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Seo fundraising online

  1. 1. SEO Fundraising Online
  2. 2. Introduction : Fundraising online is an easy and effective process particularly when in comparison to the traditional forms of fundraising. This is really a new trend which has actually grown by more than 30% each year. Many people enjoy fundraising online because its very easy and simple compared to other methods. Find out a few reasons why.
  3. 3.  First of all, with something which is online, its much easier to go to family and friends who are not a part of your local area to raise funds. While traditional fundraising has a tendency to do well locally, its not good if you ever want to simply allow someone you might know who lives outside of town to easily donate to the task or project. With internet tools for fundraising this is no longer an issue.
  4. 4.  Lots of people find websites much easier to interact with. Whenever they can read about the project and press a button to start giving funds, its simpler than filling out the paperwork that is related to normal fundraising techniques. In addition there are those who may be more prone to give funds whenever they completely understand more information about the project.
  5. 5.  The data is saved more efficiently with online fundraisers. You can have multiple individuals collecting funds from others and keep all the information of who gave and what amount in one area without having to type it into a computer or compile lists of data.
  6. 6.  Online fundraising also has the huge good thing about having the ability to tap into social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This one thing is a huge advantage since many people as well as their friends will see the fundraising project and have enable you to give more money to it. Traditional fundraising does not have this advantage and wont be as effective.
  7. 7.  If you arent sure where to search for online fundrasing, you could try fundraising online at It provides a good system to help with online fundraising projects so that you can get started with the many advantages that have just been discussed.
  8. 8.  Fundraising online is tried and tested and you will effectively raise money online for your cause whether big or small.You dont need massive marketing budgets and millions of fans or followers to reach your fundraising goals.
  9. 9.  You just need the right tools that enable social fundraising online to accept donations via multiple social networks, websites, blogs, and allow organizations to engage, retain, and grow their donor base, while motivating and empowering each one of their donors to become active fundraisers on behalf of the organization.
  10. 10.  So, when you wish to start a successful fundraising campaign, you should think about using Fundly – the leader in online social fundraising for causes.
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