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Assignmemt 5 for challenge assumption 2ppt


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Assignmemt 5 for challenge assumption 2ppt

  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityAssignment 5 of challenge Assumption 2Presented by Team of imagination and Culture Date: 4 Dec 2012
  2. 2. Medicine for stomach ache Sleep drugMedical Consult doctor Massage to Stretching of reduce muscle muscle pain Digestion Suitable problem dosing of dinner Long term Medicine head ache dosing treatment Hormone Medicine dosing problem apnoea Long term Medicine dosing pressurized muscle pain mask Sleeping tablet
  3. 3. No football No horse racing match at night environment outdoor No fighting at Neighbors No quarrel at problems night night No mini concert at night Stop night Airplane traveling Sound pollution Stop night ships traveling limited car speedindoor Bed room Suitable light silent dark Suitable size bed No colorful wall paper Suitable room Suitable temperature humidity No noisy environment
  4. 4. Prevent eating too full Prevent too hungryeating dinner Stretching of Don’t drink too muscle much water Suitable dosing of Don’t drink dinner caffeine product Prevent late No cigarettes No alcohol night dinner More vegetable Less meat
  5. 5. No footballsport Prevent too game excite game No basketball No Ball game game No soccer game No Rugby game dancing No golf game No Chinese Kung Fu No tennis game No boxing No cricket game
  6. 6. No terrified stories Shortest hours No venture storiesentertainment Reading at night No erotic stories Watching TV Shortest hours programs at No erotic stories night No venture stories No terrified stories No casino game No card playing Gambling at night No Ma Jong No horse racing Drinking Wine at night Listening No rock music music Listen gentle music
  7. 7. Reduce fearpsychology Emotion frustration Reduce worries mental Brain rest Leave the daily work Counting numbersReligious study Pray to god Hold the cross Read bible
  8. 8. work daily monthly Working schedule yearlySelfmanagement daily study monthly study schedule yearly rest Regular schedule Stop the work at late night Built up the At lease 7 clock for hours sleeping