Softonic Software Trends Q1 2013


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There are millions of software titles that make our life easier; they entertain us and keep us well informed when we use our computers, smartphones and tablets.

Software has become an everyday tool for our more than 140 million users around the world who visit Softonic and consider it the world’s software guide. They come to read news, search for articles and tutorials, watch videos and download the best programs and apps.

These 140 million individuals generate more than 5 million daily downloads, which allows Softonic to offer an overview on what are the worldwide software trends.

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Softonic Software Trends Q1 2013

  2. 2. There’s millions of software titles that makeour life easier; they entertain us and keep uswell informed when we use our computers,smartphones and tablets.Software has become an everyday tool forusers around the world. Proof of this are themore than 140 million people who visitSoftonic, considered the world’s softwarereference guide when it comes to readingnews, searching for articles and tutorials,watching videos and downloadingprograms.These 140 million individuals generate morethan 5 million daily downloads, which allowsSoftonic to offer an overall view on what arethe worldwide software trends.
  3. 3. 1a.Software downloadsworldwideTop 3 most downloaded programs(web and mobile)How can software trends be measured? The most accurate index comes from the software downloaded byusers. This data shows the most popular programs and apps on a global scale according to the device fromwhich they download (computer, smartphone, etc.).SPANISH SPANISHENGLISHPORTUGUESE PORTUGUESEENGLISHAres aTubeCatcheravast!aTubeCatcherWhatsApp Facebook OperaMiniTop 3 most downloadedprograms (WEB)Top 3 most downloadedprograms (MOBILE)TubeMate OperaMiniWhatsAppFormatFactoryVLC SkypeaTubeCatcherPhotoscape AresaTubeCatcherOperaMiniFacebook TubeMate
  4. 4. Photoscape Minecraft avast! GooglePlayPou WhatsAppGooglePlayWhatsApp ViberuTorrent GoogleChromeVLCMinecraft Firefox Photoscape FlashPlayerOperaMiniPouInternetDownloadManagerWindowsLiveMessengeravast! Viber TubeMate SubwaySurfersWindowsLiveMessengerVLC MicrosoftWordWhatsApp Viber WindowsLiveMessengerTubeMate FlashPlayerSkypeavast! CCleaner AVGlolduowanFormatFactoryWinRAR GooglePlaylolduowanKiesGERMANFRENCHITALIANDUTCHPOLISHJAPANESECHINESEJAPANESECHINESEPOLISHDUTCHITALIANFRENCHGERMAN
  5. 5. b.Countries withthe most downloadsSoftonic is available in more than 10 languages (Italian, French, German, Polish, Dutch,Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, English and Spanish), and with other sites in a growingphase (Swedish, Korean and Turkish). Most of the 140 million users who visit Softonic useeither the English or Spanish version of the site.Softonic in Spanish receives more than 82 million monthly visits and surpasses 2 million dailydownloads generated by users from different parts of the world. This is due to the fact thatSpanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. Which are thecountries that download the most from Softonic in Spanish? Spain, Mexico and Argentina.On the other hand, Softonic in English receives more than 73 million monthly visits and servesaround 2 million daily downloads generated by users. The geographical split is also diversesince English is the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish.Which are the countries that download the most from Softonic in English? USA, Indiaand Indonesia.
  6. 6. 13,683,331 13,533,1756,981,2573,282,483 2,594,777COMMUNICATION GAMES BROWSERS MP3 &MULTIMEDIA APPSUTILITIESGAMES DOWNLOADINGSOFTWAREUTILITIES VIDEO COMMUNICATION47,333,93731,740,166 31,575,43329,076,14618,992,539c.Software downloads by categoryDownloads by category help identify what are the users’ preferences when itcomes to software. Do they like games? Maybe apps and programs aboutimage editing and photography are the most popular? The following graphsshow the most popular software and apps for computers, smartphonesand tablets.Downloads by category (WEB)Downloads by category (MOBILE)
  7. 7. 1%5% iPHONE15% BLACKBERRY23% SYMBIAN26% JAVAWINDOWS PHONE1% WINDOWS MOBILE29%ANDROIDd.Percentage of downloadsper platformBy analyzing the platforms from which users generatedownloads, it is possible to know what are the most populardevices for Softonic users. The access to Softonic via thewebsite has a very high percentage of users with Windowsoperating system and the access to Mobile is mainly donefrom devices with an Android operating system.7% OTHERS88% WINDOWS4%1% WEB APPSMAC OSPercentageof downloads(MOBILE)Percentageof downloads(WEB)
  8. 8. 2Quarterly newsworthy topicsSoftonic is positioned in the market as a software guide that offers an overall view of what are the globaltrends regarding programs and apps. Sharing news and relevant information about software, as well asthe interaction with users in several languages, allows Softonic to detect what are the newsworthy topicsfrom the past quarter in the software market.a.A Change in MicrosoftSubstituting Hotmail with as well as Windows Live Messenger with Skype has generated alot of doubts within their user community. In the case of Brazil, an article with a tip to go back toHotmail (before the definite change) was an absolute success, driving visits to OnSoftware, Softonicexpert’s blog, and registering more than 2,500 comments that made it clear that users were not happywith the change. Meanwhile the visits to articles about how to use Skype grew in 70%.The same thing happened with users of Softonic in English and French. They were not happy and theyexpressed it through comments on articles regarding Microsoft’s new products. However, the changehas positioned Skype as the most popular VOIP application since it has considerably increased itsdownloads from Softonic in English.b.The WhatsApp dilemma: paid or free?The controversial announcement that WhatsApp would start charging for the service has brought someconsequences for the popular messaging app. The reaction to the news boosted LINE’s downloads(WhatsApp’s main competitor) from Softonic in Spanish. LINE has moved to the first place for BlackBerryand Windows Phone, it has become the most downloaded free app from Google Play and the most
  9. 9. downloaded free messaging app in iTunes. To top it all off, LINE’s desktop application has reached the11th place in Windows downloads from Softonic.Despite the controversy, users of Softonic in English and Italian are still considering WhatsApp an essentialapp for their smartphones, this is proven by the fact that the most read articles of the quarter have been“WhatsApp’s definite guide” (Italian) and “10 WhatsApp features you might have missed” (English).c.New versions of great videogamesThere’s been several major video game releases this past quarter, updated versions of greatgames such as Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, SimCity and the new Tomb Raider have been a real hitwith users in Softonic in German and French.d.Mobile phones are also for gamersSoftonic in English users have demonstrated that the mobile platform has a great potential for videogame lovers. Games such as Temple Run 2, Talking Cat and Angry Birds Seasons 2 have been themost popular games downloaded this past quarter.e.Italians and FacebookDuring March, the visits to an article that explained how to quit Facebook for good have doubled: Couldit be that the users of Softonic in Italian are getting bored of the most popular social network of all time?According to our team of experts, this could be due to the fact that users are becoming more sensibleabout their privacy, and on the other hand there’s been an uprising of other social entertainment optionsthat are taking the spotlight away from Facebook. New competitors that take advantage of thepossibilities mobile devices offer such as Vine from Twitter or completely new applications that are morerespectful with privacy such as Path, have become very popular with our users.
  10. 10. f.The gap left behind by Google Reader’s shutdownAfter the announcement made by Google that they will be shutting down their popular RSS reader, itseems that Feedly might be the alternative, at least for the users of Softonic in Spanish. However, there hasbeen no real boost to Feedly’s downloads from Softonic for Firefox or Chrome and there’s been nonotorious mention for it in the RSS Feed Reader category. Could this mean that Google Reader was not aspopular as it once seemed? According to Softonic’s team of editors, the low popularity of RSS Readers isdue to two main reasons: the format they use and the boom of Social Media. The RSS format has notbeen updated for quite some time now and there’s little room for innovation. To this, we should add thenew trend of how users access information. They prefer social networks to access, filter and share newsthats interesting to them since these platforms are much more integrated with their lifestyles and therelationship they have with information.g.Tablets and FrancophonesThe use of tablets has considerably risen with the users of Softonic in French. This has been very notoriousthanks to the increase in searches for apps specific for iPad Mini and Android tablets.
  11. 11. The reports results on software trends show that devices - computers,smartphones, tablets - have emerged as social and leisure tools. Proof of thisis the fact that games, messaging software and social networks, togetherwith programs for downloading and file sharing, have been the programcategories with the highest number of downloads in the first quarter of theyear.With regards to devices, survey data show that the use of mobile devices todownload software continues to grow rapidly. In fact, of more than 5 milliondownloads a day from Softonic, 1 million downloads come from the mobileversion of the site, which includes both smartphone and tablet users. In thisrespect, Android users are the most active community (29%), followed byJava (26%) and Symbian (23%). Meanwhile, users of Windows operatingsystems lead the number of downloads via the web (88%).In addition to software download trends, users have not been immune to thelatest industry news; Hotmail’s replacement with Outlook, Messengerchanging to Skype, or the controversy about the new charges for usingWhatsapp have been some of the most talked about topics by more than140 million Softonic’s users.3Conclusions