Useful Windows phone homebrew apps


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Windows Phone has come a long way since its initial release back in 2010. Here is one of the most interesting homebrew app for your windows phone

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Useful Windows phone homebrew apps

  1. 1. Windows Phone Homebrew Apps Credit:
  2. 2.  Lately, Windows Phone has started noticing tremendous growth. Thanks to the release of lucrative smartphone like Nokia Lumia series which gave the ultimate boost to the sales. Looking at the sales figure, then one will realize that Nokia ha managed to sell over
  3. 3.  1 million lumia series handsets. The staggering sales figure may double or get tripled when Lumia 900 is release sometimes in May 2012. Interested people can read our exclusive post that reveals some power-packed specification of Lima 900.
  4. 4. Homebrew Apps On the other hand, there is a necessity of useful HOMEBREW APPS for the users to get the most out of such devices. Before moving on to the topic, user should keep the fact in mind that one must unlock their Windows Phone handset in order to use homebrew app
  5. 5.  There are three different types of unlock  Developer unlock (also called chavronWP7 unlock).  Interop unlock  Full unlock
  6. 6.  We will not delve into this since we’re not much interested in this. Most of the application works on developer unlock which was available at $9 from chevronWP7 lab (token distribution has been freezed at the moment).
  7. 7. On-Device Folders Homebrew App There are bunch of extremely powerful homebrew apps are available. Among them on-device folder is of our main interest. Much like Android and iOS device, on-device folders homebrew app will let you create a folder on your Windows Phone homescreen so you can manage the applications easily.
  8. 8.  Unfortunately, folders option has not been integrated into the Windows Phone stock firmware, which only makes it difficult to users. Those who just migrated from iOS device feels helpless due to such constraint. Luckily, unlocked Windows Phone users can now take advantage of such feature
  9. 9.  All you need is chevronWP7 unlocked Windows Phone to install this application. You can add marketplace application as well as system application into folders. Find our more on this from our official blog
  10. 10. Resources1. Folders for Windows Phone Tutorial2. Best Windows Phone App3. Unofficial Windows Phone Blog