And President Obama Said


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What happened. What is happening. What will happen. Don't tell me no. Warmest regards, Slim

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And President Obama Said

  1. 1. “And President Obama said…” Mexico is planning to restructure its oil industry. America is seeking oil independence China is shifting from coal o oil OPEC will need o review protecting future revenue Emerging nations have growing energy needs. China has been making economic and diplomatic overtures to Africa and expanding its global diplomatic and economic initiatives. And remember this: it was not too long ago that President Obama pointed to China and said, “That used to be us.” If The President meant China is becoming more successful, he was right. However, if he meant China is embracing a paradigm that we have long ago abandoned, he is offering great insight into the future—one that we had better heed. To understand why, we must look at “American Exceptionalism.” AMERICAN EXPEPTIONALISM From the death of President Lincoln to the death of President Kennedy, American Exceptionalism arose from three areas: Our blessings, our workers, our iron-fisted empire builders. What we have witnessed since, is the dissolution of America from the death of Kennedy forward. Technology and innovation and entrepreneurs cannot reverse the trend until America puts Americans back to work. Here is a brief and focused look at American business, commerce, and industrial exceptionalism: Edison: The light bulb. Edison: The movie camera Edison: The phonograph Edison: The electric car. The Wright Brothers: The aeroplane.
  2. 2. Steve Jobs: The personal computer. Samuel Morse: The telegraph. Henry Ford: The assembly line. Then we have: Rockefeller: Oil Carnegie: Steel Morgan: Finance. And, Labour! Coal miners Autoworkers, Police officers Firefighters, Truck drivers, Brick layers, Steel workers Iron workers, Plumbers Electricians Carpenters And, of course FARMERS: NO FARMERS, NO FOOD. The US is the world’s largest economy. China is the world’s fastest growing economy.
  3. 3. “China will succeed because China will do as we did, not as we say.” The Quotations of Slim Fairview. A metaphor to explain what we are doing is this simple: Remember the old canard about the man banging his head against the wall. When asked why he does it, he replies, “Because it feels good when I stop. From this we learn two things: 1. That it will feel good when he stops. 2. That he will stop. We no longer recognize that paradigm in the US. What we are doing is banging out heads against the wall embracing the belief that eventually it will feel good to bang our heads against the wall. China is embracing a new paradigm. China is no longer looking inward. China is looking outward. And, China was never a colonial power. And, the rest of the world is tired of doing business with people who look like us. What do we look like? Rich! For example, from the song: spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains. China will do as we did and not as we say. And therein lies the secret to China’s success. Warmest regards, Slim. Further reading Global Management: A shift in the paradigm of corporate America The Future of the G 20 in Good Times and Bad Emerging Nations Economic Union.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2014 Slim Fairview Robert Asken All rights reserved.