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Chuck Media Kit V3


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97.7 CHUCK FM, Greenville Radio, Adult Variety Radio

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Chuck Media Kit V3

  1. 1. Commercial-Free Workday The thrill of VARIETY, M-F 9am-12noon not the agony of repeat, repeat Listen online at Contact: Steve, Sinicropi VP/GM Cox Media Group Greenville Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-107397.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  2. 2. Chuck’s ProfileTHE BASICS• Frequency: 97.7 FM• Call Letters: WJMZ-HD3• Format: Adult Variety (aka “Random Radio”)• Slogan: “97.7 Chuck FM, we play everything!”• Artists: ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Maroon 5, The Police, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Journey, Prince… we could go on, but it would take a lot of paper. THE FOOTPRINT 97.7 FM AnalogDIGITAL/SOCIAL•• .com/977chuckfm• .com/977chuckfmTARGET AUDIENCE• Demo: Adults 25-54 Chuck in HD• 50/50 Male/Female Worldwide at 977chuckfm.comTHE NOTES97.7 Chuck FM is commercial-free from 9am until noon EVERYDAY… the ONLY station in the Greenvillemarket that does it! Uninterrupted music translates to higher TSL, promoting in-office listening, listener loyaltyand better opportunities to reach the valuable upscale adult consumer.97.7 Chuck FM doesn’t have DJs. The absence of DJ chatter supports longer time spent listening (TSL),providing the advertiser’s message a stronger opportunity for successful delivery.97.7 Chuck FM plays everything! It’s like your iPod on shuffle. So listeners of all ages tune in, making97.7 Chuck FM the only station in Greenville with a true multi-generational reach.97.7 Chuck FM is an exclusive format in Greenville and offers an excellent balance of male andfemale listeners. Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-1073 97.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  3. 3. The Response97.7 Chuck FM has gone viral!Listeners began “liking” right afterthe first broadcast. Here’s what they are saying: Candy Jones “I hit the like button, but I need a love button for Chuck!” Jack Stevenson “Great new radio station! I love the fact that I have listened for a few days and havent heard the same thing twice.” Amy Moore Brown “Yay for ChuckFM & variety! Gville really needed a station like this. :)” Susan Hardin Suttles “This station is awesome. Love it and telling everyone I know about it...Play on Chuck....” Geoff Duncan “Awww . . . this is too much. Im gonna cancel my XM Radio subscription, buy a case of beer with the refund and listen to Chuck!” Nancy Coverdale “Welcome to Greenville. You guys are the bomb...absolutely love this station!!! I take you, work and home. Hoping you’re here to stay. Good Luck!” Chris Foster “LOVE the new station, and keep it on in my truck all the time. Several years ago Charlie FM was my favorite radio station, and hated that it changed over to talk radio. Please...please keep Chuck on the air!!!” Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-1073 97.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  4. 4. MORE Responses!Melissa Blackwell Robinette “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I absolutely love this station. I was heartbroken when Charlie went offthe air a couple of years ago and then I found you! THIS IS THE GREATEST STATION EVER! Please dont ever change anything! LOVEIT!”Sam Maddox “Best radio station. Ever.”Carolyn Farr Smith “I have been listening to you guys non-stop for the past three weeks! Love it!”Katie Nozell Reeves “About time we get an awesome station to listen to in Anderson! Thanks for your rocking work!”Jay Marett “Glad you are here, I have been waiting for a station like this for a long time. Up to this point I have had to settle for Steve FM inCola and Chuck FM in Chucktown when traveling.”Leigh Figgy Pudding Drye “I ♥ you Chuck! You are a genius!”Jeff Bright “Hey Chuck? I love your station so much. That I went to every Walmart and turn every radio on in their automotive section toChucks FM HD signal. It rocks in HD! Ive started in Seneca and Anderson. Ill hit Greenville this weekend.”Lynn Littleton “This is the best new station to hit the upstate airwaves in years. I am surprised at how strong the signal is all over this area.I live in a pretty low area where a lot of the high power stations signals are weak inside my house. 97.7 comes in strong and clear.”Jon Kenneth Bolan “HAVE SAID GOOD BYE TO ROCK 101 FOR EVER YA CHUCK”Tcby-moxie Java Greenville Sc “We changed our in store radio to you Chuck! Customers even notice the great selection of music! ATTABOY CHUCK!”Paul E Lamberth “Ok, Chuck. You have filled a void in our lives (well, at least a void on our radios). Dont leave us like Charlie did. Weneed you, Chuck. We need you.”Joseph Shields Jr. “You guys have a great station. I listen to you in the car and at home when Im playing my ps3 and cooking. Keep upthe good work.”Patty Reed “Wow, get out of my head, this is scary. I cant get out of my car, Im afraid Im gonna miss a good tune.........oh cool, its on myputer now, thanks Chuck!”Russel Stieb “Fantastic Station!!! Ive been telling all my friends about you... Also, just found you on TuneIn... Keep up the great work!!!”Edward Teddy Schoenholz “My wife found your station and now everybody at my plant was listening to it all last weekkeep up the great music.” Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-1073 97.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  5. 5. Why Chuck? 97.7 CHUCK FM, Greenville’s newest radio station, began broadcasting on December 16, 2011. It’s obvious by the immediate and passionate listener feedback that 97.7 CHUCK FM’s Adult Variety format is already very popular with Adults 25-54. The Adult Variety format has had success coast to coast, is in most major markets and is well established in South Carolina in Columbia and Charleston. In fact, 101.7 Chuck FM in Charleston (97.7 Chuck FM’s cousin) has a terrific five-year record of success. Many Greenville listeners have already commented on how they listen to Chuck when they go to Charleston or Hilton Head and are thrilled to hear Chuck in Greenville. The Adult Variety format has a track record of quickly gaining listeners and share from Rock and A/C stations. 97.7 Chuck FM is like a gigantic iPod on constant shuffle, and it’s free! 97.7 Chuck FM’s Adult Variety Format plays music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Listeners love the variety. Since Chuck never repeats the same song in the same day, Chuck listeners enjoy the “thrill of variety” instead of the normal A/C & Rock station “agony of repeat.” 97.7 Chuck FM’s variety, commercial-free workday (no commercials 9 am to 12 noon weekdays – yes, you can have our listeners’ undying gratitude as the exclusive sponsor), huge music library and the thrill of fun, upbeat random radio makes 97.7 Chuck FM the station to listen to at work and to play in your business. Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-107397.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  6. 6. How to listen to Chuck 97.7 FM Analog 977chuckfm.comChuck in HD Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-107397.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  7. 7. Chuck’s Playlist (course, it’s different every hour…) John Mellencamp Hand To Hold On To Supertramp Give a Little Bit Goo Goo Dolls Name Amii Stewart Knock On Wood Janet Jackson Escapade Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy Blue Öyster Cult (Dont Fear) The Reaper Poco Call It Love The Cars Shake It Up The Spinners The Rubberband Man Survivor Eye of the Tiger Pearl Jam Last Kiss John Fogerty Rock and Roll Girls Michael Jackson The Way You Make Me Feel The Alan Parsons Project Games People Play Electric Light Orchestra Turn to Stone Fleetwood Mac Hold Me Dan Hartman I Can Dream About You Roxette The Look Scandal The Warrior Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode ZZ Top Stages Alanis Morissette Ironic Jackson Browne Boulevard Dire Straits Sultans of Swing INXS New Sensation Blind Melon No Rain (LP version) Pat Benatar All Fired Up Billy Idol Mony Mony Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer The Time Jungle Love Eddie Money Shakin Sister Sledge We Are Family Billy Joel We Didnt Start the Fire Los Lonely Boys Heaven Yes Owner of a Lonely Heart Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-107397.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601
  8. 8. Chuck’s Listeners (your future customers)Chuck has lots of friends – and it’s growing everyday. See it foryourself at So who likes Chuck?A: Hmm… looks like about everybody. Source: Facebook Insights 1-9-12 2% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% Greenville 2% Greer Easley 3% Simpsonville 5% Spartanburg Anderson 5% Taylors Clemson 6% 55% Pickens Piedmont Travelers Rest 6% Fountain Inn Boiling Springs 8% Liberty Cox Media Group Greenville Ph: 864-235-107397.7 Chuck FM 220 N Main Street, Suite 402 Greenville, SC 29601