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Final ikbal som


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Final ikbal som

  1. 1. COMPETING ON OUTCOME AND/ OR EXPERIENCE Service organizations compete on their service outcomes and their experience. There are a numbers of positions that the organization may take up when compared with the competition.The five positions that the organization take up are as follows: FAILLING. COMPLACENT. RETAINING CUSTOMER IN SHORT TERM. AVERAGE. WORLD CLASS.
  2. 2. FAILLING• The organizations outcome are below Industry Specification, and their customer service is poor.
  3. 3. COMPLACENT• In which the organizational service outcome is excellent, but the way that customer are treated is poor.
  4. 4. RETAINING CUSTOMER IN SHORT TERM• In which the organization to develop customer loyalty through good customer service but total service outcome fall below standard, customer will only tolerate this for a relatively short period. If the service experience is excellent , the emotional switching costs are quite high for customers, but eventually they will leave.
  5. 5. AVERAGE• In which service outcomes and their experience are average.
  6. 6. WORLD CLASS• This organizations are universally recognized as being the best in all that they do. There are few of these in existence.
  7. 7. COMPETING ON OUTCOME AND/ OR EXPERIENCE EXCELLENT Arrogant or World class complacent Standard of outcome as compared to the competition AVERAGE Retaining Falling customers inPOOR the short term POOR Standard of experience as EXCELLENT compared to the competition