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Empower Network Review

  1. 1. The Empower Network Decides to Fight the Forces of Evil Empower Network Fights Evil! WOW!! The Empower Network! Just after this weekend, I could pretty much make that the conclusion of my analysis on that statement alone. This "Empower Network" review is focused on the second ever function/conference put on by the company, referred to as Argue the Forces of Evil.It was held in San Diego, California and was equally engaging and informative. I am rather new to the Empower Network, essentially only having joined in mid-June, and didnt have any legitimate feeling of what was likely to occur at this function. Id been to many other events set up and run by other businesses, but I failed to know what to count on with the Empower Network. Let me just say up front that I was pleasantly astonished!It absolutely was put on in a first-class fashion and was very entertaining. I was unable to recall a time that I grew to become bored or disinterested. Everybody was fired up, as you wouldenvision, essentially filling the auditorium with an electricity that was hard to ignore. Folks couldnt wait to hear what the leaders, as well as other speakers, had to say! When each person spoke,the sincerity was easily felt. None of them had prepared talks and many of them didnt even knowthey were going to speak until they were asked to come to the stage. There was a wide variety ofbackgrounds and specialties represented with each and every individual revealing a fantastic deal of information on whichever subject matter they spoke. We experienced lots of industry leaders like: • Rob Fore, • Tracy Walker, • Lawrence Tam, • Chuck Marshall, • Tony Rush, and lots of many others The best element, though, was that it was not just an enormous pitch-fest for each item andsystem beneath the sun. It was strictly instruction and relatability via stories and life experience.Just about every story delivered a powerful impact and permitted the audience to determine and truly feel the desire and need to aid other folks that every one of the speakers had.It started out with David Wood and David Sharpe who both arrived on the stage often and spokefrom their heart. I know exactly what you are imagining...that it was merely a bunch of fluff to get people excited and buy a ton of stuff. But that wasnt what it was! The Davids gave us their dream and vision for the Empower Network: • Where they saw the long-term vision taking the company, • How the vision was developing and attracting men and women from all walks of life, • The foundation which is being built and how strong its already become, • The struggles that had already been dealt with -- how they had overcome them and what
  2. 2. had been learnedIt was simple for them to speak about their enjoyment in helping others receive money in additionto relaying the ease of earning income by way of their system. Why?Because they are also constructing their business as affiliates. These guys are earning theirmoney with the Empower Network the exact same way that everybody else is. No secrets, tricksand no pulling dollars from the organization simply because!It was absolutely refreshing and thrilling to see their transparency and honesty in everything they spoke about. They even talked about how in the initial stages, before they had a client support dept, they just deleted most of the company support tickets mainly because they were being totally overwhelmed. (Which explains why mine was never answered.) Thankfully they do possess a terrific support group now. They were totally stoked about helping all people succeed, from the newest new person to theveteran, plus they showcased the proof within the arena to prove their accomplishment. As theyhad people stand up, to acknowledge them for money gained, it became very exciting. Primarily for the reason that by the close of the recognition....95% of the room was standing. It was totally amazing! The countdown commenced with the highest earner (from June to Sept), which was somewherein the vicinity of $130,000, all the way to the lowest earner of $25. Whilst the disparity in earnings was pretty significant and $25 just isnt a huge amount of revenue, it absolutely was sufficient to prove the system worked and can be duplicated to develop and earn additional income. Furthermore, with the tales of massive growth and with groups and earnings expanding rapidly it left people knowing that the exact profits possibilities was open and accessible to absolutely everyone! Combat the Forces of Evil aided by the Empower Network This is simply not just a business but a movement!It truly is swiftly turning out to be a phenomenon within the industry. The Daves have put togethersomething unique that I absolutely advise all people to spen some time looking at. Dont miss the boat and wonder what transpired. Choose to leap in now and take full advantage of the breathtaking expansion which is occurring as we converse. The Empower Network has only been in existence since Oct 31, 2011. But in that time, theyvealready added more than twenty thousand affiliates and also have paid back again in the 10s of millions in payments. By the way, it features 100% commissions.Their objective and expectation is the fact individuals who are presently earning $30,000+/month might be earning $100,000+/month by January! Those people presently earning minimal to nothing will likely be earning $30,000 - $100,000/month! Who else has legitimate anticipations, based upon latest growth numbers, that will produce that great of a growth explosion together with the foundation to help keep it together?! All I can say is--AWESOME!
  3. 3. The Empower Network has definitely doubled in size from the past conference (June in Atlanta)and therefore are anticipating to undertake the exact same in the future (January in Austin). Forthose who are seriously exploring opportunities to earn additional earnings by using a turn-key, authority blog system set up to assist you in being successful, then look no further than this Empower Network assessment! ... http://tinyurl.com/9zg2uwq Enjoy the Journey!