Public and patient engagement in the planning process 0609


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Approaches to engaging the public and patients in delivery of health services. Quality MK

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Public and patient engagement in the planning process 0609

  1. 1. Public and patient engagement in the planning processJune 2009
  2. 2. PPE defined..... the active participation of citizens, users andcarers and their representatives in thedevelopment of health services and as partnersin their own health care. This includes thecommissioning, planning, designing, delivering and improvement of health services.Frances Newell, Draft PPE strategy, Sutton and Merton PCT.
  3. 3. Role of NHS Milton KeynesTake money from the Turn it into: taxpayer • Better health • Fewer inequalities • Ensure public access to the best possible services
  4. 4. Policy: rhetoric to reality?“It is self evident, but worth repeating, that the NHS can meet people’s needs better if we listen to what people tell us, instead of relying on existing knowledge and assumptions.We can develop better, more responsive services if we involve and truly listen to not only those who are already using services, but those who are not.”Patient and Public Engagement Toolkit forWorld Class Commissioning, 2008
  5. 5. The Duty to involve and consultNHS organisations must makearrangements to involve users,whether directly or throughrepresentatives (whether by beingconsulted or provided withinformation, or in other ways) in:• planning the provision of services• the development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way services are provided, and decisions to be made affecting the operation of services.Section 11 . Health and Social Care Act
  6. 6. Examples of engagement initiativesbuilding relations with LINK:MK, key stakeholders and partners.drawing on patient influence when redesigning services (e.g. mental health, diabetes).Using patient complaints to improve services (e.g. infection control, maternity, nutrition).Learning to value use of marketing techniques to engage different elements of population.
  7. 7. Redesign of the care of adult patients with diabetes Regular contact throughout decision-making on the direction of travel Inclusion in commissioning decisions Involvement in the preparation of a press release Patient participation in the Quality:MK "movie" - in which a patient described the benefits of the care planning approach Workshop - needs for patient education and information LINk representative invited to comment on a large survey of the public in Oxford and on those elements useful to repeat in MK Next steps – new planning group to consider the specific needs for patient education, early diagnosis and to reach seldom heard