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need health coaches to join me. Let me know if you want to know more!

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  • Welcome My background Why you were invited to see this business 4 Questions to Consider Does this work? Can I do it? Is it worth doing? Will I get help? Who is TSFL? An innovative Health Network designed to provide a comprehensive environment of nutritional and lifestyle solutions for creating optimal health for Americans At its core is a team of health professionals and certified coaches who are specifically trained in helping individuals create health in their lives Led by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, a pioneer in the emerging specialty of optimal health 1 st in his class in medical school 10th Board Certified Critical Care Physician in America Awarded by the Consumers Research Council of America Top as one of the top Physicians in Nutritional Intervention and Critical Care Our Mission = to restore health in America
  • Proven Leader in meal replacements over 26 years New York Stock Exchange (NYSE-MED) Forbes picked Medifast 28 th out of the top 200 small companies Oct. 2006 FDA-inspected manufacturing facility
  • Reasonable expectations for reasonable efforts I can’t guarantee you an income because you work for yourself People achieve at different rates and earn different amounts based on their efforts Disclaimer Note: The examples set forth in this presentation are hypothetical examples that are intended to explain the components and operation of the Take Shape For Life Compensation Plan.  These hypothetical examples are not representative of the income, if any, that a Take Shape For Life Health Advisor can or will earn through his or her participation in the Take Shape For Life Compensation Plan.  These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.  Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether made by Take Shape For Life or a Health Advisor, would be misleading.  Success with Take Shape For Life results only from successful effort, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.  Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities .
  • Opportunity presentation

    1. 1. US Population 3,13,2010   308,856,857 • 203,845,525 - 1/3 overweight 1/3 obese• Leading cause of heart disease.• Number 2 cause of cancer.• Decreases life expectancy by 5 – 20 years.• Discrimination is common accepted social behavior.• Decreased chance of finding mate and employment.• Self esteem/depression - socially and physiologically.• Imagine the unnecessary destruction in peoples lives.• Would you like to help change that?
    2. 2. Type 2 Diabetes accounts for 90%• 23.6 million Americans diabetes• 1.5 million new cases diagnosed each year• 57 million Americans have pre- diabetes• 65% die of heart attack or stroke• 224,000 deaths each year• 55 people go blind every day• 82,000 amputations• 150,000 kidney dialysis or transplants• 174 billion dollars lost in the USThe Solutions      1.) Weight Loss     2.) Proper Nutrition
    3. 3. US is Number 1 for Child Obesity!
    4. 4. Who is Take Shape for Life? • A Health Network providing solutions for creating optimal health• Comprised of Health Care Professionals and Certified Coaches• Led by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen• Our Mission – Create health versus react to disease Copyright TNT 2007, All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. Our Parent Company, Medifast• Leader for over 29 years• New York Stock Exchange Company• #16 out 200 small companies (Forbes Oct. 2009)• FDA-inspected manufacturing facility Copyright TNT 2007, All Rights Reserved
    6. 6. What are we actually offering people?To take them from where they are… …to where they want to be!
    7. 7. Do we improve the “Financial Situation” for our Clients? For our Clients TSFL: Reduce / eliminate medication cost Reduce health care costs Food budget/value Decrease insurance premiums Increased energy Increased brain function Create positive outlook Creates hope for the future Appearance / Self Esteem Obtain better job Ability to work years longer All these factors have a direct financial impact!All possibilities in a persons life increase with excellent health!
    8. 8. The Other Weight Problem In America? The heavy burden of FINANCES! Health Consequences of unhealthy finances. Relationships Stress Over Eating Hopelessness Depression No Time Fear Lack of sleep Anxiety Heart Attack Arteriole Sclerosis Stroke Destroys Dreams Premature Death
    9. 9. Natural Progression Independent Flexible Part time / Full time Repeat income stream Low start up No inventory Low operating cost Training / Advanced Training Tax Advantages No Territories Co-branded Web Site Matched retirement account
    10. 10. How Does A Health Coach Get Compensated?• Teach, Educate, and Support Clients to optimal health.• Teach, Educate, and Support Health Coaches to support Clients• It’s a wonderfully rewarding career.• With the obesity crisis in America we need you.
    11. 11. 2 Business Strategies Client and Health Coach Focused Client Focused Copyright TNT 2008
    12. 12. Strategy One - Client FocusedDevelop your own independent Health Coach business.• You are rewarded for client acquisition and support.• You will receive excellent training.• You earn income immediately.• You teach, educate and support your clients with excellence.• Health Coach 0. – 999. 2–4 Clients 20%• Senior Coach * 1000. – 2999. 5–9 Clients 25%• Manager 3000. – 3999. 10 – 12 Clients 27 ½%• Associate Director 4000. – 4999. 12 – 16 Clients 30%• Director 5000. – 5999. 17 – 21 Clients 32 ½%• Executive Director ** 6000. – plus 22 – + Clients 35%
    13. 13. Client IncomeAverage Monthly Incomes* Actual Income 2009Senior Coach (5) $410.16Manager (10) $877.63Associate Director (12) $1,460.50Director (17) $1,698.83Executive Director (22) $3,230.90
    14. 14. Bonus Income$100.00 Client Acquisition Bonus (CAB)• Acquire 5 clients in your first 30 days• Generate a total of $1000 personal client volume• You will earn a $100 bonus.• Rolling Consistency Bonus• Based on the average volume created from your personal client orders over 3 consecutive months.• $2000.00 3 month average $250.00 Bonus• $4000.00 3 month average $500.00 Bonus• $6000.00 3 month average $1000.00 Bonus
    15. 15. The Right Compensation ModelNote: These are hypothetical examples and are not guarantees or projections of actual earnings or profits. Copyright TNT 2007, All Rights Reserved
    16. 16. Strategy 2 – Team Income• Continue to support your clients.• Develop, educate and mentor a team of Health Coaches.• Teach others how to become business leaders.• Teams can be: Individuals, Doctors, Hospitals and other Health Professionals.• The greater the community we can create with people who have honesty, integrity and excellence simply means that we can help more people regain their health and live the life that they deserve.• With over 200 Million Americans who desperately need what we have to offer – the need is great.
    17. 17. Healthy Finances – TSFL IncomeMedian Income US Health Coach Income (2009)32,140 individual Executive Director 38,77046,326 householdDoctorate Degree TSFL Team Income (residual)70,856 individual Regional Director 53,37496,830 household National Director 116,784 Global Director 207,288 Presidential Director 594,672
    18. 18. Dan Bell on creating a team?• Our business model is very unique – vastly different because it delivers on a promise.• For the Client: If you follow the program, you will get healthy.• For the HC: Company pays us well to support the client.• For the Business Coach: You support your HC’s & achieve the Trilogy• It works in every piece, all along the way - based on integrity.• Time & Money - Make sure you are in control of these two things in your life. If you don’t they will control everything else in your life.• Income from a job has a floor and ceiling. In TSFL there is no floor and no ceiling.• We are on the threshold of something very big.
    19. 19. Healthy Body & Mind• Would you like to help people to . . . .• Feel good• Look Good• Increased Energy• Self Esteem• Decreased Medial Costs• Increased productivity• Increased Life Expectancy 5 – 20 years• Enjoy vibrant health they deserve• Would you like to get paid well to do that?
    20. 20. What Does Take Shape For Life Offer? What does that look like?
    21. 21. Do you need health in your life?
    22. 22. Do you need more health in your finances?Would you like to earn an income by helping others?
    23. 23. Healthy Mind Positive OutlookPersonal Development Stress ReductionSpiritual DevelopmentPurpose and Meaning
    24. 24. The Trilogy Of Health