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Cisco\'s Managed Telepresence connection managed service that will be available from service providers worldwide

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  • We have all been in an important phone meeting or video conference with customers, partners or employees located either in a nearby city or on the other side of the world.
    And, we have all been in a situation more often than not, where you are trying to have a very productive conversation, but you get the feeling that you are not quite able to connect with the people on the other side on account of
    thick accent that is hard to understand or
    the use of similar sounding words such as 13 and 30 etc
    You are also not able to tell if the person on the other side is truly paying attention and you notice that people have to constantly pause to prevent talking over one another
    And you wonder why it is so difficult to have a productive meeting
  • The reason this happens is that an overwhelming 93% of any communication happens through the elements of body language and tone of voice as opposed to the fractional 7% through words
    Now, in a video conferencing solution, besides words, some tone and visual elements come through but what really empowers communication is the fusion of all these three elements in a seamless manner
    So, what’s the solution to this challenge?
  • The best solution is to meet in person in the same room across a table
    But! Is meeting in person possible every time you or your teams need to collaborate closely?
    Firstly, airfare is quite expensive, and add to this, a hotel stay, food, transportation etc and the total costs quickly add up to a significant amount
    Secondly, consider the hassle. Every time you have to fly to San Jose from Singapore, it involves driving to the airport, lugging your baggage through long security lines only to hear your flight is delayed. When you do reach and hopefully your bags made it, you arrive to the meeting the next day jet lagged and tired
    What if there is a way to meet across a table without the inconvenience of travel, without loss of valuable time and without the expense of travel? Is this possible at all?
  • Introducing Cisco TelePresence— an entirely new experience that transforms the way we communicate, collaborate and innovate
    It is an immersive “in person” experience that enables me to look into your eyes, make eye contact with you and express myself completely as though you were sitting right across the table from me when in reality you could be at the other end of the world.
    Besides this, from your body language I can tell if you are frustrated, listening or getting bored and accordingly tune my conversation.
  • Let’s look at how this is made possible
    There are three elements to this solution
    The immersive experience
    The simplicity of operation
    The reliability and security factor
    First let’s look at the immersive experience
    This has three aspects to it : Visual, Vocal and Ambience
    The Visual aspect: As you can see here, the endpoint features
    High def 65” 1080p Progressive scan Plasma with HD cameras. This implies I see every single expression in your face and can read your body language
    The screen is 65” wide to be able to see a full size realistic image of the person on the other side (unlike the small sized image on a TV in a Video Conference). This gives you the experience of being in one room and having an engaging conversation where I am now looking into your eyes and not in a camera.
    The Vocal aspect: The TelePresence endpoint features
    Full duplex spatial audio from a zoned acoustics system that evokes natural reactions and mimics real life conversation
    I can hear a pin drop and can tell where it fell which means, I do not miss any comments even when two people are talking at the same time which is how humans interact especially in an contentious discussion
    The Ambience aspect
    Coordinated back lighting, wall colors, furniture all give the feeling of meeting in one room across one seamless table, even if we have participants from NY, London, Singapore all in a single call
    Now let’s look at The Simplicity factor
    Scheduling a meeting is as simple as adding meeting rooms in Microsoft outlook or the web based scheduling tool. Once scheduled, the meeting shows up in the IP phone and all you need to do to start the meeting is to touch the phone screen. No cumbersome remotes for cameras and TV’s. The benefit here is higher utilization - as much as 10 times conventional video conferencing systems.
    Finally the Reliability factor
    Telepresence is run on a high quality of service enabled MPLS VPN Network on the robust IP NGN network platform. This implies that the system not only works every single time but also that your conversations are completely secure given our dedicated MPLS network
    Notes to Speaker: Handling Common Objections/questions at this point
    We already have videoconferencing and no one uses it.
    Legacy VC  poor user experience  low single digit utilization rate
    Cisco TelePresence  immersive user experience (life-size images, 1080p HD), Simple (OBTP, NO cumbersome remotes High quality user experience  10 times legacy VC utilization
    Isn’t TelePresence the same as videoconferencing?
    NO. It’s a giant leap forward that enables new means of communication and collaboration
    TP is to VC = Phone to Telegraph machine
    An example: The CEO of a major company said: “You can screen a candidate via videoconferencing, but you can hire via TelePresence.”
    Cisco has hired several employees who were interviewed entirely via TelePresence.
    I’m not sure how we would use TelePresence at my company.
    Just as in our personal lives today  Video has changed how we communicate - YouTube, Web cameras, and VOD
    Video is the next frontier for business  It enables global collaboration for faster, better decision making.
    But because TelePresence is new  it often doesn’t fit into business processes that were designed when this kind of global video collaboration was impossible.
    Many customers have found that TelePresence can enable business process reinvention in ways that are specific to their business needs.
    Cisco can help identify those reinvention opportunities.
    Isn’t TP just a way to reduce business travel?
    TP can certainly help avoid business travel costs.
    The greater value of TP, however, is the impact on business process and productivity.
    TP customers are re-inventing their processes to reduce costs, compress cycle time, and accelerate revenue.
    For example, we are finding innovative TP applications in supply chain.
  • What does all of this mean from a business standpoint?
    TelePresence enables you to
    Increase top-line growth by better collaborating with customers and partners and innovating faster
    Increase bottom-line growth by avoiding travel costs and the opportunity cost of travel
    Be seen as a socially responsible brand by reducing your carbon footprint substantially, thereby avoiding carbon taxes/penalties and surcharges
  • Now, let’s look at how your industry peers use TelePresence
    General Electric used TelePresence to collaborate closely with their customers thereby opening significant up-sell opportunities for new products
    Accenture, whose whole business model is predicated on meetings with customers, significantly improved customer intimacy by bringing in experts into customer conversations in a moments notice thereby accelerating decision making. With TelePresence in place, customers were more willing to award contracts to Accenture given the high level of day to day collaboration that now becomes commonplace.
    Procter & Gamble: Here is a company that is known for being a leading innovator in the tough consumer-product-goods industry where margins are constantly under threat. P&G is able to follow a product leadership strategy to maintain category freshness by frequent and fast product introductions. TelePresence helps them bring market research, engineering, category experts and management to meet more often and work closely to design new products quickly.
    HSBC saved as much as $600,000 in one month by cutting T&E costs
    Finally, if you are in Europe, you understand the consequence of not being green. TeliaSonera accumulated carbon credits by reducing its carbon emissions by 400 tons every year
  • Obtaining these benefits and being able to use the solution to its fullest potential involves close monitoring and maintenance of the endpoints as well as the underlying network
    As a managed service you can get the quality without worrying about maintaining everything in-house
    You have the option to start today with a basic model to link the branch offices in your organization on a dedicated QoS enabled MPLS VPN network for reliable and secure communication
  • And then evolve this over time, linking all your rooms with rooms at your customers, suppliers and partners
    This is made possible by connecting through our exchange
  • How do we add value?
    We supply the entire technology and manage it
    Our exchange connects your company’s deployment to the world
    Besides this, we provide real time support via concierge services, simple scheduling, management and reporting
  • Unlike other products/solutions you really get a feel for this only by experiencing it
    Hence, here is what we should do next
    Experience Cisco TP by having a meeting on us?
    After the experience, I will introduce you to the service options available, understand your needs and recommend the right design to suit your needs out of the many configuration and endpoint options available
  • Cisco Managed Telepresence

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