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Assignmemt 4


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Assignmemt 4

  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityAssignment 4 : Connect and CombinePresented by Sam Yeung date 13Nov 12
  2. 2. What is stretching :Keep your legs straight and hold this position for a few seconds .Slowly return to the starting position and repeat several time
  3. 3. Stretching in the Gym Room People practice their stretching in the gym room
  4. 4. Advantage of stretchingTo get the muscles into its full extent and balance the body.To give flexibility to the muscles and keep healthyTo give motion to joints and make them strongTo improves the blood flow to all the areas which is why the areas gets nourished Help to increase the height of the body
  5. 5. Use the bed for Stretching in Home
  6. 6. Use the Chair for stretching inHome
  7. 7. Use the households for sportThere is a wide range of activities available in yourleisure facilities after the work.Whatever youre use the households for stretching,taking regular sport could help you feel better andgive you more energy. Do it at home.Save your traveling time and eliminate the excusefor the stopping the sport.Youre never far from the chance to shape up, get fitand improve your health.