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5 Tips to Become Expert in SQL

5 Tips to Become Expert in SQL. This PPT is a solution to learn quickly and more efficiently of SQL.

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5 Tips to Become Expert in SQL

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  You need lot of practice. You need to download free versions of DB2,Oracle,SQL Server. Install on your desktop or Laptop  Start Practicing daily 2 hrs.
  3. 3.  Register for online video tutorial. This will help any time you can go and re-read the same topic multiple times  Example - php?affiliate=srinimf
  4. 4.  I did much research on how to become proficient. You can learn by bi-hearting queries, but this is crude method. No use of it, you will forget quickly  During interviews you will get confused, and you may not write correct query  Tip- Practice these queries [] in the order given. Just for 30 days. Later start using SQL queries randomly.
  5. 5.  Any language you will learn in 3 ways. A) Writing, B) Reading and C) Watching  Start writing each query manually on a piece of paper with pen  Use mind maps , to recall all the points in short span of time  Read multiple SQL best books. You will get ideas on how to write a query in multiple ways.
  6. 6.  Try creating small project with 3-5 tables  Apply all your SQL skills writing queries in variety of ways  Register for Video tutorial it is must- become-a-database-developer/  Use QUIZ to get more knowledge on daily basis: mainframe-and-informatica-free/
  7. 7. Thank You