. too B. so C. suchD. more E. a + d149. We went out to eat because we were –––hungry.A. very B. too C. soD. much E. such150. Darlene says that the courts are ––– lenient.A. so B. too C. to D. very E. such151. Young rivers have no flood plains & theirvalleysare––.A. very narrow B. too narrow C. so narrowD. narrowly E. such narrow152. This dorm has –– small rooms.A. very small B. too small C. so smallD. such small E. to small153. Last month we had a –– high electric bill.
  17. 17. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. too B. so C. suchD. very E. to154. We love to go to the country in the springbecausethe wild flowers smell––.A. sweetly B. so sweet C. so sweetlyD. to sweet E. as sweet155. Although the medicine––, it seems to helpmycondition.A. tastes bad B. tastes badly C. tests badD. taste bad E. a + c156. The music ––– and soothing.A. sounds sweetly B. sounds sweetC. sound sweet D. sounding sweetE. None157. When he complained the food tasted –––, thewaiter took back to the pitcher & brought himsomething else.A. badly B. well C. badD. worst E. c + dAnswer Keys:1. c 2. d 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. c 7. c 8. b 9. d 10. d 11. a 12. d 13. a 14. a 15. c 16. d 17. c 18. d 19. d 20. c21. b 22. b 23. b 24. a 25. a 26. d 27. d 28. d 29. c 30. d 31. d 32. d 33. a 34. d 35. c 36. b 37. d 38. c39. b 40. c 41. d 42. a 43. b 44. a 45. b 46. d 47. c 48. c 49. c 50. d 51. c 52. b 53. b 54. d 55. b 56. c57. a 58. c 59.b 60. c 61. b 62. b 63. b 64. d 65.d 66. e 67.c 68. c 69. d 70. e 71. e 72. a 73. c 74. c75. A 76. c 77. a 78. e 79. b 80. d 81. e 82. a 83. b 84. a 85. e 86. c 87. a 88. e 89. d 90. a 91. b 92. a93. a 94. C 95. e 96. b 97. b 98. c 99. c 100. e 101. b 102. c 103. a 104. b 105. a 106. d 107. e 108. d109. a 110. a 111. D 112. c 113. a 114. c 115. a 116. a 117. c 118. b 119. d 120. b 121. c 122. d 123.b 124. a 125. a 126. a 127. B 128. c 129. b 130. b 131. a 132. a 133. c 134. c 135. b 136. b 137. b138. d 139. b 140. e 141. a 142. c 143. B 144. b 145. e 146. a 147. b 148.a 149. a 150. d 151. a 152.a 153. d 154. b 155. a 156. b 157. c158. a 159. a
  18. 18. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. –––– the wasp deposits an egg, the flowergrowsa protective covering.A. Then B. As ifC. In fact D. After2. Tb_ r_aion is r_`_rr_^ to [s tb_ ‗L[n^ o` Fruit‘––– it yields a bountiful harvest of oranges andapples.A. although B. becauseC. so that D. such as3. Seat belt laws were introduced –––– trafficfatalities would be reduced.A. so that B. thenC. when D. as if4. –––– the fires were blazing, the skewersimpalingthe fish were tilted toward the flames.A. As soon as B. So thatC. As if D. Such as5. The great stone city Angkon flourished for sixcenturies ––– it fell in 1431 and lay prey to thejungle for four long centuries.A. as soon as B. becauseC. until D. so that6. The most modern ladders cannot reach aboveseven stories, ––– firefighters must enterskyscrapers dressed in suits designed to supplyoxygen and reflect heat.A. before B. SoC. as D. until7. –––– Kul[i Kb[n‖s [r]b_rs destroyed theBurmese war elephants; he shattered the_l_pb[nt ][v[lry‖s mytb o` invin]iility.A. Although B. UntilC. When D. So that8. –––– the government disapproves, cultivationofthe opium poppy thrive.A. As if B. UntilC. So that D. Even though9. –––– capable of walking upright, apelikeAustralopithecus did so only for short periods oftime.A. As if B. ThoughC. Until D. Because10. –––– erupting in May 1980, Mount SaintHelenscontinued erupting intermittently throughout thefollowing year.A. After B. Such asC. Since D. As if11. –––– having seized their prey with theirmouths,pythons swiftly coil themselves around it andsuffocate it.A. Until B. BecauseC. Since D. After12. –––– running grizzly bears are capable ofattaining speeds of 35 miles an hour.A. So that B. WhenC. Though D. So13. –––– making a person ill enough to warranthospitalization, poison ivy does not kill.A. As soon as B. SinceC. While D. So that
  19. 19. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com14. –––– declaring the area useless, DanielWebstercould not have foretold how irrigation wouldm[k_ C[li`orni[‖s Imp_ri[l V[ll_y loom.A. Because B. WhenC. Though D. So that15. –––– plowing the field, the farmer uncoveredadinosaur jawbone.A. As though B. WhileC. Since D. Until16. –––– publicly executed in 1536 for makingwhathis enemies considered a false translation of theBible, William Tyndale wrote a version whichbecame the foundation of subsequent Englishversions.A. As if B. AfterC. When D. Although17. ––––, their small size and the thin soil makethemeasy to [ bik_r‖s b__l.A. Alpine flowers which can resist wind, cold, andsnowB. When alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, andsnowC. While alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, andsnowD. Alpine flowers resisting wind, cold, and snow18. –––– pandas eat bamboo almost exclusively,theyare also carnivorous.A. Not only B. UntilC. As soon as D. Although19. Although –––– a country illegally is risky, thealien who finds work may believe the riskworthwhile.A. when entering B. he entersC. entering D. having entered20. The Andean condor glides on currents and^o_sn‖t `l[p its winas –––– it must do so to reachupdrafts.A. Because B. untilC. that D. as if21. –––– sighting an approaching car drivers tendtospeed up.A. When slowing down instead ofB. Instead when slowing down atC. When instead of slowing downD. Instead of slowing down when22. –––– to England remain strong, the ChannelIslanders are exempt from most British taxes.A. Although their ties B. Although tiedC. Before their ties D. Tied23. ––––, the travelers found that their flight hadbeen canceled because of the severe snowstorm.A. That they arrived at the airportB. As soon as arriving at the airportC. At the airportD. They arrived at the airport24. When competing in a demolition derby, –––untiltheir cars are demolished.A. that drivers continueB. drivers must continueC. drivers continuingD. although drivers must continue25. –––– governments point with pride toincreasingmechanization in agriculture, human and animalpower still produces a significant portion of theworl^‖s `oo^.A. Since B. Because
  20. 20. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. So that D. While26. ––––, tobacco farmers had not yet felt itseffect.A. Though a campaign against smokingB. That there was a campaign against smokingC. Even though there was a campaign againstsmokingD. There was a campaign against smoking27. There were few settlements along the NorthCarolina coast –––– many problems forseafarers.A. Because the offshore barrier posedB. before posing the offshore barrierC. while posing the offshore barrierD. that the offshore barrier had posed28. –––– since the death of her father.A. The ancestral home of my mother abandonedB. My motb_r‖s [n]_str[l bom_ st[n^inaabandonedC. My motb_r‖s [n]_str[l bom_ b[s stoo^abandonedD. My motb_r‖s [ncestral home which has stoodabandoned29. ––––, the owner and buyer finally agreed on aprice for the house.A. They had been bargaining for several weeksB. After bargaining for several weeksC. After several weeks they began bargainingD. As if bargaining for several weeks30. –––– of the tranquilizer, the scientist put atag onits ear recorded details about the animal.A. While under the effect the deerB. While being under the effect the deerC. While the deer was under the effectD. While the deer under the effect31. –––– the finish line fist, the runner gave up.A. Having failed to reachB. Having failed reachingC. He failed to reachD. That failed reaching32. –––– the United States consists of manydifferent immigrant groups; manysociologists believe there is a distinct nationalcharacter.A. In spite of B. DespiteC. Even though D. Whether33. –––– ended traffic on the Mississippi River,Mark Twain left his job as a river pilot andmoved west to Carson City.A. During the Civil WarB. Because the Civil War wasC. That the Civil War wasD. When the Civil War34. –––– are the juice and pulp of the grapeuseful, but various products are made fromthe skins and seeds.A. Not that they B. They neverC. Neither D. Not only35. Neon is said to be inert –––– does not reacteasily with other substances.A. because of it B. because itC. it is because D. is because it36. –––– he has created striking stage settings fortheMartha Graham dance company, artist IsamuNoguchi is more famous for his sculpture.A. But not B. NeverthelessC. In spite of D. Although37. Automatons programmed to perform a giventask –––– the flexibility and adaptability ofhuman beings.A. without B. lackC. minus D. not having
  21. 21. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com38. Some metals are malleable, –––– others are sobrittle that they break easily when bent quickly.A. but B. likeC. there D. which39. An ultrasonic wave has –––– a high frequencythat it is inaudible.A. therefore B. aboveC. such D. thus40. The changes in this city have occurred ––––.A. with swiftness B. rapidlyC. fastly D. in rapid ways41. –––– received law degrees as today.A. Never so many women haveB. Never have so many womenC. Tb_ wom_n [r_n‖t _v_rD. Women who have never42. Mr. Duncan does not know –––– the lawnmowerafter they had finished using it.A. where did they put B. where they did putC. where they put D. where to put43. Our flight from Amsterdam to London wasdelayed –––– the heavy fog.A. because of B. becauseC. on account D. as result44. Of the two new teachers, one is experiencedand––.A. the others are notB. another is inexperiencedC. the other is notD. other lacks experience45. He has received several scholarships ––––.A. not only because of his artistic but hisacademicabilityB. for both his academic ability as well as hisartisticC. because of his academic and artistic abilityD. as resulting of his ability in the art and theacademy46. –––– did Arthur realize that there wasdanger.A. Upon entering the storeB. When he entered the storeC. After he had entered the storeD. Only after entering the store47. –––– the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.A. Because of its durability and economyB. Because it lasts a long time, and it is veryeconomicalC. Because of its durability and it is economicalD. Because durability and economy wise it isbetterthan all the others48. John has not been able to recall where ––––.A. does she live B. she livesC. did she live D. lived the girl49. He ––– looked forward to the new venture.A. eagerlyB. with great eagernessC. eagernesslyD. in a state of increasing eagerness50. People all over the world are starving ––––.A. greater in numbers B. in more numbersC. more numerously D. in greater numbers51. The jurors were told to ––––.A. talk all they wantedB. make lots of expressionsC. speak freelyD. talk with their minds open52. Jack understood everyone ––––.A. perfect B. perfectlyC. perfection D. perfections
  22. 22. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. perfectfully53. Please do –––– as your doctor says.A. exactness B. exact C. exactlyD. exactful E. exacting54. From the top of empire state building touristareable ––––.A. too clearly see New YorkB. to see clear New YorkC. to clearly see New YorkD. to see clearly New YorkE. to see New York clearly55. –––– speaking, curriculum includes allexperiences.A. Broad B. BroadlyC. Broadless D. BroadfullyE. Broadful56. Passengers travel –––– in the new Jumbo Jets.A. comfortable & safeB. comfortably and safelyC. comfortable and safelyD. comfortable and safeE. comfortably and safe57. Helen types ––––.A. fastly & efficientlyB. fast and efficientlyC. fast & efficientD. fastly and efficientE. faster and efficient58. The plane is scheduled to arrive ––––.A. lately B. latenessC. late D. latestE. latelinely59. He tried as –––– as he could.A. hardly B. harderC. hardest D. hardE. hardfully60. When students register –––– for class theymustpay an additional fee.A. late B. latelyC. lateness D. latestE. lateful61. First class mail travels as –––– as airmail.A. fast B. fastlyC. faster D. fastestE. fasterly62. –––– in that hotel.A. Never again they will stayB. Never again they stayC. Never again stayD. Never again will stayE. Never again will they stay63. Only rarely ––––.A. an accident has occurredB. an accident occurredC. occurred an accidentD. has an accident occurredE. has occurred an accident64. Very Seldom –––– my attention like this one.A. can a movie hold B. a movie can holdC. can hold a movie D. a movie holdE. hold a movie can.65. Not one paper –––– on time.A. She has finished B. has finished sheC. has she finished D. has she finishesE. finished she has66. Not once –––– us to their house.A. Steve and Jane have invitedB. have Steve and Jane invitedC. Steve and Jane invitedD. have invited Steve and JaneE. have Steve and Jane invites67. –––– the light rain, the baseball game was not
  23. 23. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comcanceled.A. Despite of B. Despite forC. Despite D. The spiteE. Because68. They are still planning to get married ––––theirdisagreement.A. despite of B. in spite ofC. because of D. becauseE. in spite69. –––– the interruption, she was able to finishherassignment.A. In spite B. Because ofC. Despite of D. DespiteE. Because70. –––– their quarrel, they are good friends.A. Though B. Despite ofC. Because of D. BecauseE. In spite of71. –––– the delay, they arrived on time.A. Despite B. Despite ofC. Because D. Because ofE. In spite for72. The –––– is not legal unless everyone signshishome.A. agreeing B. agreementC. agree D. agreementationE. agreely73. Even young children begin to show –––– inMathematics.A. able to B. abilityC. able D. ability forE. able for74. –––– have been made for the funeral.A. Arranging B. ArrangementsC. Arrange D. ArrangementE. Arranged75. A free –––– is guaranteed to every citizen.A. educating B. educatedC. education D. educatedE. educative76. The –––– of hybrids has increased yields.A. develop B. developmentC. developing D. developedE. develop ion77. Class will be canceled tomorrow –––– it is anational holiday.A. because B. because ofC. though D. despiteE. in spite of78. She was absent –––– her cold.A. although B. becauseC. because of D. despiteE. in spite79. Jobn‖s `[mily is v_ry b[ppy –––– he has beenawarded a scholarship.A. because B. althoughC. because of D. despite ofE. in spite of80. She did not buy it –––– the price was toohigh.A. although B. despiteC. because of D. becauseE. in spite81. It was difficult to see the road clearly ––––therain.A. because B. because ofC. although D. despiteE. in spite of82. He borrowed the money –––– he could finishhis
  24. 24. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comeducation.A. so B. so thatC. so what D. whyE. that83. Larry took a bus from New York to NewJersey–––– he could see the country.A. so that B. so whatC. so D. so whatE. that84. Don‖t `ora_t to r_aist_r your name –––– youcanvote in the election.A. so B. so whatC. so that D. whatE. that85. ––––Hasan and his wife, three couples areinvited.A. Beside B. BesidesC. for D. toE. over86. –––– Dominos, four other pizza places deliver.A. Beside B. BesidesC. for D. toE. over87. We sat –––– the teacher.A. beside B. besidesC. for D. toE. over88. Jenny has lots of friends –––– her roommate.A. beside B. besidesC. for D. toE. over89. –––– us s_rvi]_, tb_r_ isn‖t [ny puli]transportationA. Beside B. BesidesC. For D. ToE. Over90. All of the group –––– Raza went to lake.A. except B. except toC. exception D. exceptingE. exception to91. All of the students –––– the seniors willreceivetheir grades.A. except B. except toC. excepting D. butE. A + D92. Everyone –––– Rana wants milk in the tea.A. except B. except toC. excepting D. exception93. None –––– Ruma knows very much about it.A. except B. butC. except to D. exceptingE. A + B94. Tb_ m[il ]om_s [t t_n o‖]lo]k _v_ry^[y ––––Saturday.A. not B. exceptC. except to D. exceptingE. exception95. The choice is –––– vanilla, chocolate andstrawberry ice cream cone.A. between B. amongC. at D. dividedE. A + B96. John and his wife solved their problems ––––them.A. between B. amongC. before D. afterE. A + B97. Profits are divided –––– the stockholders ofthecorporation.A. between B. among
  25. 25. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. since D. exceptE. besides98. The votes were evenly divided –––– the B.N.Pand the A.L.A. between B. among C. forD. since E. except99. Find the correct sentence-A. The property was divided equally among hissonand daughterB. The property was divided equally between hissons and daughters.C. The property was divided equally among hissonsand daughters.D. The property was divided equally between hissonand daughter.E. both C + D100. By using coupons, you can get discount on alotof things –––– groceries, toiletries & householditems.A. such B. as suchC. such as D. examplesE. such as for101. Taking care of pets –––– dogs and cats canteachchildren lessons in responsibility.A. such B. as suchC. example D. such asE. such as for102. Some birds –––– robins and cardinals spendthewinter in the northA. such as B. as suchC. such D. exampleE. such for103. Magazines –––– Times, Newsweek publishpictorial reportsA. such as B. as suchC. such D. such forE. such for104. Jobs at restaurants –––– M]Don[l^‖s or T[]oBell are often filled by students.A. for such as B. such as forC. such D. such asE. such for105. R[n[‖s `[tb_r w[nts bim to _ an engineer ––– adoctor.A. instead B. instead ofC. except D. butE. none106. Could I have rice –––– potatoes please?A. instead B. instead ofC. excepting D. exception toE. except to107. She likes to go to movies –––– to class.A. instead B. instead ofC. stead of D. insteadingE. except108. We choose Raihan –––– Rabbi as ourrepresentative.A. instead B. instead ofC. instead from D. stead ofE. except109. It‖s _tt_r to uy `oo^s –––– buying snacks.A. instead B. instead ofC. instead from D. stead ofE. except110. Be careful not to get sunburned –––– out ofthebeach too long.
  26. 26. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. from stay B. for stayC. from staying D. for stayingE. because staying111. We felt sleepy all day –––– television so latelastnight.A. for watching B. from watchingC. to watch D. because watchE. for watch112. Toe is going to get sick –––– to much.A. too study B. to studyC. from studying D. for studyingE. to studying113. If you go early, you will just get nervous ––––.A. to waiting B. to waitC. for waiting D. from waitingE. in waiting114. The car is really hot –––– in the sun all day.A. the sitting B. from sittingC. sit D. from to sitE. to sit115. I bought a trunk –––– my winter clothes.A. for to store B. for storeC. to store D. to for storingE. to storing.116. She has a CB radio in her car ––––emergencies.A. for B. to C. inD. on E. as117. Each room has its own thermostat –––– thetemperature.A. for to control B. to for controlC. to controlling D. for controlE. for controlling118. Sam needs another VCR –––– videotapes.A. for copy B. to copy C. for to copyD. from copying E. to copying119. Wby ^on‖t you us_ tb_ mi]ros]op_ in tb_ l[–––– the specimen.A. for examine B. for examiningC. to examine D. to examiningE. from examining120. You can win ––––.A. for practicing B. to practiceC. from practicing D. by practicingE. by to practice.121. Make a reservation –––– our 800 number.A. for calling B. to call C. by callD. from calling E. by calling122. Biva lost weight ––––.A. for hiking B. to hikeC. by hiking D. from hikingE. to hiking123. Gloria made a lot of friends –––– in thecafeteria.A. to working B. for workingC. to work D. by workingE. from working124. Choose the correct answer –––– the letter.A. for marking B. by markingC. to mark D. from markingE. with mark125. The key officials responded ––––.A. evasive B. evasivelyC. in a evasive mannerD. in a manner that was evasiveE. in evasive126. David knows a great deal ––––.A. in terms of the situationB. of the condition of the situation.C. in terms of condition of the situationD. about the condition of the situation.
  27. 27. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. about the situation.127. The Problem was ––––.A. Very difficult in characterB. Very difficult in natureC. difficult characterD. difficult nature E. difficult128. Choose the correct sentence:A. She is not only famous in the USA but alsoabroad.B. She is not famous only in the USA but abroadalso.C. She is not only famous in the USA but abroadalso.D. She is famous not only in the USA but alsoabroad.E. She is famous not in the USA only but alsoabroad.129. Choose the correct sentence:A. The exam tested both listening and to read.B. The exam tested both to listen and reading.C. The exam tested both listening and reading.D. The exam tested both listen and read.E. The exam tested and listening both reading.130. Choose the correct sentence:A. He is not only intelligent but also he iscreativeB. He not only is intelligent but also he iscreativeC. Not only he is intelligent but also creativeD. He is not only intelligent but creative alsoE. He is not only intelligent but also creative131. Choose the correct sentence:A. Flying is not only faster but also safer thantraveling.B. Flying is not only faster but also it is saferthantraveling.C. Flying is not faster only but safer also thantraveling.D. Flying is faster not only safer but also thantraveling.E. Flying is faster only but safer also thantraveling.132. Choose the correct sentence:A. He registered for both Engineering andMathematics.B. He registered for both Engineering and tostudyMathematics.C. He registered for Engineering and Mathematicsboth.D. He registered for both Engineering andMathematics also.E. He registered for Engineering both andMathematics.133. This is the way ––––.A. coming the last timeB. come the last timeC. comes the last timeD. to come the last timeE. we came the last time134. These are the one that––––A. we bought B. bought C. buyD. buying E. to buy135. This book is the one that––––A. our class B. our class usedC. our class using D. our class useE. our class to use136. These are the assignments that––––A. our teacher giving usB. our teacher to give usC. our teacher giveD. our teacher gave usE. our teacher
  28. 28. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com137. These are some things that––––A. ^on‖t un^_rst[n^ B. ^o_s not un^_rst[n^C. ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^ D. un^_rst[n^E. I ^on‖t un^_rst[n^138. It is a shame that ––––A. you missing the movie B. you is missingC. you to miss the movie D. you missed the movieE. you misses the movie139. She knows that ––––A. mistakes in grammar B. mistake ion grammarC. mistaking in grammar D. to mistake ingrammarE. she mistakes in grammar140. He said that–––––A. going was he wanted B. going was he hadwantedC. he wanted to go D. wanted to go heE. go was he wanted141. I noticed that ––––A. M[ry‖s [s_n]_ to^[y B. M[ry w[s [s_nttodayC. Mary absence today D. Mary was absence todayE. Mary absent today142. The experiment proved that ––––A. less water for the plantsB. need less water for the plantsC. needing less water for the plantsD. the plants needed less waterE. less water needed for the plantsAnswer Keys:1. d 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. c 8. d 9. b 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. c 14. b 15. b 16. d 17. c 18. d19. c 20. b 21. d 22. A 23. c 24. b 25. d 26. c 27. a 28. c 29. b 30. c 31. a 32. c 33. d 34. d35. b 36. d 37. a 38. a 39. c 40. b 41. b 42. C 43. a 44. c 45. c 46. d 47. b 48. b 49. a 50. d51. c 52.b 53.c 54.d 55.b 56.b 57.b 58.c 59.d 60.a 61. a 62. e 63. d 64. a 65.c 66. b 67.c68. b 69. d 70. e 71. a 72. b 73. b 74. b 75. c 76. b 77. a 78. c 79. a 80. d 81. b 82. b 83. a84. c 85. b 86. b 87. a 88. b 89. b 90. a 91. a 92. a 93. b 94. b 95. b 96. a 97. b 98. a 99. e100. c 101. d 102. a 103. a 104. d 105. b 106. b 107. b 108. b 109. b 110. c 111. b 112. c113. d 114. b 115. c 116. a 117. e 118. b 119. c 120. b 121. c 122. c 123. d 124. b 125. b126. b 127. b 128. a 129. c 130. e 131. a 132. a 133. e 134. a 135. b 136. d 137.e 138. d 139. e 140. c 141. b 142. d 143. b 144. c 145. b
  29. 29. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. She looked up ––––– on particularly toccasion than she had ever done.A. much beautifullyB. much more beautifulC. much more beautifullyD. more beautifulE. far beautifully2. To ––––– we give the contract is importantthem.A. who B. whom C. whomeverD. whose E. how3. Coffee and tea ––––– more expensive now.A. is B. has C. haveD. are E. had.4. No friend and no relative ––––– for him.A. cares B. care C. caringD. are care E. is care.5. Five dozen ––––– me taka seventy.A. costs B. costing C. costD. has cost E. had cost.6. We ––––– the assignment three days beforel[st Fri^[y‖s ^_[^lin_.A. completed B. had completedC. will complete D. were completingE. will have completed.7. Add this amount ––––– that.A. with B. in C. to D. by E. at8. He is absorbed ––––– thought.A. in B. on C. withD. upon E. at9. For ––––– this design was prepared is still amystery.A. who B. whom C. whomeverD. whose E. why10. Choose the synonym of COUNTERFEIT.A. risk B. fake C. frailtyD. dull E. excessive11. Choose the correct spelling.A. Rhodendron B. RhododendronC. Rhodondron D. RhodedondronE. None of the above12. Choose the correct option: -A. He is one of the best boy of the class.B. One of the best boys are coming today.C. He is one of the best boys of the class.D. One of the best boy has already come.E. Both a+c.13. Choose the antonym of AUTHENTIC -A. Adept B. CounterfeitC. Brief D. OpenE. Benevolent14. Choose the correct sentence:A. You are one of the most honest man I haveever seen.B. You are more honest than anybody I haveever seen is.C. You are more honest than anybody else I haveever seen is.D. You are one of the most honest men I haveever seen.E. You are one of the more honest men I haveever seen.15. He is – of the two pedestrians.A. better B. best C. the bestD. the better E. c+d.16. Choose the synonym of RELEVANT.A. Poverty B. Pertinent
  30. 30. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC.Ttimely D. JoyE. Huge17. Choose the correct spelling.A. Pomegrante B. PomegraniteC. Pomgranate D. PomegranateE. None of the above18. The more he tried hard to dance –A. the more he failedB. the most he failedC. the less he failedD. more he failed to do thatE. he failed to do that.19. He looks ––––– now than he looked before.A. much careful B. more carefullyC. much more careful D. carefulE. carefully.20. Choose the correct sentence.A. Rarely she does well in the examination.B. Rarely does she well in the examination.C. Rarely she did well in the examination.D. Rarely she does not well in the examination.E. Rarely does she not well in the examination.21. Your complaint is no different from the lastcustomer who expected a refund.A. no different fromB. no different from that ofC. similar toD. no different than that ofE. the same as.Correcting the grammatically incorrect part inthefollowing sentence, if necessary. (22 - 25)22. Nobles customarily drunk their wine fromelaborately chased drink horns.A. drunk B. have drinkedC. drank D. had drunkenE. drinking.23. ––––– the scene of the accident, I could haveadministered first aid to the victims.A. Had I seen B. If I wereC. If I was D. I should have beenE. I might have been.24. It is not for you to take responsibility; it is,rather, me who is the guilty person in thismatter.A. me who is B. me who amC. I who is D. I who areE. I who am.25. With the exception of him and I, everyone inclass finished the assignment before the bellrang.A. I, everyone B. me, everyoneC. my, everyone D. I, oneE. me one.26. Which is the correct spelling:A. Anesthesia B. MediaevalC. Messenger D. InterruptionE. All of the above.27. GAGGLE: GEESEA. Coop: Chickens B. Muzzle: EggsC. Gill : Fish D. Swarm: Bees.E. Almanac: Dates.28. TEAM: ATHIETES:A. Game: SeriesB. Alliance: NationsC. Delegates: AlternatesD. Congregation : PreachersE. Merge: Corporation.29. AMASS: WEALTH:A. Lavish: bribesB. Garner: GrainC. Disperse: EnemyD. Refund: DepositE. Obese: Corpulent.
  31. 31. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com30. One argument against the welfare system isthatit ––––– r_]ipi_nt‖s in^_p_n^_n]_.A. encourage B. reports C. aidsD. saps E. steps.31. More ivory is obtained from elephants inAfrica––––– elephants in Asia.A. rather than B. more thanC. than from D. as well asE. from than.32. Where the suffix has not been properly used:A. congruent B. inadvertentC. unbelievable D. both a+bE. none of these.33. Find out the incorrect part.Neither you nor IAcan realize affectBhis behaviorwill haveCon his chances for promotionD. No errorE34. IfAthe flag is givenBto him, Juan and hismCshouldbe of the beginingDof procession. No errorE.35. NeitherAthe reporters nor the editor WereBSatisfied withCthe salary offer made byDthepublisher . No errorE.36. Which one is correct?A. Questionnaire B. ResturantC. Thermometre D. ParalelogramE. None of these.37. Which sentence is correct?A. I will meet Mr. Jane next Sunday.B. I wish, I had the wings of a bird.C. I have had my revenge at last.D. The president and secretary was present in themeeting.E. All of these.38. Before the 1900s., Children ..... in the yards oftheir homes and in the streets.A. playing B. played C. has playedD. are playing E. None.39. Many critics of plea bargaining ---- it allowslarge numbers of criminals to escapeappropriate punishment.A. believed it B. to believeC. believing D. believe E. a+b.40. To get an idea o` [ soil‖s porosity, ---- a smallamount of top in your hand.A. to rub B. rubbing
  32. 32. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. rubbed D. rub E. None.41. The risks of developing cancer can ----by notsmoking and by drinking in moderation.A. be significantly reducedB. to be significantly reducedC. significantly reduceD. to reduce significantlyE. None.42. Even though many couples ---- smallerfamilies, the number to births could rise.A. now having B. now hasC. are now having D. is now havingE. a+b.43. To make up for losses in revenue, buscompanies ---- service and maintenance.A. cutting B. tends to cutC. tending to cut D. tend to cut E. None.44. City planners in Sr. Paul ––––– models forbuilding compact towns and cities.A. proposing B. have proposedC. proposed D. proposalE. None.45. Refrigeration ––––– food spoilage by keepingtemperature near or below freezingA. prevention B. preventsC. preventing D. is preventedE. None.46. Every year both large and small businesses ––––– into financial trouble.A. getting B. gets C. gottenD. get E. gate.47. Why ----to sell products?A. companies have B. do companies haveC. companies do have D. companies did haveE. None.48. According to comparison which one iscorrect?A. This encyclopedia costs twice more than theother one.B. This encyclopedia costs twice so much theother oneC. This encyclopedia costs twice as much as theother oneD. This encyclopedia costs twice much morethan the other one.E. None.49. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―PACIFIC‖A. Apathy B. Calm C. ApexD. Banal E. a+b.50. Choose the correct synonym of―MANDATORY‖A. Massive B. HappyC. Compulsory D. RecklessE. a+b51. Choose the correct synonym of―PARSIMONIOUS‖A. Economical B. PlacidC. Competent D. CredulousE. None.52. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―ABRIDGE‖A. Adore B. SupportC. Reconcile D. ShortenE. None.53. Choose the correct synonym of―PROMINENT‖A. Disaster B. Easy C. ReclusiveD. Eminent E. None.54. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SANGUINE‖A. Pessimistic B. Lazy C. RashD. Rage E. None.55. Choose th_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SHABBY‖A. Hostile B. Sober C. AstuteD. New E. None.56. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SCANTY‖
  33. 33. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. Talkative B. Avid C. CopiousD. Jolly E. None.57. After reading the letter, he ––––– that themanager was attempting to ––––– a contractwith him.A. implied --- abrogate B. surmised --- breachC. inferred -- negotiate D. imposed --- nullifyE. a+b.58. Mr. Sizer was walking ––––– a wood ––––– arainy day.A. to - or B. trough – onC. of -- through D. by – in E. None.59. That is the person ––––– I was speaking –––––A. whom - with B. whom – toC. who - with D. who – to E. None.60. Choose the correct spelling.A. Monologue B. MountaineerC. Mushroom D. All of the aboveE. None.61. Find out the incorrect spelling.A. Predecesor B. PerseveranceC. Pronunciation D. All of the aboveE. a+b.62. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Psychology B. MaintenanceC. Progresion D. MiscellaneousE. None.63. Find out the incorrect spelling.A. Redundency B. RhododendronC. Rendezvous D. SagaciousE. None.64. Find out the correct spelling.A. Penicillin B. SovereigntyC. Submission D. All of the aboveE. None.65. Choose the correct option.A. The speed of this engine is greater than theold one.B. The speed of this engine is greater than that ofthe old one.C. The speed of this engine is greatest than thatof the old one.D. The speed of this engine greater than the oldoneE. Both a + b.66. Find out the correct option for the underlinedwords. Your courage is as great as any otherman in defending your country.A. as great as any other man.B. so great as any other man.C. great like any other manD. as great as that of any other manE. as that of any man.67. Find the correct option.A. These two lines are more parallel the others.B. These two lines are parallel and the others arenot.C. The box is more square than the other.D. both a+c E. both b+c.68. The food in my country is very ––––– that inour country.A. different B. different thanC. different from D. differE. differ from69. Which word is ]orr_]t witb ―Pr_`ix‖ ―im‖?A. mortal B. measurableC. possible D. matureE. All of the above.70. Noun o` tb_ wor^ ‗APPROVE‘ is —A. Approving B. ApprovedC. Approveness D. Approval E. None.71. Which one is a correct sentence?A. I am going for a walk daily.B. He has just come here yesterday.
  34. 34. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. I go for a walk daily.D. He has just come here. E. Both c + d.72. Choose the correct option.A. The sky was blackker than coalB. The color of her eyes was more misty.C. Antarctica is the most lonely place on earth.D. None of the above E. a+b.73. Choose the correct option.A. Her look was more glassier than the sunshine.B. Sandra sat nearer to the window than I.C. The bridge was as narrow as a laneD. Both b+c E. None.74. Complete the sentence.It wasn‖t so [^ ––––– we expected.A. that B. than C. asD. None of the above E. a+b.75. Complete the sentence.His assignment is different ––––– mine.A. from B. than C. asD. to E. for.76. Choose the correct option.A. The university is farther than the mall.B. The more you practice your steps will be moreperfect.C. To^[y is bott_r tb[n y_st_r^[y‖s.D. Both a+cE. None.77. Complete the sentence.No animal is so big ––––– the blue whale.A. than B. from C. butD. as E. to.78. Choose the correct option.A. Tb_ `irst st_p is tb_ most import[nt o` [ll‖B. The Mexico earthquake of 1985 was farworser than that of 1979C. Nannu is as cleverer as bulbul.D. None of the above E. a+b.79. Choose the incorrect option.A. Of the four exams this one was the harder.B. This job is more boring than the previous one.C. She looks as pretty as a doll.D. All of the above E. None.80. Complete the sentence.The second half of the book is ––––– exciting ––––– the first.A. as, so B. so, asC. more, than D. as much, thanE. None.81. Choose the correct option.A. Steve reads more quickly than his brother.B. She does twice as much work as her brother.C. The more he rowed the boat, the farther hegotaway.D. Both b + c E. a+c.82. Choose the incorrect option.A. You have more experience than anybodyapplying for the post.B. Who is the more famous novelist in thecountry?C. The museum is farther away of the threebuilding.D. All of the above E. None.83. Complete the sentence.We received no notification prior ––––– theevent.A. as B. than C. toD. at E. it.84. Choose the correct sentence.A. The former world cup champion France failedto show their prowess.B. One of the more upper rooms is damaged.C. I chose neither them.D. All of the above
  35. 35. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. None.85. Complete the sentence.The ––––– part of the address contained someimportant points.A. later. B. latter. C. more late.D. None of the above E. a+b.86. Choose the correct option.A. This summary is the best of the pair.B. My last test was bad than this one.C. We have little gas this year than we had lastyear.D. None of the above E. a+b.87. Choose the correct option.A. Many of us does office work.B. The painting will be awarded to whomeversells the most tickets.C. Several of them have arrived already.D. None of the above E. a+b.Read the following passage carefully andanswer the questions:It is ironic that, migratory birds, fondly called―au_st ir^s‖ [r_ `[r `rom tr_[t_^ witb bospit[lityand instead are often trapped poisoned; Shot^_[^ y uns]rupulous ―bosts‖ in B[nal[^_sb. Agood number of winter ducks, geese andshorebirdsperish here every year. This happensmainly because of a small number of affluentpeople who see these birds as a delicacy tosatisfy their greedy palates rather than as theinvaluable international treasures that they are.Statistics show that thenumber of these birds have been decliningrapidly over the past few years. It is the lack ofawareness in the society that is leading to the saddemise of the bird population. The only way toEnglish – Lec – 18save the birds is to create a strong awarenessamong people from all walks of life throughdifferent initiatives and management programs.88. An appropriate title for this passage is -A. Guest birds: the beauty of natureB. Guest birds: the international resourceC. Guest birds: threatened by human predatorsD. Guest birds: on the verge of extinctionE. None.89. ―Ironi]‖ m_[ns -A. Satirical B. Chronic C. AnnoyedD. Capsize E. None.90. ―Hospit[lity‖ is -A. Verb B. Adjective C. NounD. Adverb E. a+b.91. What is responsible for decreasing thenumber of guest bird?A. P_opl_‖s [``lu_n]_B. Human greedC. Lack of awarenessD. The climateE. Capsize.92. Winter ducks, geese and shore birds perishbecause -A. They become the food of opulent peopleB. It is the rule of nature that they will perishC. They have got a very short life-spanD. Their destiny is written like thisE. Both b+c.93. ―P[l[t_‖ is [ t_rm r_l[t_^ to -A. painting B. relaxationC. taste D. hardship of lifeE. a+b.94. Adje]tiv_ o` ―^_li][]y‖ is -A. Dedicating B. Delectable C. DeityD. Delicate E. None.95. ―T_rril_‖ m_[ns -
  36. 36. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. unenviable B. dreadfulC. rival D. potentialE. None96. Five ounces of skim milk contains ––––– thesame volume of regular milk.A. more than protein asB. more protein thanC. more proteinD. as more proteinE. None97. The mass of insects on Earth is ––––– allotherland animals combined.A. greater than that ofB. as large asC. more greaterD. broader than the one ofE. None.98. Everest being the highest, K2 is –––––mountain peak in the world.A. the second of the B. of the second highestC. the second highest of the levelD. the second highest E. None.99. ––––– on an airplanes wings, the less theresistance on the craft and the greater its fullefficiency.A. The smaller the amount dragB. The smaller dragC. If the smaller the amount of dragD. The smaller the amount of dragE. a+b.100. Humans reach physical maturity more slowlythan –––––A. most other large mammals wereB. most other large mammalsC. does most other large mammalsD. the most other large mammals.E. a+c.101. Though they travel ––––– central America,the swallows always make a punctual returnto the mission in Capistrano.A. far away as B. far as awayC. as far away as D. away as farE. None.102. Even With vast research, there is still a greatdeal that is ––––– known about the workingsof the human brain.A. neither B. none C. noD. not E. None.103. Seldom ––––– games been of practical use inplaying real games.A. theories of mathematicsB. theorized as mathematicsC. has the mathematical theory ofD. the mathematical theory has104. A microscope can reveal vastly ––––– detailthan is visible to the naked eye.A. than B. than moreC. more than D. more105. Andy Warhol was ––––– in the Pop Artmovement who was known for his multiimagesilk-screen paintings.A. that one of a leading figureB. a leading figureC. leading figuresD. who leads figures106. The air inside a house or office buildingoftenhas higher concentrations of contaminants ––––– heavily polluted outside air.A. than does B. moreEnglish – Lec – 19C. as some that are D. like of
  37. 37. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com107. The decimal numeral system is one of the ––––– ways of expressing numbers.A. us_`ul most worl^‖sB. worl^‖s most us_`ulC. us_`ul worl^‖s mostD. most worl^‖s us_`ul108. Not only ––––– to determine the depth oftheocean floor, but it is also used to locate oil.A. to use seismologyB. is seismology usedC. seismology is usedD. using seismology109. The United States spends more money onadvertising ––––– country in the world.A. other B. other thanC. than any other D. while other110. Tommy was one –––––A. of the happy childs of his classB. of the happiest child in the classC. child who was the happiest of all the classD. of the happiest children in the class111. Last year, Matt earned ––––– his brother,who has a better position.A. twice as much asB. twice more thanC. twice as many asD. twice as more as112. There were two small rooms in the beachhouse, ––––– served as a kitchen.A. the smaller of whichB. the smallest of whichC. the smaller of themD. smallest of that113. Cuba is ––––– sugar-growing areas in theworld.A. one of the larger B. one of largestC. one of the largest D. largest114. The facilities of the older hospital –––––.A. is as good or better than the new hospitalB. are as good or better that the new hospitalC. are as good as or better than the new hospitalD. are as good as or better than those of the newhospital115. The more she worked, –––––A. the less she achievedB. she achieved not enoughC. she did not achieve enoughD. she was achieving less116. The classes at Dhaka University are–– atStateUniversity.A. differentB. different fromC. different from thoseD. different thanE. different than those117. The English that is spoken in Canada is –––––the United States.A. SimilarB. similar toC. Similar to theD. Similar to that ofE. Similar to those of118. Find the correct sentenceA. Drugstores here are not like those at home.B. Drugstores here are not like at home.C. Drugstores here are not like that at home.D. Drugstores here are not like that those athome.E. Drugstores her are not like than those athome.
  38. 38. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com119. The time in Dhaka city ––––– three minutesfrom that of khulna city.A. different B. differsC. different from D. differs fromE. different than120. Her qualifications are better ––––– any othercandidateA. than those B. than that ofC. those D. than those ofE. than121. Pro`_ssor B[k_r‖s ]l[ss is –– Professorwilliams.A. more interesting thanB. much interesting thanC. more interesting than that ofD. very interesting than that ofE. more interesting than those of122. The audience is ––––– l[st y_[r‖s ]on]_rtA. much larger than that ofB. more larger than that ofC. much larger than thatD. more larger than thatE. much larger than those of123. The rooms in the front are ––––– in the backA. more noisier than thoseB. much noisier than thoseC. much noisy than thoseD. more noisy than thoseE. much noisier than that124. Find the correct sentenceA. The interest at city Bank is higher than SonaliBankEnglish – Lec – 20B. The interest at city Bank is higher than that ofSonali BankC. The interest at city Bank is higher than thoseof Sonali BankD. The interest at city bank is higher than SonaliBankE. The interest at City Bank is more high thanthat of Sonali Bank125. That car is almost ------- .A. the same B. alikeC. the same as mine D. the same asE. similar126. My briefcase is exactly –––––.A. similar B. alikeC. the same yours D. the same as yoursE. the same as you127. Is your book –––––.A. the same mine? B. the same as me?C. the same as mine? D. similar as asE. as128. Are this picture and the one of your desk––––.A. the same? B. similar to ?C. the same as ? D. alike E. None129. The teacher gave Martha a failing grade onher composition because it was ––––– he hadalready read.A. alike B. the same asC. similar D. as E. none130. Altbouab w_ o`t_n us_ ‗sp__^‘ [n^‗v_lo]ity‘interchangeably, in [ t_]bni][l s_ns_, ‗sp__^‘is not always ––––– ‗v_lo]ity‘A. alike B. the same asC. similar D. as E. none131. I would really like to have a stereo that is ––––– the one on display.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same
  39. 39. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com132. My roomm[t_‖s v[lu_s [r_ ––––– in spite ofour being from different countries.A. similar B. similar to meC. similar to mine D. similar as mineE. similar mine133. Cli``‖s al[ss_s [r_ –––––, but his cost a lotless.A. similar B. similar to youC. similar to your D. similar as yoursE. similar to yours134. That joke is ––––– that I heard.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same135. All of the other departments are ––––– thisone.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same136. The vegetation in temperate zones all aroundthe world is ––––.A. similar B. likeC. same as D. as E. similar to137. The weather feels ––––– spring.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as138. This suit is ––––– that suit.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like139. Your recipe for chicken is ––––– a recipethatmy mother has.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like140. I want to buy some shoes ––––– the ones Ihave.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like141. Antbony ^o_sn‖t look ––––– his brother.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like142. Although they are smaller, chipmunks are –––––most other ground squirrels,A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like143. I want to buy a pair of shoes ––––– tb_s_ I‖mwearing.A. the same style B. the same style likeC. the same style as D. same style asE. same style like144. This is not ––––– he rest of the apartments.A. the same big like B. the same big asC. same big as D. same big likeE. the same big145. The gold chain that Edith saw is ––––– yours.A. the same weight like B. the same weightC. same weight like D. the same weight asE. same weight as146. Please cut my hair ––––– he style in thismagazine.A. the same length B. the same length likeC. the same length as D. same length likeE. same length as147. Is this thread ––––– the cloth?A. the same color B. the same color likeC. same color as D. same color likeE. the same color asEnglish – Lec –21148. Some retirement communities will not sellproperty to new residents unless they areabout –––– the rest of the residents.A. the same age B. the same oldC. the same age as D. the same old as
  40. 40. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. all of the above149. M[ry‖s jo is ––––– ill‖s.A. as hard B. as hard asC. as hard that D. hard asE. as hardly as150. Miss Jon_‖s Enalisb is not ––––– Dr. B[k_r‖s.A. as clear B. as clear asC. as clear that D. clear asE. as clearly as151. He is not ––––– his brother.A. as tall B. as tall asC. as tall that D. tall asE. as tall like152. The meat at the supermarket is not –––––themeat at a butcher shop.A. as expensive B. as expensive asC. as expensive that D. expensive asE. as expensive like153. College Station is not ––––– Austin.A. as big B. as big asC. as big that D. big asE. as big like154. Although the name was not popularized untilthe Middle Ages, engineering –––––civilization.A. as old as B. is as old asC. that is old as D. as old as thatE. A+B155. Although they are both weekly newsmagazines, Times is ––––– Newsweek inseveral ways.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than156. The watch in the window is a little ––– thisone.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than157. Long distance telephone rates for daytimehours are ––––– rates for nighttime hours.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than158. A nursery school is ––––– a day care center.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than159. The tour packages that we offer are –––––most tours.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than160. The works of Picasso were quite –––– duringvarious periods of his artistic life.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than161. Sharon is ––––– other women I know.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than162. Do you have anything a little ––––– these?A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than163. The campus at State University ––––– that ofCity College.A. differs B. differs fromC. different from D. different thanE. differs than164. J[yn_‖s [p[rtm_nt is v_ry ––––– Bill‖s _v_rthough they are in the same building.
  41. 41. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than165. Customs ––––– one region of the country toanother.A. differ B. differ fromC. different from D. differ thanE. differ than166. Modern blimps like the famous Goodyearblimps –––––– the first ones in that they arefilled with helium instead of hydrogen.A. differ from B. different fromC. is different from D. different E. differthan167. This one is prettier, but it costs twice –––––the other one.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that168. The rent at College Apartment is only half ––––– you pay here.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that169. Bob found a job that paid twice ––––– hemade working at the library.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that170. The prince was very reasonable; I wouldgladly have paid three times ––––– he asked.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that171. W_ ^i^n‖t uy tb_ ][r _][us_ tb_y w[nt_^twice ––––– it was worth.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that172. After the purchase of the Louisiana Territory,the United States had ––––– it had previouslyowned.A. twice more land thanB. two times more land thanC. twice as much land asD. two times much land than E. A+B173. ––––– people came to the meeting.A. More one hundredB. More than one hundredC. More then one hundredD. Much than one hundredE. Most than one hundred174. We have lived in the United States for –––––seven years.A. lesser than B. the lesser thanC. less as D. less than E. less then175. The main library has ––––– volumes.A. More one millionB. Most than one millionC. More then one millionD. Much than one millionE. More than one million176. A new shopping center on the north sidewillhave ––––– shopsA. More five hundredB. More than five hundredC. More then five hundredD. Much than five hundredE. Most than five hundred177. There are ––––– students in the lab, but onlytwo computers.A. More fifty B. More than fifty
  42. 42. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. More then fifty D. Much than fiftyE. Most than fifty178. In the Great Smoke Mountains, one can see ––––– 150 different kinds of trees.A. more than B. as much asC. up as D. as many toE. all of the above179. We expect ––––– thirty people to come.A. approximate B. untilC. as many as D. moreE. as much as180. There are ––––– students attending summerschool.A. approximate B. moreC. as much as D. untilE. as many as181. The children can see ––––– baby animals inthe nursery at the zoo.A. more B. as much asC. as many as D. approximateE. until182. –––– planes have sat in line waiting to takeoff.A. as many as B. approximateC. more D. until E. as much as183. State University offers ––––– major fields ofstudy.A. as much as B. approximateC. as many as D. until E. more184. It has been estimated that ––––– onehundredthousand men participated in the gold rush of1898.A. approximate B. untilC. as many as D. more E. as much as185. This room is ––––– the other one.A. more spacious asB. more spacious thanC. more spacious thenD. the more spacious thanE. most spacious than186. The bill which we received was ––––– theestimate.A. the highest B. higher thanC. the higher than D. higher thenE. higher as187. Eileen has been ––––– lately than she waswhen she first came.A. happier B. more happyC. happiest D. the happierE. the happiest188. The books for my engineering course aremore ––––– the books for my other courses.A. expensive as B. expensive thanC. expensive then D. much expensive thanE. expensiveness than189. The climate here is ––––– that of NewEngland.A. mild than B. milder asC. the milder then D. milder thanE. much mild thanEnglish – Lec – 06 . 23190. The Disney Amusement Park in Japan is ––––Florida or California.A. the largest than the ones inB. larger than the ones in C. larger the ones inD. the largest of the ones E. A+D191. She is ––––– of all of the girls in our class.A. the prettier B. prettierC. prettiest D. the prettiestE. the most pretty192. New York is ––––– of all American cities.A. the larger B. the largest