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Communities of Authority


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Published in: Technology, Sports, Education
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Communities of Authority

  1. Communities of Authority Aaron Straup Cope State of the Map July 2009
  2. INVISIBLE REVEREND! Hi, my name is Aaron
  3. August 2006
  4. July 2009 top 100 geotagged countries, July 04 2009
  5. July 2008
  6. Coverage
  7. [redacted]
  8. What Would Mike Do?
  9. ModestMaps
  10. for i in range(10, 18)
  11. Beijing
  12. Burning Man
  13. Sydney
  14. Baghdad
  15. Tokyo
  16. Africa
  17. Tehran
  18. “Eyes of the World”
  19. How does it work?
  20. python ~/ -p africa.txt -o ~/osm scp (my harddrive) YOU! squid Flickr image storage php map_openstreetmap_tile_broker.gne javascript var is_osm
  21. if not os.path.exists(cache_dir) : try: os.makedirs(cache_dir) except Exception, e: print "failed to makedirs, skipping because it's probably a thread thing..." continue conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(netloc) conn.request('GET', path + ('?' + query).rstrip('?')) response = conn.getresponse() if str(response.status).startswith('2'): tile_img ='RGBA') # imgs.append(tile_img)
  22. 12/3374/1551.png HTTP 302 x=3374&y=496&z=6
  23. “The tricky part was with the Yahoo Maps ... in that you can only check to see if you're *in* a valid OSM area, *after* you've zoomed/ moved the map, not *before* ('cause you don't know where the map is *about* to move to) ... but *after* you've zoomed/moved the map is already loading in new tiles ... so you need to tell it 'STOP, wait, don't load those, load these OSM ones instead' ... and in the case of Yahoo Maps that meant using a undocumented function that blows away the tile cache and forces a tile reload.”
  24. Whatʼs next?
  25. History boxes
  26. Story tiles
  27. “Design Fiction”
  28. Thank you
  29. (this is how the sausage is made)