Ss ch. 1 review


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Ss ch. 1 review

  1. 1. COMMUNITIES ARECOMMUNITIES ARE PEOPLEPEOPLE Chapter 1 ReviewChapter 1 Review Social StudiesSocial Studies
  2. 2. Who is a leader in the courts?
  3. 3. judge (1 point)
  4. 4. What is material from nature that people can use to meet a need?
  5. 5. natural resource (1 point)
  6. 6. What is a special day for remembering a person or event?
  7. 7. holiday (1 point)
  8. 8. What is a person who lives in a community?
  9. 9. citizen (1 point)
  10. 10. What is the answer to a problem?
  11. 11. solution (1 point)
  12. 12. What is a rule that a community makes?
  13. 13. law (1 point)
  14. 14. Why do many people live where they do?
  15. 15. People live where they do to belong, to be close to work, and to have fun. (3 points)
  16. 16. How does living in communities help people save time?
  17. 17. People save time by sharing their skills and helping each other meet their needs. (3 points)
  18. 18. What are some services that people in a community provide for one another?
  19. 19. Services in a community include health care, fire safety, and police protection. (3 points)
  20. 20. What are some of the consequences of not following traffic laws?
  21. 21. Some of the consequences are getting hurt, paying a fine, or going to jail. (3 points)
  22. 22. People may honor a special person or event by a. going to court b. celebrating a holiday c. starting a business d. sharing natural resources
  23. 23. b. celebrating a holiday (1 point)
  24. 24. Communities having laws because citizens f. like old customs g. like to do things for one another h. want to remember an important event j. want to keep their community safe and peaceful
  25. 25. j. want to keep their community safe and peaceful (1 point)
  26. 26. Why is it important for communities to have government?
  27. 27. Possible answers: Life would be more difficult. Communities would be less safe and less pleasant. There might be more traffic accidents and more litter. (5 points)
  28. 28. What are some of your responsibilities in your community?
  29. 29. Possible answers: Following laws, such as bike safety laws, and take care of the community by doing things such as picking up trash are ways to be responsible . (5 points)
  30. 30. Why is it important for a community to have places where people can have fun?
  31. 31. People need to be able to enjoy themselves and each other to be healthy and happy. (5 points)
  32. 32. The numbers below tell how many cartons of milk were sold. Cartons of Milk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 160 165 170 175 180 185 190 195 200 205 milk cartons sold Could this be made into a pictograph? How?
  33. 33. Imagine that you forgot to bring your homework to school. Think of one or more solutions to your problem.