Xmas11 5 impossible rescue


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Xmas11 5 impossible rescue

  1. 1. Hope for An Impossible Rescue Matthew 1:18-25
  2. 2. Imagine if the “Christmas Story” were written, directed and cast as AN ADVENTURE DRAMA
  3. 3. The Agents (v18-19) • Mary – A great agent, “servant” – Pregnant outside of marriage – In contact with a secret agent, the Holy Spirit
  4. 4. The Agents (v18-19) • Joseph – Working with Mary, but felt betrayed – Planned to cut associations with her, quietly – Is she a double agent?!
  5. 5. The Agents (v18-19) • Mary and Joseph were DISPATCHED on assignment from God with an impossible mission. (Mt 1:18-19) – This was something unheard of, strange – It was outside their area of comfort, expertise – It seemed impossible, to say the least
  6. 6. Contacts Made (v.20-21) • Contacts were made with the heavenly INFORMANTS who delivered the secret mission message. (Mt 1:20-21) – The message and mission have heavenly endorsements – The challenge is to “not fear” – The mission is a daring rescue, utilizing another new agent
  7. 7. Contacts Made (v.20-21) • Jesus – He will be born, by Mary and the Holy Spirit – He will “save his people from their sins”
  8. 8. The Plan (v.22-23) • The mission had been PLANNED for a long time and represented careful attention to detail. (Mt 1:22-23) – This plan has been around at least as long as Isaiah (cf. Isa 7:14) – The new Agent has a code name, “Immanuel” – The presence of this baby had a big significance
  9. 9. On the Move (v.24-25) • The agents accepted the mission and put OPERATION RESCUE in to motion. (Mt 1:24-25) – Mary and Joseph refused to allow their own rights, privileges or desires to ruin the plan – They were dedicated to strict obedience, everything by the book
  10. 10. The Exciting Conclusion • The Christmas Story describes a most daring, wonderful RESCUE of sinful men, from their just punishment, by a perfect REDEEMER.
  11. 11. The Excitement Continues • The Christmas Story describes a most daring, wonderful RESCUE of sinful men, from their just punishment, by a perfect REDEEMER.
  12. 12. Confident Christmas Conclusions • The rescue plan begun at Bethlehem was executed perfectly by Jesus, our Redeemer, at Golgotha. • The rescue was part of a greater universal plan – God’s glory and eternal praise. • God is still in control of minute details and logistics. • There is hope -- the impossible is what God does best.
  13. 13. The Excitement Continues • We have been called to be His AGENTS of reconciliation. (Col. 1:25-28)
  14. 14. If you want more…. • Col 2:15, Eph 4:7-10 – jailbreak! • Mt 26:1-5 – plot to assassinate Immanuel • Mt 26:14-19 – a mole! • Mt 26:36-56 – capture during a raid into the hideout • Mt 27:27-31 – torture of the captive • Mt 27:33-43ff – public execution