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Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know


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Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know - TelegraphSPECIFICATIONS Blu-Ray/DVD optical drive K...

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Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know

  1. 1. Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know - Telegraph SPECIFICATIONS Blu-Ray/DVD optical drive Kinect camera Digital video recording 8GB DDR3 RAM 8 core custom CPU 853MHz AMD Radeon GPU 500GB non-removable hard drive HDMI input allowing you to run your digital TV box (or any HDMI device)through the Xbox One USB external storage allowed External power supply CONTROLLER Revision of the Xbox 360's controller. No motion sensing, but featurestriggers that provide haptic feedback rumble while playing. CAMERA Kinect 2.0 Microsoft's update to their Kinect motion sensing camera will beincluded with every Xbox One console sold. Can translate gestures intocontrol for both games and menus. Purportedly has received a major upgradein fidelity for gesture recognition, including tracking individual digits.Despite earlier policy, the Kinect camera will not have to be plugged intothe Xbox One for the console to function. POLICY CHANGES Always-on? Previous policy that required the Xbox One to connect to theinternet every 24 hours to work has been abolished. Xbox One owners will nolonger need to 'check in' but will need to download a day one patch for themachine to operate. Used games? Previous policy meant that following a one time install toyour console, your game discs could not be traded, sold or loaned. Thispolicy has also been reversed, meaning you can trade and rent games asnormal. KEY LAUNCH TITLES Forza Motorsport 5 Turn 10s racing simulation hopes to be a majorsystem seller to petrolheads. Move to next-gen brings even higher qualityvisuals as well as a plethora of online capabilities. Dead Rising 3 The latest entry into Capcom's innovative zombie seriesis exclusive to Xbox One. Ryse Take the role of a high-ranking Roman commander in Crytek's meatyhack 'n slash. Something of a wildcard. KEY FUTURE EXCLUSIVES AND STUDIOS Halo (343 Industries) The next Halo game has already been teased byMicrosoft, with the sci-fi
  2. 2. shooter remaining the Xbox brand's most preciousproperty. Expect a late 2014 release to drive Xbox One sales for nextChristmas. Quantum Break (Remedy Entertainment) Featuring heavily at E3, QuantumBreak is a sci-fi mystery thriller from the developers of Alan Wake. Hasdisplayed some of the most technically impressive visuals of the next-gen sofar. Will also launch alongside a companion TV show that can be influencedby actions in game. Scheduled for next year. Gears of War (Epic Games) No sniff of a new Gears of War yet, but thebolshy third-person shooter remains one of Microsoft's most popularfranchises. Project Spark Microsoft's rival to LittleBigPlanet, Project Spark is adazzlingly comprehensive free-t-play video game creation tool. Also out ontablets, PC and Xbox 360, with the versions being compatible with eachother. Titanfall (Respawn Entertainment) While Titanfall will also be releasedon PC and Respawn have not ruled out a future PlayStation 4 release, thatthe ferocious FPS is console-exclusive to Xbox One at launch is a big deal.Titanfall has thus far been the next-gen game that everyone is talkingabout, with high-speed infantry warfare blending with gigantic mech action.Out next year. Other notable upcoming exclusives D4, new game from Black Tusk 'FIRST WAVE' OF APPLICATIONS (introduced from launch until Spring 2014) 4oD AmazonLovefilm Blinkbox Crackle Demand 5 Eurosport Machinima MUZU TV Netflix NOW TV TED Twitch Xbox Fitness Xbox Video Xbox Music Internet Explorer Skype SkyDrive Upload PLAYSTATION 4 PREDECESSOR PlayStation 3 Released in March 2006, the PlayStation 3 initiallystruggled with a lacklustre launch lineup and an enormous price tag. Ralliedstrongly as it provided some fantastic exclusives and a
  3. 3. unique focus onart-house games. The success of this has informed the PlayStation 4'sphilosophy, which has focussed on games and ease of development. PlayStation3 has also reportedly sold over 80 million units to date. RELEASED 29 November 2013 PRICE ?349 SPECIFICATIONS Blu-Ray/DVD Optical Drive Digital Video Recording 8GB DDR5 RAM 8 core single-chip x86 AMD "Jaguar" CPU AMD Radeon graphics core next engine GPU 500GB removable hard drive Internal power supply CONTROLLER DualShock 4 A revision, not a revolution, as the basic shape remainstrue to its PlayStation heritage. Much improved sticks and triggers arecomplemented by a front mounted touch panel and motionsensing gyroscopes. CAMERA PS4 Camera Sold separately, the PS4 camera isn't as powerful as Kinect,nor as central to Sony's plans for the PlayStation 4, rather offered as anoptional extra. Motion sensing has been shown off by experimental game suiteThe PlayRoom. Can also take simple pictures to display on user profiles suchas on online racer DriveClub. KEY LAUNCH TITLES Killzone Shadow Fall Sony's sci-fi FPS has seen a burst of colour andand widening of its linear blasting to make a beautiful --if familiar--sandbox shooter. Knack A Pixar-esque platform adventure that looks to broaden the nextgeneration's appeal beyond the shooting and driving crowd. Resogun Visually stunning shooter that is set to lead the showcase ofSony's indie wares. KEY FUTURE EXCLUSIVES AND STUDIOS Naughty Dog The makers of Uncharted and The Last of Us are arguably thehottest studio in game development right now. We have no idea what theirplans are --Uncharted 4? The return of Jak & Daxter? A brand newtitle?-- but whatever they do next will likely be a system seller. Quantic Dream The French development house behind Heavy Rain and Beyondalways produce something fascinating and off the beaten track. Several businesses who were linked to the bank filed for bankruptcy, begun lay offs. Lehman it self laid-off 1,200 of its personnel, while still in the first
  4. 4. phases of its decline. This crisis can also be often called the sub-prime mortgage crisis of Usa. Ideally, we're all ready for it when that time comes. Todd Norman is a contributor to and writer at You have to make an excellent attempt to make money in order to satisfy his necessary needs.Will bringreal diversity, whatever their next project may be. Media Molecule Guildford-based Media Molecule have built a reputationon the wonderfully charming and brilliantly creative LittleBigPlanet, whichallowed players to build their own levels. It's exciting to think what theycan create in the next-generation. God of War (Sony Santa Monica) Sony's fast and furious mythologicalbrawler has traditionally been a showcase of their hardware, expect the nextone to show the PS4's graphical grunt to epic proportions. Infamous Second Son Sucker Punch's superhero adventure series hasperhaps not reached its potential. Will the PS4 bring out the best of itsopen-world action? Out next year. DriveClub Initially planned for launch this delayed driving simulationbrings together fizzy racing with social integration. Other notable upcoming exclusives The Order 1866, Octodad: DadliestCatch, Contrast 'FIRST WAVE' OF APPLICATIONS TBA KEY MULTI-FORMAT LAUNCH TITLES Call of Duty Ghosts, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag,Need for Speed Rivals, Skylanders Swap Force