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One more day!


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One more day!

  1. 1. Change One More Day, To ONE MORE DAY!by S.W. Seeds | on February 9, 2013The burnt out, disgruntled employee will likely say, again and again, “one more dayuntil my day off.” The overworked and exhausted employee, at any given point, maylikely say “one more day until I get some time off to rest.” The kids, approaching theend of the school year, no doubt will say “one more day until summer break!”I am familiar with all of those scenarios, as I have myself experienced each and everyone many times. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will get us through the lessfavorable situations we have to endure.There are circumstances that we can not change, such as the child who can’t waitfor school to be over for summer break, as they are part of life. However, there aresituations that we can change, yet we won’t take advantage of the opportunity.For example, for years, I went to work with the thought of “just one more day” until mynext day off. I also had times when I couldn’t wait for time off, not for the joy ofvacation, but for the time to recuperate to be able to go back to work and start all overagain. It was a vicious cycle!There is a better way, and I am so thankful there is! I’m about to share with you notonly what the better way is, but just how easily it can be obtained.First of all, it all starts with the proper mindset. You have to clear your mind of any andall negative thoughts and make the decision that you not only can make the change,you are also worthy of a better way of life and are ready to make the change!Second of all, once you have cleared your mind of all negativity, now it’s time to figureout exactly what it is you want to be better. For many, a career to where one is aappreciated and can make a descent salary is what is at the top of the list. For others,it is purely financially based. Yet still others, it’s being able to spend more time withtheir family! Set a priority list of what’s most important to you.Third, now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to figure out how to make ithappen. It’s time to make a plan of action. There’s an old saying that people don’t
  2. 2. plan to fail, they fail to plan!Fourth, now that you have a proper mindset clear of any negativity, clarity as to whatyou want to achieve and a plan of action as to how to make it happen, there’s onlyone thing left. Go do it!Not too long ago, I made the decision that I no longer wanted to keep working the wayI had been. I no longer wanted to work for someone who didn’t care anything aboutme as an individual and made no effort to instill confidence and creativity in their staff.I knew I had to clear my mind of all negativity, so I took a road trip. On the trip, Istarted thinking and prioritized what I wanted out of life. Then I made a plan of actionas to how I would make it happen. A few days after I returned, I resigned from theposition that was making me so miserable and started on the adventure of building myown business.Now, every day I say a prayer of thanks for giving me the privilege of having “ONEMORE DAY!” of operating my own business and being my own boss! I wake up everymorning excited to face what the day may bring, instead of dreading what each daybrings as I used to!It’s amazing how days have turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months. Ithas indeed been a life changing event for me AND my family! I will never be able tosay enough as to just how much this has changed my life for the better!No matter what in life is making you unhappy, be it your job, your physical health,where you live, your personal relationships with others or the car you drive, you owe itto yourself to do whatever it takes to make you happy! We all have only one life to live.It is up to us how we spend it and what we do with it.Once you decide you are ready to turn your one more day into ONE MORE DAY!, youwill be amazed how many will be ready to support your cause. Why not change yourone more day to ONE MORE DAY!…. today! Visit to change your ONE MORE DAY!