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General introduction to eXchanging Course Related Information

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Xcri generic2

  1. 1. 27 March 2009, Leeds, UK XCRI: eXchanging Course Related Information CAP: Course Advertising ProfileScott Wilson, scott.bradley.wilson@gmail.com Assistant Director, CETIS Alan Paull, alan@alanpaull.co.ukInformation Management Consultant, APS Ltd
  2. 2.  The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of XCRI Current position across UK education organisations National and European drivers The business case Our current work: Focus on Benefits Realisation Self-assessment Readiness Framework XCRI Knowledge Base
  3. 3. … about eXchanging Course Related Information… a way of describing information about learning opportunities … the UK standard for describing course marketing information
  4. 4. structure names definitions providers advertise courses A presentation is a particular instance of the courses are presented for enrolment any course offered at a particular number of times through presentations time and place and is the entity to which learners presentations instantiate courses apply. Alternative names for this type of structure include course offering and course instance. specification
  5. 5. Catalog@generatedProvideridentifier*, title*, subject*, description*, relation*, url, image, addressCourseidentifier*, title*, subject*, description*, relation*, url, image, qualification*, credit* Presentation identifier*, title*, subject*, description*, relation*, url, image, start, end, duration, study Mode, attendanceMode, attendancePattern, languageOfInstruction, languageOfAssess ment, placesAvailable, cost, enquireTo, applyFrom, applyUntil, applyTo, entryProfile*, e ntryRequirements*, venue* * = multiples permitted
  6. 6. Collect once ... ... use many timesLearning Provider‟s Information in Course information system XCRI-CAP format system(s)
  7. 7. UCAS LLN NLD UCAS LLN NLD Provider Aggregators re-keys & Poll & pushes for each Harvest from aggregator XML Providers Learning Learning Provider Provider Provider publishes XCRI prospectus as well as web Web Web prospectusProspectus Prospectus
  8. 8. 2005 JISC fund XCRI “Reference Model” project. Team review international standards, e-prospectus websites (161+) & site visits; R1.0 XCRI schema.2006 XCRI tools prototyped: XCRI>PDF brochures & ReST Xpath search. Existing deployment reviewed & optimised XCRI CAP 1.0 released. JISC fund XCRI CAP 1.0 trials, demo aggregator & xcri.org support2007 DfES and Becta briefed. XCRI adopted as „preferred approach‟ by LSC. Bolton, OU, Oxford, MMU & Staffs CAP feeds read by demo aggregator. CEN WS-LT & vendor meetings for European MLO harmonization begin.2008 JISC funds CAP 1.1 pilots. XCRI champion elected to DIUS/DCSF ISB. GMSA, Edge Hill, W Cheshire, Kent XCRI feeds. CEN WS-LT Agreement on MLO => European Norm; E Mid, Huddersfield, Teesside, Worcester start XCRI projects.2009 DCSF‟s Action Plan for 14-19 Prospectus recommends adoption in 14-19 sector by 2010. ISB approves XCRI-CAP 1.1 as national eProspectus standard. E Mids 14-19 Pilot; non-JISC-funded work continues.2010 Recommendations to DCSF. Dev‟t of XCRI-CAP 1.2. Mini-projects: Bolton, Cardiff (UWIC), Hull, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Nottingham. MLO European Norm expected to be ratified. XCRI Benefits Realisation project (August 2010).
  9. 9. Careers Jobs Department for Children, Schools and Families Qualifications StandardsInformation Standards Board Interoperability Learners JISCXCRI-enabledservices Learning provider community primitive data entry Informed choice
  10. 10. Reid Kerr C Adam Smith C Bolton Uni Newcastle Uni Higher York LLN MMU WYLLN (Huddersfield) Hull Uni Edge Hill Uni E Mids, incl Leap Ahead LLN,Liverpool CCLiP SSC LLN, Uni of Nottingham GMSA Open University West Cheshire C MOVE LLN (Herts) Staffordshire Uni HW LLN (Uni of Worcester) Middlesex Uni UCAS Cardiff, UWIC Uni of Kent Bristol, UWE Oxford Uni Plymouth Uni
  11. 11.  Learning Providers  internal efficiency gains through process improvements  cost savings on data input  strategic capability through better understanding of its offerings  quality assurance, standardisation, and consolidation of duplicate offerings Course Collecting Organisations  availability of more providers  better quality – more frequent update, better coverage, greater accuracy, better integrated ‘supply chain’  new value-added services
  12. 12. 27 March 2009, Leeds, UK XCRI: eXchanging Course Related Information CAP: Course Advertising Profile Alan Paull, alan@alanpaull.co.ukInformation Management Consultant, APS Ltd
  13. 13. University of Gloucestershire – 2010-05-04