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Ppt employing and managing people navigating the law kc 2017


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PowerPoint presentation guiding the viewer through how to navigate key areas of employing others in Australia

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Ppt employing and managing people navigating the law kc 2017

  1. 1. =dWuDDBdHlWc
  2. 2. Employing and Managing People – Your rights and obligations Navigate The Current Employment Law Landscape
  3. 3. Introduction • ? Your current understanding • What you need to know FWA, NES, ATO • What you will learn today • What you will be able to do when you leave • Schedule for today • Surroundings and housekeeping • Please introduce yourself
  4. 4. Case studies • Recent Fair Work Ombudsmen cases – Fines and wins • Finance company – casuals • Architect Award other employees • FWA help service
  5. 5. FWA • px • A brief history to help understanding • _location=stream • updates/pages/default.aspx • NES
  6. 6. NAVIGATE AN AWARD INDUSTRY THEN FUNCTION Exercise In groups Discuss Dining Out What is the industry? What are the roles or functions undertaken at a restaurant?
  7. 7. Navigate • Industry and Function • Dining out at a Restaurant – Industry = Food • Function = Wait person, Chef, Cashier, Owner, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Sales and Marketing
  8. 8. Lets find the relevant industry award • Where do we go? • modern-awards-list/pages/default.aspx • MA000119
  9. 9. Lets find the Award • Lets look at the functions • The Devil is in the detail – 1. The level of qualifications and specific requirements of the role/responsibilities – 2. Hours of work – 3. Minimum Rate of pay, penalties, provisions, loadings and any other items
  10. 10. Exercise • Let’s Find the Award for a Chef vs a cook • What is the minimum wage for each • What are the hours of work per week • What are the meal break allowances • Are there any other penalty rates, special considerations? – Hint clothing and tools
  11. 11. NES • Putting the provisions of the NES together with the correct Award to insure pay rate, penalties, hours of work, meal breaks and all other allowances are covered
  12. 12. The ATO • What are the ATO interested in and when will they get involved • Casuals and Contractors • 25% loading Tax, Superannuation • Is this a contractor or an employee? • To be sure: tools/Employee-or-contractor/
  13. 13. Putting it all together Exercise • Industry • Award • NES • ATO • Compare the Award for industry and function to NES and calculate based on the best outcome for the employee • Contractors not employees then no Tax or Super • Casuals = 25% loading • No Guarantee just evidence
  14. 14. Review • History – What is the FWA and NES all about • Navigate • Key sites to bookmark • Email to receive • Look up Industry Award, Function Award, compare to NES understand the ATO’s role in employment law
  15. 15. Bonus section • Evidence is everything • Hiring is all about the fit • Managing is all about the technique
  16. 16. The essentials • Know your culture = values & behaviours expected policy • Detailed position descriptions • Signed letter of offer with Terms and conditions of employment • Policies with procedures for matters such as performance and misconduct • Diarise important events and document all conversations in some form = evidence
  17. 17. Conclusion • Feedback forms – please complete • Feedback from facilitator • Where to next • Subscribe to for news articles events and if interested consultation • If you enjoyed this webinar please refer associates to the next one and thank you