Pop psychology, Conversion and the Web


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This presentation looks at Psychological technique

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  • I’m seriously interested in some research here and am willing to try stuff on large scale audiences with statistical rigour. I thought about asking Derren Brown but then I decided no – he’d probably make 50,000 people go out and smash their windscreens with a hammer and have Channel 4 film the whole thing.
  • Usability and Multi variate testing are the killing fields of cherished notions.
  • There’s always a Kevin somewhere – if you’re not optimising then your downstream and upstream competitors are.
  • Pop psychology, Conversion and the Web

    1. Pop Psychology& ConversionTricks, Tips and the Dark Side@OptimiseOrDieCraig SullivanBelron® International
    2. Drone, Blah• Follow me @OptimiseOrDie• eBusiness Manager for the Belron® group (Autoglass®)• Over 20 years of boring meetings with lots of total timewasters• Looking after a 400M channel, 35 countries, 6 people• Ed and I like to do it with crowds• It’s not our site – it’s theirs
    3. "If you go to the mens washrooms at the Schiphol airport inAmsterdam, you may notice theres afly in the urinals. It’s screen printed .So what do you think most men do?Thats right, they aim at the fly when they urinate.They dont even think about it, and they dont need to read a users manual; its just an instinctive reaction that means 80% less spillage!* The interesting feature of these urinals is that theyre deliberately designed to take advantage of this inherent human male tendency.“ This is my job.*Also confirmed during trials of London Urinal Gaming
    4. Outline• This is my job• Why do I love this stuff?• Psychology of optimisation• Myths of optimisation• What skills and props do we use?• Where do you start?• What sorts of tests?• What happened• Photography• The dark side of the web• Questions
    5. Why do I love this?“The human explanation is always going to be more interestingand eye opening than a psychic one”“It’s a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, showmanshipand misdirection”“I love the geekiness of magic”Derren Brown – Midweek, Radio 4, 13 Oct 2010“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable frommagic.”Arthur C. Clarke
    6. Old skool and good!
    7. More recently…
    8. Top reads:
    9. So what? There are 1000 trillion connections in your brain Processing a HUGE amount of data about sounds, smells, messages from nerve cells, sensory data, visionThere are 100 million neurons in your retina processing this room, in high resolution, many times a second In that same second, 4 million points of data whizz by You’re only conscious of 40 of these
    10. Scarcity principle...• If there is limited availability of something, we assume it is more valuable, and we want it even more.
    11. Scarcity• Watch that bowl of sweets at the kids party!• Limited offers:• Hurry up – time running out• Only 2 seats left on that plane• Exclusive invitation, VIP membership• Scarcity of time – “Offer ends today”• Scarcity of access - “Available to members only”• Scarcity of time to act – “Order by 4:00, wear it tomorrow”• Threadless.com – limited t-shirt designs• MVT testing shows this stuff rocks – are you doing it?
    12. Social validation…• The need to fit in and belong is hard-wired into our brains and biology.
    13. Social validation…
    14. Social validation…• Kitty Genovese story – One bystander (85%) Five people (31%)• The smoking vent – One person (75%) 3 people (38%)• The fire extinguisher and the burning plane• We look to others to validate what we should do• Amazon – 2.7Bn and counting• Bubbling the best reviews to the top – most helpful bit.ly/am_zn• Ratings and reviews affect us powerfully. Split tests:• Digital camera +20%, Travel review +10%, With picture +20%• People who bought this also bought…• Rationalising your decision – the old brain wins
    15. Optimisation The systematic process of identifying and removing barriers to positivebehaviours, along with tools and testing techniques to maximise positive outcomes.
    16. Lets put this to work… Forms Remote Search analytics Depth testing analytics interviews Eye Market tracking research Customer A/B and contact MVT testing Socialanalysis Insight Unstructured data Web Clicktale analytics Usability Competitor testing Ops and Customer review CS teams Surveys services
    17. Primer on testing =
    18. A/B test Control Version A Version B
    19. Multi variate Pizza Ingredients Experiment Recipes =
    20. Month 1 - results +2% +3% +1% +2% +9% +4% -2% +1% +5% +13% -7% -9%
    21. So what about ingredients? +20% -2% +5% +3% +2% +6% +6% +10% -18%
    22. Weed out some losers… +2% +3% +9% +4% +5% +13%
    23. The final… +10% +13%
    24. Build phase• Could be a page, widget, process or site• Review inputs• Model the desired outcome backwards• Design hypothesis• Kick the tyres• Create prototype• Test against hypotheses (UX, MVT)• User and Split testing is NOT expensive• You can start with a laptop and webcam• Even a piece of paper• You just add people
    25. Build Prototype or HTML Hypothesis TestingInputs Design Round Washup and Prioritise
    26. A B Get StartedControl +34.9% Fix My Glass Click Here+21.9% +17.4% C D
    27. A+6.97% BControl
    28. Social validation… A B -33% CPA
    29. Low entry cost• Visual Website Optimizer www.visualwebsiteoptimizer.com• Google Website Optimizer www.google.com/websiteoptimizer• Optimizely www.optimizely.com If you want to move up from here, try Autonomy Optimost or Webtrends Optimize.
    30. SPAIN+31% over control 99% confidence
    31. FRANCE+8% over control99% confidence
    32. GERMANY+12% over control 99% confidence
    33. SWEDEN+14% over control 90% confidence
    34. Another example
    35. Make sure you use real, authentic, smiling,friendly, approachable people.Don’t use stock images for testing or on your site. Low Q video andimages are also fine – they reinforce authenticity.
    36. People images that suck…
    37. Image Guidelines – In a Nutshell• Groups, vans, stores, head office, • Arms with prop instead – hold a corporate guff = NO clipboard, rag, tool – I’m working for• Single person – not groups or even *you* Photo Guidelines person + customer, especially if • they are interacting with each other Plain backgrounds only • Female images work best in almost (ignoring you) every country – they slay the guys• Open, Friendly, Natural, Smiling, • Natural, authentic and not ‘model’ or Engaged, Alert = YES ‘stock’ image types work best for• Smile best with eye crinkles people• Uniform – has huge effect, even • Some of our best performing images wearing branded hat improves would be rejected by advertisers as conversion ‘too ugly’• Look straight at viewer or slightly • Want to know more? Tweet me towards CTA @OptimiseOrDie or check out the• No folded arms, arms on hips, @TheBrainLady pointing, scowling, cheesy smiles, • Oh, and we also know that genital hands behind back, hanging framing doesn’t work… useless by the side, clasped by groin, fiddling with hands
    38. The dark side• Optimisation can be used in bad ways too• Either by accident (just stupid)• Or by design, to trick people*• More reading at: http://wiki.darkpatterns.org/wiki/Home * I trick influence people too but I call it optimisation (displacement technique)
    39. Sneaky fold
    40. You evil gits
    41. Sneaky basket
    42. Hidden opt-out
    43. Honeypot Read Black Hat Politics Online Dirty Tricks bit.ly/IngLd2
    44. Evil genius award?
    45. Future stuff• Expanding our UX and testing work• Exporting agile and lean tech to the business• Rapid expansion of testing community• More skilled copywriting input to tests• 50-70% of our test lifts comes from copy!• We use the marvellous Stickycontent.co.uk• Catherine Toole and Econsultancy• On hold music / IVR / Phone menus• EEG neural headsets and FMRI• Dynamic testing• Your Perfect Shop
    46. Autoglass.co.uk• User Centred Design + 12.4% conversion• Multi Variate Testing + 12.5% conversion• Optimised Mobile Site + 4% conversion• Higher NPS score + 5.5%• Total conversion increase = 41% (15% worldwide)• Reduced call time• Faster online booking time• Customer delight. Less worry. Lower friction• NO additional marketing spend needed• Web Channel : ROI positive within 2 weeks
    47. More reading. Slides and resources on slideshare.net Email : sullivac@gmail.com Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie : linkd.in/pvrg14 Slideshare : slidesha.re/nlCDm6