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Discovering Abitibi-Témiscamingue


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Photos from our road trip in July, 2014 include Lake Kipawa, La Grande Chute, Fort Témiscamingue, Larraineville, Ville Marie, Rouyn-Noranda, D'Aiguebelle National Park, Lac La Haie, Amos, Refuge Pageau and Val D'Or

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Discovering Abitibi-Témiscamingue

  1. 1. Discovering the Wonders of Abitibi-Témiscamingue July 9-13, 2014
  2. 2. A short stop in North Bay, by Lake Nipissing, before turning right on Highway 63 toward Témiscamingue
  3. 3. Opemican Park Lodge by Lake Kipawa. Art work in one of the rental cottages, and the outdoor spa!
  4. 4. Tamara, our guide for the day from the Algonquin Canoe Company Store and Jonathan, the Manager of Opemican Park Lodge
  5. 5. Canal Bay, Lake Kipawa
  6. 6. Canal Bay, Lake Kipawa
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  8. 8. Our Chalet at La Bannik Resort. The sauna...and a few rabbits were in the back
  9. 9. Fort Témiscamingue
  10. 10. Angela Hunter, our guide at Fort Témiscamingue, relates the legend of the Enchanted Forest
  11. 11. Hélène Lessard, co-owner of Fromage au Village in Lorraineville is VERY passionate about the aritisan cheeses in which they specialize
  12. 12. Mad Scientist? Only me trying to make a small glass bead at Verrerie de la Montagne in Ville Marie. Thats Nancy Couturier, the owner, cheering me on!
  13. 13. Rouyn-Noranda -the Russian Orthodox Church Free bicycles to ride the 8 km path that encircles Lake Osisko in downtown Rouyn-Noranda.
  14. 14. Bistro Jezz in Rouyn Noranda has excellent food! Top: appetizer of Beef & Bison Tartare. Botton: Lamb Shank-- tender, tasty and succulent
  15. 15. Hiking the trails in Parc National D'Aiguebelle
  16. 16. Orange lichen decorate the rocks in may places
  17. 17. Look Out over the 'fractured lake'
  18. 18. Spiral Staircase from the fractured lake Look Out to the water-side trails.
  19. 19. Parc National D'Aiguebelle
  20. 20. Parc National D'Aiguebelle
  21. 21. Climbing the fire tower in Parc National D'Aiguebelle
  22. 22. The Suspension Bridge over La Haie Lake
  23. 23. Canoes waiting to explore Lac La Haie and the Suspension Bridge
  24. 24. Mitsuru Sasaki, Talking Travel's Associate Editor, Lac La Haie and the Suspension Bridge
  25. 25. Les Cowboys Frigants (The Frisky Cowboys) perform at the H2O Festival in Amos
  26. 26. Refuge Pageau cares for orphaned, lost and injured animals. The baby Robin, above, had just been rescued the morning of our visit. The owl--and other raptors each had a story. Some will be returned to the wild, while others, no longer able to fend for themselves, will stay in the refuge.
  27. 27. Louise and Nathalie Pageau, making the rounds to feed--and play with the animals. The young wolves whined and squealed with happiness when the Pageaus entered their enclosure.
  28. 28. Chewy the porcupine, enjoying some treats
  29. 29. Marie-Frédèrique, our Refuge guide, plays with Baluchon, the marmot, who was overjoyed at having a play-date.
  30. 30. One of the older wolves, now arthritic, rests in a safe enclosure
  31. 31. Val D'Or and the City of Gold Mine. Traditional Miner's homes in the village of Bourlamaque --right next to the mine- -are occupied by town residents.
  32. 32. To begin the tour, we put on overalls, helmets and then had our head lights connected to the batteries on our belts, before driving into the mine for a short tour. Bottom: the lunch/safe room.
  33. 33. Anne-Marie Belzile, Responsible for Media Relations, Tourisme Abitibi-Témiscamingue, our guide throughout the 5 day trip, July 2014. Mitsuru, Talking Travel's Associate Editor is in the background
  34. 34. Music by Les Cowboys Fringants Double-click to enter text
  35. 35. Steve Gillick, President All photos copyright Steve Gillick, 2014