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Base Transceiver Station


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BTS used in Telecommunication....

Published in: Technology
  • Rising diesel costs make installing a solar PV system extremely cost effective for off-grid Base Transceiver Stations. ROI can be as low as 2 years.
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Base Transceiver Station

  1. 1. By-Shubham Singhal
  2. 2.  EVOLIUM A9100  INDOOR-BTS  (MBI5)
  3. 3. GSM System Architecture
  4. 4. BTS MBI5 &BTS MBI3
  5. 5. A9100 Base Station Architecture (BTS)
  6. 6. General Architecture of BTSBTS has three levels-:-Antenna Coupling Level (ANC)-Transceiver Level (TRX)-Base Station Control Function (BCF) level
  7. 7. 1. Antenna Coupling Level (ANC) Stage b/w antenna & TRX Levels A single module called ANC perform these functions for up to 4 TRXs. For higher capacity, a combiner stage can be added.
  9. 9. 2. TRX(Transceiver Level) Transceiver Equipment… Used for reception & transmission of signals. One ARFCN is allotted to one TRX.& each ARFCN is divided in 8 time slots, hence one TRX can provide connection to 8 subscribers at a time… One BTS= 12 TRX=12 ARFCN=12x8= 96 users…. At a time only 96 users can make calls….
  10. 10. Base Station Control Function (BCF)  This station is ensured by Station Unit Module (SUMA): central unit of BTS.  Only one SUMA for one BTS….  Generating clocks for all other BTS modules.(synchronization purpose) e.g. Abis link…..
  11. 11. MBI5 Module Positions
  12. 12. ANC Front Panel
  14. 14. BTS Functions