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Saint Lucia Discount Accommodations


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Saint Lucia Discount Accommodations

  1. 1. For the perfect vacation Accommodation in the Caribbean Deresidence Guest House is thee Place to commence your vacation ENJOY Please, let the show run on its own. Music will start on next slide  What A Wonderful World
  2. 2. The grand Apartment A virtual tour of the grand Apartment
  3. 3. The grand apartment
  4. 4. The grand apartment
  5. 5. the grand apartment
  6. 6. The grand apartment
  7. 7. A virtual tour of our Aquarius Apartment The Aquarius apartment is ideal for a large family seeking affordable accommodation .The Aquarius can sleep a family of 5 to 6 persons. For rental information call 758-459-5423 Email..
  8. 8. The Aquarius
  10. 10. A virtual tour of the Aquarius Apartment
  11. 11. The Aquarius Apartment,
  12. 12. This seating can be used as a day bed ,
  13. 13. The Aquarius
  14. 14. For a vacation filled with scenic delights
  15. 15. 4 a true Caribbean experience
  16. 16. A spare bedroom if need be. The honeymoon can sleep 3 persons A virtual Tour of the Honeymoon Apartment
  17. 17. Come rekindle your romance in paradise St. Lucia Email
  19. 20. In the honeymoon apt you’ll enjoy relaxing, blissfully undisturbed days
  20. 21. We are nestled in close proximity to the botanical gardens, mineral baths and within walking distance to the beach
  21. 22. Come enjoy la dolce vita
  22. 23. We offer a 10% discount to all Veterans
  23. 24. Email Soufriere Saint Lucia
  24. 26. We offer military discount
  25. 27. what a wonderful world.
  26. 28. Have a wonderful week in a wonderful Island !! [email_address]