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A good design


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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A good design

  1. 1. The kite runner
  2. 2. Facing the war, what will you do? Facing the betray of your best friend, what will you do? Facing the danger from others, what will you do?
  3. 3. <The Kiter Runner> Writer: KHALED HOSSEINI ISBN: 9780747573395 Pages: 352 Price: 100 Press : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Pub Date : 2004-05
  4. 4. love atonement peace
  5. 5. friendship MARRIAGE love FATHER AND SON
  6. 7. <The Kite Runner> Released : 2007 年 Runtime : 128 mins director : Marc Forster Starring : Shaun Toub .....Rahim Kahn     Sa?d Taghmaoui .....Farid     Atossa Leoni .....Soraya     Khalid Abdalla .....Amir     Homayon Ershadi .....Baba     Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada .....Hassan as a child     Zekeria Ebrahimi .....Amir as a child     L. Peter Callender .....Dean of Students     Larry Brown .....Gas station customer     Vsevolod Bardashev .....Russian Soldier     Sayed Jafar Masihullah Gharibzada .....Omar     Mir Mahmood Shah Hashimi .....Business Man in Baba‘s Study     Nabi Tanha .....Ali     Elham Ehsas .....Young Assef     Bahram Ehsas .....Wali     Tamim Nawabi .....Kamal Country : America Language:English
  7. 8. The end Thank you! if we come to sleep    we are his drowsy ones    and if we come to wake    we are in his hands    if we come to weeping    we are his cloud full of raindrops    and if we come to laughing    we are his lightning in that moment    if we come to anger and battle    it is the reflection of his wrath    and if we come to peace and pardon    it is the reflection of his love    who are we in this complicated world?    -------------Rumi ,form 《 The kite runner 》