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Marketing Advice from Slim Fairview

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Your Logo

  1. 1. Your LogoLogosWhat does your logo look like?Wrong!I could ask, "What does your logo look like to your customer", but that would bemisleading. A better question would be, "What does your customer see when he looksat your logo?"The problem arises from the fact that you are confusing your logo with a graphic.GraphicsGraphics are the little pictures on your letterhead, in your print ads, on the packagesyour product is sold in. Your logo exists only in the head of your customer.I thought about logos when I was watching an old episode of Real Housewives of NYC.Bethennys "Skinny Girl" Cocktails. The stylish letters, the silhouette of a skinny girl. Doyou believe anyone expects to lose weight drinking Skinny Girl" cocktails? Do you knowanyone who learned how to pick up Bunnies by reading Playboy?What prompted me to write the article, however, is the renewed interest in J. C.Penney;or Penney, or JCP. Also, the fact that only a very few short years ago, my wife told methat Macys always had that red star. (They did?!!!)While Mayor Ed Koch may have brought umbrage down upon himself while running forGovernor of New York by disparaging Sears Roebuck suits, when I think of a suit fromJCP the only thing that comes to mind is "I didnt buy this suit at Sears I bought it at J CPenney."I did buy a Harris Tweed sports coat at Macys though. The Logo? A snifter of single-malt scotch. What snifter of single-malt scotch? The snifter of single-malt scotch I amsipping in front of a fire while wearing that Harris Tweed sports coat. (Okay, maybeMacys is piggy-backing on the Harris Tweed Logo, still...)Halo EffectThe halo effect is the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when i buy at Macys. But there is aflip side to that coin.Remember when JCP told us there would be low prices every day? (If that is not whatthey said, it is certainly what I remember.) Here is the opposite of the halo effect.
  2. 2. Remember when gas stations were competitive? Remember the sign, "Save 5¢ forCash"?Remember the stations across the street? Cash or Credit, Same Low Price !!! Did youbelieve it?Is JCP an upscale Sears? Competing with Macys? Target? Kohls? Do you know? Dothey?Rethink your logo. Forget what your customer thinks of your logo. Find out what yourcustomer is thinking about when he thinks of your store, product, or service.Regards,Slimslimfairview@yahoo.comCopyright (c) 2012 Slim Fairview