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bug bed bites


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bug bed bites

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bug bed bites

  1. 1. How Do You Know if You Have Bed BugsFo the majority of people asking the question, how do you know ifyou have bed bugs, its quite clear to me that they dont have bedbugs in their home. And why is that, you may well ask! For thesimple reason that they would know very fast if they had, as thevery first sign of bed bugs in the home is usually bed bug bites.The unfortunate aspect of the present bed bug epidemic is that bedbugs require a live host to feed on. As soon as they move into anyprotected area, such as a persons home, the first thing they will dois locate anyone who is sleeping. That is their modus operandi.Unlike other parasites, such as cockroaches and fleas, a bed bugsonly source of food is blood. Although they can feed on the blood ofcertain birds, bats and animals, its usually the human type theyseek.They are attracted by warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide(CO2), which is what we exhale when breathing. Bed bugs have abeak like head, and bite by piercing the victims skin with two hollowtubes.One tube is used to inject saliva containing anticoagulants and ananesthetic. This is to prevent your blood from clotting and also tonumb the area, and thereby prevent you feeling any pain. Thesecond tube is used to suck your blood. How do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs © 2011 Jenny Hill
  2. 2. Page 2/3Usually, the first signs of bed bugs in your home, is when you orsomeone else gets bitten. There are many other ways to detecttheir presence, but unless it’s a fairly heavy infestation, you will beunlikely to notice.So the first thing to do, if somebody has gotten an insect bite, isdetermine if they are bed bug bites. Although its not unusual to getbitten by bed bugs elsewhere, its usually whilst in bed that ithappens.Different people will react in different ways. For some, they mightnot notice the bite until many hours or even days later. While forothers it could be very soon after the bite.Bites caused by bed bugs can resemble those of many other kindsof blood feeding insects, such as mosquitoes and fleas, but aredifferent in that they often follow a distinctive pattern of a linear lineof more than one bite.This pattern is caused if the bed bug is disturbed when feeding,such as the person being bitten, moving in their sleep. Once thehost has settled again, the bed bug resumes feeding. Also, bed bugbites often occur in lines following the paths of blood vesselsrunning close to the surface of the skin.A single bed bug will usually bite more than once around the samearea, but if you have bites in different areas of the body, itsindicative of being bitten by more than one.The bites will manifest themselves as flat welts or raised red bumpsand will cause very intense itching, being a dermatological reactionto the injected anticoagulants and anesthetics. How do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs © 2011 Jenny Hill
  3. 3. Page 3/3However, to be absolutely sure that a bite is due to a bed bug, youwill need to view some pictures of bed bug bites. Only then, will younot have to anymore ponder the question, how do you know if youhave bed bugs?Although its unlikely that bed bugs will have established a footholdin your home before you get any bed bug bites, there are also somepreliminary checks to should undertake to be sure.Some other signs indicating the presence of bed bugs are bloodstains from crushed bugs, or by rusty (sometimes dark) spots ofexcrement (digested blood) on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes,and walls.Fecal spots, eggshells, and shed skins may be found in the vicinityof their hiding places. It can also happen, that an offensive, sweet,musty odor may be detected when bed bug infestations are severe. Visit: to get a FREE copy of this Comprehensive Guide How do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs © 2011 Jenny Hill