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Brand differentiation


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this slide will help you to know about the various aspect of brand differentiation.

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Brand differentiation

  1. 1. craftingtheBrandPositio How are Brands successfully differentiated?
  2. 2. Defining three basics terms Competitive Advantage • company’s abilities to perform in one or more ways that competitors can’t or won’t match. Leverageable Advantage • company’s hopes to endure must be in the business of continuously inventing new advantages. Customer Advantage • Any competitive advantages that satisfy the customer’s needs.
  3. 3. Means of Differentiation Employee differentiation Channel differentiation Image differentiation Services differentiation
  4. 4. Employee differentiation Companies can have better-trained employees provide superior customer service.
  5. 5. Employee differentiation Singapore airlines is well regarded in large part because of its flight at
  6. 6. Channel differentiation Companies can more effectively and deficiently design their dis coverage and performance to make buying the product easier and more enjoyable and rew
  8. 8. Image differentiation Companies can craft powerful, compelling images that appeal to customer’s social and psychological needs.
  9. 9. Image differentiation image that struck a responsive chord
  10. 10. Service differentiation Company can differentiate itself by designing a better and faster delivery system that provides more effective and efficient solutions to consumers.
  11. 11. Service differentiationThree levels of differentiation • on-time delivery, order completeness, and order-cycle time.reliability • Better at handling emergencies, product recalls, and inquiries. resilience • creating better innovating system.innovativeness
  12. 12. Emotional Branding “what we have to do is supplement the rational with the
  13. 13. Emotional Brands share three specific traits : 1. Strong people-focused corporate culture, 2. a distinctive communication style and philosophy, 3. a compelling emotional hook. Emotional Branding Marc Gobe Brand consultant
  14. 14. “Brands that lovemarks, command both respect and love and result from a brand’s ability to achieve mystery, sensuality, and intimacy” Emotional Branding Kevin Roberts Saatchi & Saatchi, CEO