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Ayurveda treatment kerala


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Ayurveda treatment kerala

  2. 2.  Nilayorams specialized designers have worked together to deliver a masterpiece of compelling simplicity in architecture coupled with sophistication in finishing and furnishing.
  3. 3.  The buildings carry an aesthetic look with a great deal of privacy and tradition charm while all the octagonal rooms provide a better view of Bharathapuzhaand the lush, verdant surroundings. All the rooms are air-conditioned and totally spotless. The bathrooms are fitted with top class accessories and equipment to maintain high hygienic conditions.
  4. 4.  Separate treatment facility is provided for healthcare programmes like Ayurveda to keep the resort building exclusively for living.. Elegantly furnished bedrooms with air- conditioning ensure the best in comfort and accommodation.
  5. 5.  An indoor auditorium, in the center of the resort building, gives easy access for a guest to watch cultural art forms performed by Kerala Kalamandalam artistes. The auditorium is also used for yoga sessions and meditation classes.
  6. 6.  It opens to the vast garden area and gives fantastic view of the stream that flows along the resort boundary. Being simply in the auditorium itself is a nice experience and relaxing.
  7. 7.  Kerala Ayurveda tour helps to strengthening the immune system, preventing and curing diseases without any side effects.