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Science Fair Powerpoint


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its a powerpoint about the science fair if ou want a powerpoint to show to your studebnts get this one

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Science Fair Powerpoint

  1. 1. Science Fair Information You should probably take notes on this!
  2. 2. What is the Science Fair? • It is a program we have each year • It tests your ability to acquire your science skills • It is usually done in February or March, but this year we are having it in October.
  3. 3. Science Fair Logbook • This should be handed out to you in class by your teacher. • It is used for you to write down your topics, research, contract, hypothesis, experimentation, observations, data, and conclusions. • It is very important, and you need it when the judges are looking through your project. • It will be due on the week of 2-6 November 2015. • Refer to your teacher for any questions about the logbook.
  4. 4. Project Timeline • Week of August 24 – Begin thinking about project topics/questions and acquire journal • Friday, September 4 – Officially formulate research question and begin research • Monday, September 14 – Present research recorded in journal to teachers, use time to formulate or confirm research question, develop hypothesis, formulate plan for experiment (teacher guidance) • September 14-25– Conduct experiment, observe and collect data (parental and/or teacher guidance) • Friday, September 18 – Journal checkpoint – Teacher checks journal for research information, progress, data collection, etc.
  5. 5. Project Timeline (continued) • Friday, October 2 – Journal checkpoint – Teacher checks journal for research information, progress, data collection, etc. • October 5 - 30 – These weeks used to complete analyzing, finalizing journal, writing abstract, writing final report, creating project presentation board (parental and/or teacher guidance) • Week of November 2-6 – Projects judged and graded by classroom teacher; top projects move to school fair judging • Tuesday, November 17 – School-wide science fair; students interviewed by judges • Wednesday, November 18 – Winners announced and awards presented
  6. 6. Science Fair Topic Tips • Selecting a topic for your science fair project is probably the most difficult step. • However, if you begin your search with a field of science in which you are already interested, this first step will be easy! • The kind of project you need is one that produces measurable data; your project must deal with an effect that can be measured with numbers and units. • The best projects ask a question and use scientific techniques to answer it. • Make sure you don’t involve live animals, fire, or anything dangerous.
  7. 7. Is my topic valid? Is there a specific answer? Yes No Do I know how to find it? Do I have enough time? Can I get the materials I need? Is it safe? Is it ethical? Do I understand it? Is it original? Am I truly interested? If you didn’t check “Yes” for all the questions, then your topic isn’t valid. If you need help with science fair examples, go to the next slide.
  8. 8. Science Fair Example Pictures If you still need help, go to
  9. 9. More Resources • Science Fair Topic Quiz • All-Science-Fair-Projects • • Julian Trubin's Elementary School Projects • Elementary School Projects • HomeTrainingTools Science Fair Projects • Projects For Kids
  10. 10. Science Fair Contract (please copy) • I understand that I am responsible for completing a science fair project, to include planning, research, and a final product. I understand I am responsible for finding a mentor within the community to lend assistance with my project. I agree to have my topic selected by the due date. • Student Signature ___________________________________ • Date_______________ • Parent Signature ____________________________________ • Date_______________