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SocialBro Lunch & Learn


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A presentation made to some of the Fresh Egg team on SocialBro - an advanced Twitter tool.

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SocialBro Lunch & Learn

  1. 1. Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: SocialBroJune 2012
  2. 2. Objectives1) An introduction to SocialBro2) Getting started with SocialBro3) Exploring and browsing your community4) Managing your community5) Analysing your community6) Analysing your competitors/sources7) Questions and what next?
  3. 3. An introduction to SocialBro.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro
  4. 4. A word from SocialBro…
  5. 5. What is SocialBro?• SocialBro is an advanced tool for managing and growing your Twitter community• The ‘community’ is made up of your followers and your friends (those people you follow)• It allows you to analyse your community, clean it up• It has some useful reporting features• You can analyse Twitter accounts of competitors and other sources• You can use it to build, import and export lists• Clients include: Google, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, HP, Paramount and more• Free version, but paid plan too
  6. 6. Getting started with SocialBro.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  7. 7. Getting started with SocialBro• Visit• Click to download as a Chrome app (recommended as faster)• Or click to download as an Adobe Air version for your desktop• First time use – complete the form• Sign in with a Twitter account• Synchronization – this is key to SocialBro as keeps the data fresh. Tip: Synchronize every time you use it!• Adding additional Twitter accounts – you can add as many as you like, but you need to authorise them
  8. 8. Exploring and browsing your community.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  9. 9. Exploring and browsing your community• The Dashboard – there are several key sections, that can be moved around: * Global stats * Tools * Influence stats – from PeerIndex * Friends & Followers * Tag clouds• Exploring your account – use the drop-down menu to select the various widgets
  10. 10. Exploring and browsing your community• Searches and filters – you can use the top search bar for a quick search or use the Filters and Advanced search boxes to drill down further.• Advanced syntax – use operators in the top search box, such as… + means “OR” bio: - means “NOT” location: “exact phrase” name: language i.e. en timezone:
  11. 11. Managing your community.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  12. 12. Common actions of Twitter & SocialBro• Follow, unfollow, block• Reply and DM• Add to lists• Find relevant information about your community
  13. 13. Managing listsTwo options for managing lists:3)Use the search (and filter) function to find the relevant people.Select the people you want, then click to add them to a listTip: Use “add all to list” for multiple user adding2) Use ‘Sources’ – add your own lists, public lists or lists from ourother accounts
  14. 14. Find new peopleTwo options to do this:2)Use the left-hand navigation and select ‘Search All Twitter’3)‘Add New Source’ – source type is Twitter SearchFor both of these you can then use Filters or Advances search tostreamline the results.You can access this functionality using either of these tool icons too:
  15. 15. Analysing your community.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  16. 16. StatsTo view the stats for an account, click on ‘Insights’ in the tools icon.Then you can filter by:•Community•Followers•Friends•Followers not reciprocated•Friends who don’t follow you back•Reciprocal followersThe stats can be exported to a PDF
  17. 17. StatsThe 12 types of insights available are:•Languages•Time zones•Custom or default avatar•Profiles with Web URLs•Profile privacy•Verified Users•Users by location – Google map mashup•Users by number of followers•Users by number of friends•Users by ratio followers/friends•Users by time since last tweet•Users by tweets per day
  18. 18. Best time to tweetThis report is available for logged in accounts only.Access it from the dashboard icon – click and you’ll get an emailwhen the report is ready.Stats in the report are:•When the followers are online•Followers online per hour•Followers online per day of the week•Potential reach per hour/day•When do you receive more RTs and mentions•Mentions & RTs per hour/day (last 7 days)•Reach by hour per day•Tag clouds – followers keywords, followers link topics, resonant @topics
  19. 19. Analysing competitors or sources.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  20. 20. SourcesFour types of source:• Twitter account (restricted to no more than 5K followers)• List• Txt File• Twitter searchTo add one simply click on the ‘Sources Menu’, then ‘Add new source’.
  21. 21. Real-time analytics.Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  22. 22. Real-time analyticsMonitor up to 100 active users every 10 seconds – from yourTimeline, your Twitter list, other Twitter list and search (really handyfor who is talking about XXX right now).Stats on display:•Active users & total followers•Active users – individual accounts•Active users per second•Top languages•Top apps & clients
  23. 23. Questions and what next?Fresh Egg Lunch & Learn: Social Bro.
  24. 24. Questions and what next?•• User guide (inc videos) plus more tips• @socialbro• Give any feedback/bugs via their ‘Support’ service