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E L E C T I O N S, D O M O C R A C Y A N D N A M A S M A R A N D R


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E L E C T I O N S, D O M O C R A C Y A N D N A M A S M A R A N D R

  1. 1. Elections, Democracy & Namasmaran Dr. Shriniwas
  2. 2. Kashalikar
  3. 3. Elections in Maharashtra are declared and the various transactions of election of peoples’ representatives have begun. As a result of deification of democracy, most of us, the voters and the candidates, have apparently developed an illusory feeling that elections and democracy are panacea for the cure of all evils. If not, at least we tend to pretend so. Elections and democracy are actually the means (amongst many others such as study, analysis, experimentation,
  4. 4. research, industry, agriculture, craft, business, art, literature, sports, rituals, festivals, conventions, prayers, various techniques of meditation etc); evolved during the development of human civilization. They are meant for ushering in the ambience that would be conducive to individual and global blossoming. They are not the end in themselves. In as much as it is true that elections and democracy are important means, it is truer that assuming elections and the democracy as the end in themselves and neglecting the other means of global
  5. 5. blossoming such as those mentioned above, would be naive and counterproductive. From immediate practical point of view, isn’t it true and important that we get empowered to vote selflessly and bravely and elect benevolent candidates? Conversely isn’t it true that those who get elected evolve into able and noble individuals (if they are not at present)? The visionaries have reiterated time and again that; NAMASMARAN i.e. remembrance of; and connection with;
  6. 6. the true self; is the source of universally benevolent and empowering inner light. They have insisted and affirmed that it is the basis, essence and culmination of all the means; conducive to individual and global blossoming! Shouldn’t NAMASMARAN be our topmost priority before, during and after elections and irrespective of the stage of evolution of democracy? DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR