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Indian Tourism


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Indian Tourism

  1. 1.  Dinesh Iyer  Sovan Kundu  G.Praneeth  Prathamesh Parulekar  Govadari Sai Suresh  Vijaya E.
  2. 2. Uttar....
  3. 3. Top Tourist Attractions….  Taj Mahal, Agra – Top Wonder of the World  Delhi – The Perfect Blend of the Old & New  Varanasi – Source of Spirituality  Shimla, Kullu-Manali – CHILL OUT!!  Golden Temple, Amritsar – Holy Pool of Nectar
  4. 4. Unexplored....  McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Kangra Valley  Leh, Ladakh  Udaipur
  5. 5. Best time to visit….  The Himalayas cover a vast area but in general the best months to visit are March-May and September-November.  An exception is Ladakh, where tourist facilities are only open between May and September
  6. 6. Govt.’s Role In Promoting Tourism.... Special attention is being given for the development of Adventure Tourism in the country. The Ministry of Tourism has issued Guidelines for Approval of Adventure Tour Operators. Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned Rs. 3.61 crore for development of Camping sites at Surajkund area and Rs. 3.20 crore at Dharuhera. The Camping huts were erected with State-of-the-Art technology.
  7. 7. Purab….
  8. 8. Famous Places....  Shantiniketan- The place is adorned by splendid sculpture, murals and paintings by Rabindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose and others.  Dhauli- The Buddhist Stupa in Dhauli is among the many stupas that Emperor Ashoka had built to spread the message of Lord Buddha. There is also the all white Peace Pagoda or the Vishwa Shanti stuopa built by the Japanese in 1972.
  9. 9. Unexplored....  Lolegaon A very important spot to look out for in Lolegaon is Jhandidara which is a wooded top of a hill and it offers views of all the peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest.  Rishyap is a small tourist village. An excellent view of Kanchenjungha from 'Tiffin Dara' in Rishop attracts tourists to this place. The blue mountains of Sikkim by its side are also worth watching.
  10. 10. Best time to visit....  September to April avoids the monsoon and is the best time for most activities. September is generally the best time for flowers, following the rains.  October - November is harvest time. The rivers are at their lowest by springtime but still have enough Himalayan run-off to guarantee a good rafting trip. Festivals happen in all states throughout the year.  The Naga Hornbill Festival in early December is excellent though no doubt others such as the Buddha Mahotsava Festival in Tawang in mid October is equally remarkable - or you may just bump into some traveling troubadour.
  11. 11. Govt.’s Role In Promoting Tourism.... West Bengal Tourism:  The Sunderbans Delta is a unique attraction in West Bengal. This area has an ecologically fragile terrain and has been declared as a World Heritage Site.  Proposals from the private sector for participation in tourism development in Sunderbans, particularly through water-based crafts, will be welcomed.
  12. 12. Govt.’s Role In Promoting Tourism.... Assam Tourism:  The government is making provision for musical entertainment to the tourists staying in the hotels and tourists bungalows in important tourist places like Kaziranga and Guwahati.  The problem of insurgency and violent political movements, which stands as the stumbling block to the development of Assam, is in the process of being resolved at the earliest.
  13. 13. Facts and figures....
  14. 14. Revenue....  The tourist inflow saw a major upward trend from 2001-2002 onwards when the Domestic tourist inflow increased by 44.11% and foreign tourist by 46.33%.  Since 2001 average increase in domestic tourist has been 19.27% and foreign tourist 22.66%. All this has been possible by proactive steps taken to promote tourism in West Bengal.  In the year 2006 West Bengal attracted 17 million domestic tourists. In percentage terms, the visitors to the state account for 3.8% of all domestic tourists in the country and hence there is immense room for growth in this sector. However, there has been substantial growth of domestic sector which attracted only 4.4 million tourists in 1996. The Tourism Policy 2008 hasrecognised the domestic sector as a focus area for growth in the future.
  15. 15. Dakshin….
  16. 16. Hyderabad Tirupati Vijayawada Vizag Rajahmundry Srikalahasthi
  19. 19. Interesting Facts INDIAS biggest road cum railway bridge. KOTTAYAM-IDUKKI-RED RAIN KODINI (KERALA)-VILLAGE OF TWINS VIJAYANAGARA EMPIRE Havelock Bridge
  20. 20. Facts and figures.... 49% OF TOTAL TOURISTS ARRIVED TO SOUTH INDIA to visit the Indian culture and Heritage States/Ut's Of India In Number Of Domestic Tourist Visits In 2012
  21. 21. PASCHIM Gateway Of India Goa Ajanta Ellero caves Akshardha m Temple
  22. 22. Unexplored....  Jama Masjid(Gujarat)- The Jama Masjid was built by the Sultan Begada. The mosque has a high central dome and it has 172 pillars in total. The award winning film Lagaan which was nominated for the Oscars was set in the city of Champaner.  Vengurla(Mahrashtra)- Vengurla tells us a strikingly similar story about a busy port of yesteryear that lost its role and existence in the folds of history.
  23. 23. Best time to visit….  GOA- From October to February – March to May is warm, with less crowds and this period is ideal for those seeking for some quiet and peaceful moments far away from the city life. Besides, it is a good time for a budget holiday. June to September is by accompanied by rainfalls, and this period is ideal for eco-tourism. Tourist season starts from October, and the place offer very pleasing climate. From October to February is perfect for sea beaches, sightseeing and enjoying water sports.  MAHARASHTRA-October to February Maharashtra is counted amongst those states in India that are visited by tourists in large numbers. Be it the beaches of the state or its revered temple and shrines or its magnificent historical monuments, travelers love coming here and spending their holidays.  Gujarat- October to February. Although Gujarat can be visited any time of the year, the best time to visit Gujarat is from October to February, when the weather remains warm and dry. The rest of the year, temperatures soar to quite a high.
  24. 24. Govt.’s Role In Promoting Tourism....  The Maharashtra government has set aside a sum of Rs 1,000 crore to rectify the damage that has been caused to the 1500-year-old world famous Ajanta caves as it gears up to promote the state on India's tourist map.  Goa government are going to concentrate on holidays that can be part of the hinderland tourism offering for the state . They are going to focus on various areas like places of religious worship, nature parks, sanctuaries and even the architectural facets that Goa boasts.  The Government proposes to undertake the following schemes in this regard: Government shall act as facilitator, coordinator and promoter and enable development of tourism in the state. The physical facility creation of land bank scheme, earmarking certain land on the beaches, tourist places, wayside locations and State/National Highways for the tourism projects both in the rural and urban areas.
  25. 25. Madhyam....
  27. 27. Khajuraho Erotic Temples In celebration of love,life and worship
  28. 28. Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks  Currently one of the dominant male tigers of Kanha National Park is a tiger named Munna.  Munna is famous for his large size, big head and has symbol "CAT" written on his head.
  29. 29. Gwalior Orchha Mandu
  31. 31. Wildlife Sancturies & Temples
  32. 32. Chitrakot waterfalls The Niagra Falls of India
  33. 33. But Still What India in Tourism is....
  34. 34. India’s tourism revenue and expenditure 1990 - 2010
  35. 35. Key tourism statistics
  36. 36. International Tourist Arrivals
  38. 38. “Atithi Devo Bhava”