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Model board package


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A model board package you can use to manage your board of director meetings

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
  • This downloads as a'key File' - what is that?
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  • As a small business development consultant, this is a great format that answers the question for several of my clients of how to present to their new board members.
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Model board package

  1. 1. Acme StartupBoard Presentation Date Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda1. Welcome2. Governance3. Prior Action Items4. High level overview5. State of the Company6. Staffing Report7. Dashboard8. Financials9. Key Accomplishments10. Key Challenges11. Product Development Roadmap12. Business Development Roadmap13. Marketing Roadmap14. Wrap Up
  3. 3. Welcome• List 3 goals for the meeting• Any other items to add to the agenda?
  4. 4. Governance • Approval of Prior Minutes • Resolutions to be Approved • Option Grants • Senior management hires • Other
  5. 5. Prior Action Items • List action items from last meeting along with their status
  6. 6. High Level Overview • One page bullet summary of all the items to be covered in the next slides
  7. 7. State of the CompanyCash in the bank: $ (prior month/ quarter $ )Average monthly burn rate: $ (budgeted: $ )Estimated date we run out of money:Registered Users: (was prior month or quarter amount)Monthly active users: (was prior month or quarter amount)Other key stats: (was prior month or quarter amount)
  8. 8. Staffing Dep’t Actual Planned R&D Sales/ Mktg Key Open hires: Support Ops Admin / C- level
  9. 9. Dashboard
  10. 10. Financials Add commentary from the CEO here
  11. 11. Key Accomplishments • List them
  12. 12. Key Challenges • List them (ideally with proposed solutions or for open discussion with the board)
  13. 13. Product Roadmap• Detailed for the next quarter• High level after• Show path based on success or failure (i.e. if the new features don’t achieve your in market goals).
  14. 14. Biz Dev Roadmap• List current status of discussions with all key current and future potential partners including strategic (exit) potentials
  15. 15. Marketing Roadmap• List all key marketing programs by channel and objective (i.e. acquisition, retention, conversion)• Detailed for the next quarter• High level after
  16. 16. Wrap-Up• Review action items/ take aways• Confirm date of next meeting