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Issue:- November 2011 Vol:- IV          Price: `. (Free)       Rain Drops                                 E-Magazine
Editorial                                                                          Nov 2011      Content                  ...
- By Dhirendra Asthana                                   Nov 2011   - By Manjula Saxena                            Nov 201...
Dhirendra Ashthana                                    Nov 2011   Rainbow in three Colors - By De Rahul                    ...
Fate - A Hebrew Folktale                                              Nov 2011   The Sumggler - A Tale from the Middle Eas...
Cryptogram                                 Nov 2011   Pool of Tears - SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA                 Nov 2011   ...
Running / Shout At Wind- SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA                  Nov 2011     THE UPROOTED TREE - By Susma Sharma Guruma...
Raindrops - Rajendra Pradhan        Nov 2011      The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan                                          ...
The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan                                                                    Nov 2011            The ...
The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan                                                                      Nov 2011             T...
By Manjula Saxena                                      Nov 2011                                                           ...
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Rain Drops E-Magazine November 2011


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Rain Drops E-Magazine November 2011

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Rain Drops E-Magazine November 2011

  1. 1. Issue:- November 2011 Vol:- IV Price: `. (Free) Rain Drops E-Magazine
  2. 2. Editorial Nov 2011 Content Nov 2011Dear Readers, Editorial Page 2 - By Saxena ManjulaThank you all for the continuous support and encouragement given to the e-magazine. - By Dhirendra Asthana Page 5Please continue reading this digital magazine coming to you absolutely free of cost. We also Page 4do appreciate new writers sharing your stories, poetry, cartoons, puzzles, etc. Rainbow in three color De RahulOnce upon a time there was a tiny green worm called Wormi living under the Earth. Wormi Dhirendra Ashthana Page 7had only one worry; no one appreciated its singing, no matter how fine it sang. One day it Page 6came out in the Sun and a bird picked it as its food. “O, please birdie, do not eat me,” it sang Fatein a pitiful but melodious voice. The birdie was shocked and put the Wormi down on the A Hebrew Folktaleground. “Heh, you can sing beautifully, you can be famous.” Wormi looked up at the birdie, Page 8and said, “Yeah, I know, but no one appreciates my singing,” it said with sad round eyes. The Smuggler“How can anyone know about your singing if you lie down underneath?” The Wormi looked A Tale from the Middle Eastshocked, “But thats where I live. If I were to come out wont birds like you eat me up?” The Page 9 Pool of Tearsbirdie laughed out loud and said, all birds may not appreciate your singing but that should - SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCAnot stop you from singing out in the open. There always will be someone to protect and help Page 11you, just have faith in yourself and your singing,” saying this, the birdie flew away. Wormithought long and hard, risks were many but the love of singing could not be held in the heart Cryptogramfor long and hence from next day onwards Wormi sang loud and clear out in the open but at Page 10 Shout at Windthe same time ensuring its safety too. - SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Page 12This could be your story, make a choice, get your talent published and be known and facethe risks of criticism or encouragement at the same time; or, stay hidden deep inside the Runningheart and Earth. - SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Page 12 THE UPROOTED TREECome forward and communicate with us anytime at: or +91- By Susma Sharma Gurumayum9619629092. Please write to us, we love to hear from you! Page 13We are on FB: RainDrops Cryptogram Hint and Solution By Rajendra PradhanThe Rain Drops E-Magazine is published by Moksa Publishers. Page 13 Page 14Thank you, The Bond By Vishnu Vardhanan By Manjula Saxena Page 20 Page 15-19Editor Copyrights: All rights reserved © 2011 Edited by Dhara Kothari. Published by Moksa Publishers for Rain Drops. Cover Page Art Work by CHITHRA MITRA Designed by Biren Shah. Email: Cell: +91-9619629092 / +91-9757274289 2 3
  3. 3. - By Dhirendra Asthana Nov 2011 - By Manjula Saxena Nov 2011 4 5
  4. 4. Dhirendra Ashthana Nov 2011 Rainbow in three Colors - By De Rahul Nov 2011 Rainbow in three Colors In this rain, when I touch my hand I feel your slender palm. This tree speaks with me in the language, Which I use when I am drunk. I see the rain drops rolling down from the leaves of that tree and then I think of You. This rain drop make noise but when I hear carefully, They speak your name. This is so intoxicating, I want to go out and fell rain on my face. but I can’t go out. Your absense haunts me. Again, I sit and write about this, So that when you read it, You will not miss this beauty. The more I think, less I write. Suddenly I see you and me, walking in the rain, looking into each other’s eyes and saying nothing. And suddenly I see you and me, Melting in that rain, washing ourselves with self. - De Rahul 6 7
  5. 5. Fate - A Hebrew Folktale Nov 2011 The Sumggler - A Tale from the Middle East Nov 2011 Fate The Smuggler A Hebrew Folktale A Tale from the Middle East A clever smuggler came to the border with a donkey. The donkeys back King Solomons servant came breathlessly into the court, "Please! Let was heavily laden with straw. The official at the border was suspicious me borrow your fastest horse!" he said to the King. "I must be in a town and pulled apart the mans bundles till there was straw all around, but ten miles south of here by nightfall!" not a valuable thing in the straw was found. "But Im certain youre smuggling something," the official said, as the man crossed the border. "Why?" asked King Solomon. Now each day for ten years the man came to the border with a donkey. “Because," said his shuddering servant, "I just met Death in the garden! Although the official searched and searched the straw bundles on the Death looked me in the face! I know for certain Im to be taken and I donkeys back, he never could find anything valuable hidden in them. dont want to be around when Death comes to claim me!" Many years later, after the official had retired, he happened to meet that "Very well," said King Solomon. "My fastest horse has hoofs like wings. same smuggler in a marketplace and said, "Please tell me, I beg you. Tell TAKE HIM." Then Solomon walked into the garden. He saw Death me, what were you smuggling? Tell me, if you can." sitting there with a perplexed look on its face. "Whats wrong?" asked King Solomon. "Donkeys," said the man. Death replied, "Tonight Im supposed to claim the life of your servant whom I just now saw in your garden. But Im supposed to claim him in a town ten miles south of here! Unless he had a horse with hooves like wings, I dont see how he could get there by nightfall . . ." 8 9
  6. 6. Cryptogram Nov 2011 Pool of Tears - SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Nov 2011 Cryptogram Pool of Tears from where comes the love, comes the pool of fear, 1. BWSR DWIVFYI BFAR WU BWPR H IMRR DWIVFYI the fright of interrogation, EBFUUFQ HNC SMYWI guilt, I hear. 2. V MVM CUNFF CUVBWT CXMZI; QVTT IXO, QVTT From where comes the mourning, IXO, ZBM QVTT IXO late afternoon, and evening, 3. ZMJ HEPEL IHMB BCXA ZMJ CXPE JHADO ZMJ comes the spirit, OMWE DA, XHS MHQE ZMJ OMWE DA, ZMJ QXH and singing, HEPEL VEA DA GXQI dancing, ringing. I hear the bells, 4. HCGIJHR ILDGT WCDZ GIZH YAJGJHR TJHBZ J the crows, MCH’G ZXZH VHCY YIAG J’W YAJGJHR NCD the chaffinch, AHQWCDZ and it shows, my hearing. 5. GZ’O OV XHEPZ ZV BGJT ZQPZ VJE OIENGPD From where comes the whistling, IEHOVJ YVC APJZ ZV PJJVY BVH ZQE HEOZ VB YVCH comes the pool of tears, DGBE the laughter we hear. Here! 6. LZUP NCZNXC XEQC FKG GEC TEPW PWCEB LJUEY UPEXX JKNXFICG. PWCI KCQCB GFBC PZ PBI SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Y Stiwdio. Tynllan. Llanelltyd. Dolgellau.Gwynedd LL40 2SU Telephone & Fax +44 (0)1341 423537 Mobile: 07411 455775 Email: - 10 11
  7. 7. Running / Shout At Wind- SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Nov 2011 THE UPROOTED TREE - By Susma Sharma Gurumayum Nov 2011 THE UPROOTED TREE Running Shout at the Wind An uprooted tree on the side of a road… No leaves, broken branches, barks falling, Can you clamber Oh! The cyclone two years back did it. So far they led us through the rocks Its here, into the green hills, slipping into water But the lives lost, thanks to nature, Are not here… where we stood back oily boots leaking? There relatives are, and let the past follow. Can you stride out Some pass this road, over dewy moors Some sees the wood, some dont. Dealt with dice, peat bogged To some, the wood serves as a reminder of those sad times. with no direction? Some sees it as a piece of trash. life becomes Others, like me, make tragic stories out of it. abstract, dreaming Will you come with me Some artist looks at it from an angle beautiful, of distances and to these places And paints it, Making it stay forever, at least till the painting gets destroyed. partitions my spaces An admirer of the painting clicks a picture of the same, and make history? Uploads it on the internet, if only it lasted longer Will you sit a while And thus immortalizing the uprooted tree at least till the internet exist, amid the berried hedges, Till the world exist? sheltering, A browser, admiring its beauty, downloads the same picture. remembering? It is now hung on the wall of a room of a house, The uprooted tree on the side of the road… Will we shout at the wind, running, laughing knowing that this is ours for the taking Hints and Solutions for Cryptogram or Will you stay home, 1. Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit. - Kahlil Gibran stay safe and bleed? 2. I did three things today; miss you, miss you, and miss you 3. You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back SONJA BENSKIN MESHER RCA Y Stiwdio. Tynllan. Llanelltyd. Dolgellau.Gwynedd LL40 4. Nothing hurts more then waiting since I don’t even know what I’m waiting for 2SU anymore Telephone & Fax +44 (0)1341 423537 5. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life Mobile: 07411 455775 Email: - 6. Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try 12 13
  8. 8. Raindrops - Rajendra Pradhan Nov 2011 The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan Nov 2011 The Bond 1.35 PM every company would bring it. It is commonly 29th April 2010 AD called service agreement or plainly bond. A He was nearly waging a war with the mouse. He document which says the unsaid line you are my clicked the mouse button relentlessly twice or slave hereafter. But this wasnt the problem in thrice in a hurry. Nothing happened. A sudden this guys case. He is ready to sign that too frenzy ran through his mind to crush the knowing all the facts but the formalities that he pointing device and the associated components. had to undergo were daunting which were ready After the entire device and the associated to give him terrible nightmares in the components costed three months salary of his subsequent events. Lets hear from the man dad. But at that moment he would not have himself. thought. He was trying to submit few important documents online which are going to decide his It is always like this in my case. When it comes to fate. "Oh my god! Useless mouse," he blamed job and girls this tends to happen. There were and ferociously clicked as if the mouse would numerous job interviews and prospects of take every tap he gives without complaining. romance meticulously messed up either by me or by itself in the past. It was 1.58 PM when I almost Added to his misery with mouse, the page started experienced a Bollywood movie climax (since throwing an error when he clicked submit this little episode had a happy ending) laced with button. The computer also hanged for a moment all thrills and excitements. The best part is its to shrink some more muscles on his face. "Oh! over now, I uploaded all identity, income and all This shouldnt be happening to me now,” he said. damn proofs to trade off my life with a As the clock ticked to reach the stipulated time Multinational firm. Those guys from the firm 1.53 PM, his heart pounded and his breath rate had a theory that uploading necessary increased as if he was facing a fiery fast bowler in documents prior to date of joining would make a World cup final. He had to join the firm next the joining process much easier. "Is it the easy day which hardly was 17 hours away. Even way? Hell, it looks like my life will end printing though he was nervous, one part of his brain and scanning these papers,” I thought. But at (minor part only) said, "It doesnt matter if I lose that point I did not have time neither energy to this." criticize things. My eyes were begging for sleep since I had not slept for the past two days. I went He is trying to be optimistic but he was not sure if to meet Mr. Venky in Tirupati and was dead he meant it 100 % at that time. There is no point tired. So I decided to give some joy to my tired in ruing about it when it is all over and when he eyes after wiping out one of the blemish (my luck doesnt have any control over it. After all this with job) of my life. The time was 2.15 PM when I cinematic dialogues he looked at the clock, it went to bed. showed 1.51 PM and finally for the very last time listening to his lured mind which had little faith, I never knew when I slept. It was a deep and he clicked on the button that had the key for his peaceful nap that lasted 4 hours. When I got up near future. It said the document has already reluctantly not wanting to come out of dreamy been submitted. Those words gave him little cozy world provided by sleep, the time was 6.25 relief from the anxieties. He let out huge sigh of PM. I refreshed myself and switched on my relief saying, "Almighty, you saved me," unaware computer sipping a hot cup of coffee which is my of the fact that he has to go through few more untold custom after I get up. I opened my nerve-wrecking moments like that. mailbox. There was a good real shock was waiting for me. I found a mail with the subject Confused? What happened was the guy got a job Released Service Agreement which had an that he wanted so badly. Good, he got a job, then attachment sent by the company as a result of my what? You might ask this but there is one more document uploads. It said it had to be signed by menacing thing which makes everyone think my parents. when taking a job? Here comes the twist and 14 15
  9. 9. The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan Nov 2011 The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan Nov 2011They must guarantee that they will pay some Rs.1.5 part of mind asked. “Cant you do things on time? mom asked whats this bankers signature? Personally I would not have any qualms had girlslakhs if I quit before 18 months. This service Why dont you save your self from all these When are you intending to get it? For the very been selected based on a measure of how hotagreement part was the funniest part to be honest troubles?” first time I looked at the document. A banker they are. Who will refuse the prospects of sittingbut I was in no mood to be funny. My parents were Another funny part of mind replied, “Buddy life will must endorse and confirm that the signature is in a seat surrounded by good looking girls on alljust 100 Kilometers away and it was 7.00 PM. How be boring when you are perfect. So you need all this by a authorized person who has an account in four sides? I found that my signature wascan I get their signature? The technology has not thrills and downs in life. After all what life will be their bank. Oh my god! How on earth could I get required more than my moms signature whichimproved so that my parents can digitally sign the like if it is a university where you have to follow a signature from a bank manager by 3AM? My was literally on every page. I engaged myself indocuments online and send (Mr. Gates I bring this syllabus and a curriculum. You have to take things situation almost proved the saying, so near yet so leaving my signature casually as if a movie star isto your notice. Please do something). Since Mr. as it comes.” far. This proved one of the many that slips autographing his fans. I consciously deferredGates or Larry Page had not taken technology to betwixt the cup and the lip. When Im about to arranging the certificates as there was not muchthat level, I was left with the only option of going to I said them to both, "As long as the thrills doesnt finish off, a hindrance crops up. Oh! Not again, I in them. Not only in number but also contentmy native over night sacrificing my sleep .I thought wreck havoc in life, everything is fine. thought when it looked like I was fighting a wise.this is turning out to be a test match, 3rd day of Nobody can save you man, my good part of mind loosing battle.sleepless night, “Wow, fantastic.” But it was not the said,” if you keep on being lethargic and take things As I was leaving signature, I felt there was atime for worrying or laughing at myself? I knew that for granted you will suffer. Even if you love a girl There is a tolerance level to every individual and sudden change in the atmosphere around me. AI made a mess of everything and I had more than 10 you will end up proposing her when she is about to when the situation goes beyond the individuals whiff of a gentle yet a nice fragrance surroundeddays to submit those proofs. get married with another guy because of this mindset and approach completely changes. It me. A carefully picked perfume can be sensed. I procrastinating habit." was one such instance and I decided to go with felt a blurred shadow moving on my left side. ButSo I started my sacred journey in a typical T.N.S.T.C My funny part countered, “Buddy, as long as you are the flow making up my mind to face whatever I was too busy practicing my autographs andbus, which by all means would fail to qualify to run able to charm her and convince her you dont have happens. I decided to go down fighting. So, I got turned my head to find a girl next to me onlyon the road in all aspects if it has to meet some to worry. Think how thrilling and fantastic would it signature form my mom and left home to the when I heard a voice first ever time in my life thatstandards. But what to do? Sacred journeys have to be to propose your lady love on her marriage day induction. My uncle dropped me at the bus was very genial yet authoritative. Dont knowgo like this. My adjacent seats were empty and and win her." stand. I reached the place where induction was whether any of the adjectives like beautiful, hot,looked good enough to sleep. I decided to steal a “Thrilling and fantastic? Damn it,” I said. I was not arranged by 9.00 AM. As I was entering I saw a pleasing or perfect can singularly describe her.couple of hours of sleep since I knew that the able tolerate that. lot of very young, energetic people and being a She was everything poured into one person. Iprospect of having a good 6 or 7 hours of sleep was lazy bug I felt completely out of place. found it hard to both take my eyes off and to keepnot on the cards. Finally, I shut down those thoughts for sometime. I on looking at her. slept for a while. By 11.30 PM I reached native. Seats were allocated prior to our arrival. I foundBut I was not getting sleep. Its a universal truth that There were no buses to my home by that time. My my place and sat. The next seat was unoccupied Amidst all these turmoil my mind failed towhen the mind is free, thoughts conquer mind. Why dad had sent my uncle to pick me up. For the first and to my right there was a geeky guy sitting. I process and decode the sound it receiveddo these companies have agreements when both time I felt bad as I was causing trouble to my uncle. dont know how guys like this smell books as if it through ears. She asked me something. My mindparties know that it is absolutely one sided and it is a I reached home by 12 AM. My mom had slept and is a perfume and I hate the smell of books was not even ready to decode what it was. Butsafety measure from the companys perspective. my dad was expecting me. I had dinner and told my especially anything related to academics. fortunately she repeated to save my honor whichWhy do they insist, when people say that they are uncle that i would disturb him one more time by 3 in Already this guy had been crossed out. As it hung by a fragile thread,not legally valid? Do they think that they can puppet the morning so that I can reach Chennai before 7 turned out the only option I had was to get “Can I get a pen?” she by this white blackmail? I remembered a really AM .My dad told me to sleep and the rest of things acquainted with the person who was to occupy Without thinking I said, “Sorry, I have only one.”mind blowing explanation that I came across. It can be taken care of next morning. the left seat. Out of curiosity I checked the name Her face contorted and she tsked.described Service agreements as follows: of the candidate. It read Aishvarya. Out of sheer I wondered how well her face emoted the 3.00 AM habit I muttered, “Aishvarya Shrinivas”, not bad. changing moods. Perhaps that is common withAgreements are like marriage between a boy and a 30 April 2010 My mind voice by that time asked me, "Mr. girls. They are strongly expressive and few have agirl where the guy has conditions No. 1, the guy can Shrinivas, you bloody Idiot, Is this matchmaking dramatic expression of a bharatanatyam dancer.kiss his wife and she should not ask why. No.2, the I heard a sort or siren ringing which was irritating. I very important now?” I felt that was a right Her way to get upset also looked beautiful.guy can slap her whenever he wants and she should had no clue and my mind did not work. Then, I question and focused on signing the unsigned Seeing her frustration I reprimanded myself fornot ask what for? No.3, he can divorce her if feels recognized that its the alarm. I opened my paining documents but not before making a full 360 not helping her. I turned to my right. The geekylike doing so. No.4, but even after divorcing he has eyelids and without any second thoughts hit the degree rotation of my head to check out the girls. guy was writing something in the scriblepadthe right to kiss her or slap her. She should not ask snooze button (only invention designed taking into I have to wipe out at least one blemish, right? If it given. Obviously he had signed agreement andwhy? But the girl has no such rights both inside account human emotions and needs). After hitting is not job then at least it has to be a girl. his certificates in order. His meticulousness andmarriage and in divorce. Replace boy with the snooze button twice, I woke up by 3.45 AM. I perfection was written all over his face. For thecompany and employee with girl in the above took the documents and I gave it to my mom to sign But to my disappointment except for one or two, first time after an hour I considered him as somestatements. It best describes what service it. That 10 page document required more than a none was that impressive. After all MNCs dont living thing. I was furious when he was scribblingagreements are. dozen of signs from me and the guarantor. When recruit a girl based on her attractiveness. Their something when a girl like Aishvarya did notSlowly the subject under analysis changed. One she is about to complete the signing process, my analytical, problem solving ability mattered. have pen. How dare, isnt it a big disgrace? 16 17
  10. 10. The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan Nov 2011 The Bond - By Vishnu Vardhanan Nov 2011“Excuse me. Can I have your pen?” I asked him. villains have come up with their main weapon. After police custody but then her presence eased the But I was not even remotely interested. I began“I have only one and I am using it now,” he said years I had some luck with a girl and that has situation. to look for a seat and as usual my reflexes led mecurtly. troubled them. I was looking for some company Normally a girls presence by the side would towards the last bench. There was a seatDamn it! I thought and told him,” I think that hoping that some one would say that they have not prove advantageous in these kind of available and I sat there. Suddenly someonescribbling can wait. Would you mind? I have to sign got the bankers signature (Really terrible I felt like a circumstances. I have seen that numerous times tapped my shoulders.all these documents.” kid who has not completed the homework). But to in college. And when that girl happens to be aHe was perplexed by the way I insisted. But gave in my amazement there were lot of good souls who had beautiful girl, someone like Aishu, then you can I looked back to find my sunshine again. Aishufinally with a weird look at the pen I was holding in incomplete service agreements. make your way. was standing there with a broad smile. I felt like Imy hand signing already. He gave the pen for which Poor guy could not refuse for long. He was have finally woken up from a sleep. My daysI muttered obligatory thanks. Luckily the company officials said that it doesnt subjugated by her requests and explanations. I finally saw light.All this while she was busy catching up the things matter if the agreement is incomplete and it can be mean, who wouldnt? We escaped somehow and “Hey, how are you? I never thought I will see yougoing on around and did not hear our unfriendly submitted before appearing for the training. were given permission to bring the documents here. Are you stalking me?” she said.conversation. Nevertheless they asked to get a seal on the next day for acknowledgement seal. I was double I was utterly surprised and said, “No I think you“You can have this pen,” I interrupted her handing agreement as an acknowledgement. I took out my happy as my small stunt had not only won her are following me. Girls these days can not leaveout the pen which I was signing. bag. I also noted that Aishvarya was looking around confidence but also has given me an opportunity handsome guys alone.”Surprised, she said, “Thanks, I thought you said you perplexed blinking those expressive eyes. to spend some more time with her next day. By She gave a mock punch and said, “You funny.”have only one.” “What happened?” I asked. the time we got back to the seat, Guru the geek I liked that punch. And felt nostalgic for more.“Yeah, but now I found another one,” I said raising “I forgot the agreement papers in home.” she said almost treated me like an untouchable not only She continued, “Actually I had gone to my native.the pen which I virtually snatched out from my again with that dramatic face, nope more precisely for what I did but also for the fact that I I thought of calling you yesterday to ask youneighbors hand. dramatic eyes. befriended a girl like Aishu. But poor guy did not about your training center but did not get a I thought for a moment. And I did not know what know that until yesterday I was very much what chance. I thought of calling you this evening. AndThe guy who had lost his pen noted this and gave me made me say the next words that I said, “Me too. I he was today. guess what I am finding you in the same traininga dirty look as if alleging me of being this shameless. also forgot the papers.” room?”I did not mind. I dont behave like that everyday. I Guru was giving me meanest of looks since he had The next day I and Aishu went together to the “Relieved to have someone who knows me,” shedont get the chance to get acquainted with a girl like seen me signing the agreement earlier. His look company administrative head office for said.her every day. That little gimmick actually worked posed a question; can a guy drop to this level just to submitting the agreement. By the time we “Me too,” I said. After sometime.and she started a conversation with me and asked impress a girl? returned we had known each other well and even “Would you mind if I sit with you,” she whereabouts. But my mind said. Dude, you can have thousand went on to exchange mobile numbers. Things I was not able to believe my luck and knew thatFrom what she said I learnt that she was from the jobs but can you have the chance to get acquainted were quite good for some time. We sent texts and my time was working which was next to my college. I cursed with a girl like Aishu (yeah, now we have become chatted sometimes. We had a gap of 15 days My pleasure darling I wanted to say but ended upmyself. What the hell was I doing in college all these close know?) that easily? Even though I was doing before the training started. By the end of a week saying “Yes, of course.”four years and how was it that I never saw her even that with a conviction part of my mind asked what the messages decreased and almost stopped at At a single stroke I got a job and the girl. “Meraonce. the hell is wrong with me and have I gone mad. the end of tenth day. I was not much surprised. I unluck ka the end.” knew I never had luck with girls and the jobs and She went to grab her bag. Meantime few feetAfter moments, the ring masters, I mean the But then I also somehow knew that the company even wondered the way our little acquaintance away I heard a laughing sound. Something saidorganization officials appeared and started their will not kick out someone whom they selected after survived 10 days. that it was a familiar voice. I turned to check out.first of the never ending lectures. Ring masters? four grueling rounds of interview just because of a There I found Guru the same geek chatting with aYeah, all including myself looked like trapped document. I believed that I worked hard to get he April 16, 2010 AD girl animatedly. I saw the expression whichanimals. If all were animals what was she? She was job and it will not go away just like that. However First day of training should have been on my face when I gota peacock. The rare female peacock which had the what I was doing was a great risk taken. acquainted with Aishu on that day, in his facecolorful covert feathers and possibly the voice of a She seemed relieved getting some company. Totally 300 candidates joined on that day and all now. He too noted me. Some silentcuckoo. I smiled at her. She returned a broad smile. I of them were divided into a batch of 50 for communication passed between us. Perhaps that thought that I can jeopardize 100 such jobs just for training. I had no clue where Aishu was. I made was his time to wipe out some blemishes of hisAfter showing some presentation about the that smile. She looked lovely. up mind to text her in the evening to ask in which life. He then finally smiled at me and I did thecompany and its recent soaring revenues for the There was a volunteer from the firm who also batch she was. same, nodding my head as an approval for whatpast quarter the main aspect came to the fore. Guru, happened to be one of the official standing at the was unfolding there.I mean the geeky guy sitting next to me (whose aisle. We approached him. I entered the training room which resembled likename I just learnt when he asked some question to He gave a enigmatic look seeing us. my college classroom except that the peoplethe presenter) was very attentive and even went on She started, “Sir, we forgot the agreement papers.” around tried to feign a professionalism that they www.myblabs.into make notes of the last quarter profits. Then came He muffled, “we?” And craned his neck to take a did not have. They looked more like thethe main event. By 10.30 they told everyone to look at me who stood at a distance. corporate software professional seedlings. Theresubmit the certificates and Service agreement. The He looked at me as if I am pickpocket who was in were few girls standing in gangs in the doorway. 18 19
  11. 11. By Manjula Saxena Nov 2011 Come create your own E-News Paper News, Features, Photos, Cartoons, Poem, Video, Kids, Fun Stuff Etc. Submit News and content through Submission form or email at F S E SNOW FLAKES ENTERPRISES Sub-Broker of BSE, NSE, MCX Shop No. 8, Alankar Building, 31 Balaram Street, Grant Road (East), Mumbai 400 007 Tel:- (022) 23021625 Mobile: 9820408252 / 9323803995 9757274289 / 9619629092 By Manjula Saxena · Thursday, May 26, 2011 E-Mail: Website: 20