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The advantages of a general dentist over a specialist


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The advantages of a general dentist over a specialist

  1. 1. The Advantages of AGeneral Dentist Over ASpecialist
  2. 2. When to Choose a GeneralDentist Over a Specialist Having a tooth ache, damaged or missingteeth or sore gums can be an extremelypainful and uncomfortable experience. Thatis why caring for your teeth and havingregular dental examinations is important toyour oral and general health.
  3. 3. However, you may be faced with thedecision whether to see a general dentistversus a specialist. While both dentalproviders play a key role in your oral health,there are pluses in seeing one over the other.The advantages of a general oral healthprovider over a specialist are usually basedon the complexity and types of treatmentsand procedures and the knowledge and skillsets required.
  4. 4. General Dental Health Providervs. a Specialist A doctor who works in general dentistry isqualified to do basic dental care. Unlike aspecialist, who covers a narrow field ofdentistry, the general dental health providerdelivers a range of services, procedures andtreatments that do not require specializedskills. The main differences between thesetwo types of oral health providers are thescope of care, responsibilities, the level ofskills and knowledge and years of study.
  5. 5. Advantages of a General DentistOver a Specialist Both the general and specialist oral healthproviders deliver essential oral health careand treatment to patients. However, there aremany benefits to seeing a general dentalhealth provider over a specialist. Someadvantages are as follows…
  6. 6. Advantages of a General DentistOver a Specialist ● Not all oral problems need specialist care, sincemany dental treatments are routine in nature● Costs for treatments are much less and morecompetitive and many services may be covered byhealth insurance● Having more experience in performing basic dentalprocedures and being better equipped to give generaland routine oral diagnosis, treatment and care
  7. 7. Advantages of a General DentistOver a Specialist ● Being able to refer patients to a specialist forcomplex procedures that need more knowledge andskill● Availability of early appointments and less waitingtime since more doctors practice general dentistry● Having a primary care oral health provider at yourdisposal who works with other dental professionals.
  8. 8. General Dentistry Services andProcedure The care and treatment that your generaloral health provider delivers cover a range ofservices. These include…
  9. 9. General Dentistry Services andProcedures ● Performing regular check-ups, diagnosis andtreatment of oral diseases● Examining gum and teeth using x-rays and otherdiagnostic equipment● Evaluating oral health and treating gum disease andmissing, damaged or disfigured teeth● Providing a range of treatments, such asextractions, fillings, root canals, cleanings, scaling,polishing and bleaching
  10. 10. General Dentistry Services andProcedures ● Designing, fixing and installing dentures, bridgesand crowns● Administering local anesthetic and prescribingmedications● Providing referrals to specialists for second opinionand educating patients on oral health and preventivecare
  11. 11. The role of the general dental healthprovider is to examine, diagnose and treatoral problems and diseases. This alsoinvolves keeping informed about cutting-edgedevelopments and techniques in dentistry.With new technology and procedures,general dental providers are better equippedto offer more effective patient care. Knowingthe benefits of having a general dental healthprovider over a specialist is a big help whenselecting a dentist.
  12. 12. Further Information…. Visit the facilities and staff ofMaple Family Dentistry today at 2535 MajorMackenzie Drive Suite 211 Maple, ON, orvisit us online at to learnmore.