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The Monday That Never Saw The Night - Story of making of Drunkenomics


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This presentation says the story of how the "Drunkenomics" presentation was created in 24 hours to be entered into the Slideshare FuseMeeting Contest 2009.

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The Monday That Never Saw The Night - Story of making of Drunkenomics

  1. The story about about how we created our SlideShare Contest presentation Marty FM @ flickr in the last 24 hours
  2. Monday, 15th June 2009. Around 8:25AM. The 2407! Team meet up at their pantry for an early morning coffee Hi Adam, Last week was hectic with few heavy duty deliveries. Hi Chief, Very Good morning. How does this week Actually this week’s not that look like? hectic. We just have one major presentation to roll out. I guess we can chill a bit
  3. Events were warming up … oops. He is thinking. I am sure he is going to pull a quick mhmm. Don’t worry one NOW I’ll load it up this week too. Bingo !!! What’s the deal with I think the contest closes on that SlideShare Contest 15-June. That’s tonight. No. thing. Is it over? Actually tomorrow noon Indian time
  4. Should we give it a shot. It Absolutely. Ofcourse. will be thrilling to beat the We are game for it ! 24hour deadline. You guys in? That was AMY, the projects director Cool. Way to go. Can you assemble the team in the War Room in 15 minutes. SURE CHIEF
  5. 2407 War Room. About 8:50 AM OK. Guys & Gals. Here’s the crazy idea for the week. We have got approximately 24hours to deliver a contest We’ve got presentation. I know it’s putting our neck on the block.. TWENTY SEVEN but let’s give it our best shot. hours to deadline
  6. THE TEAM STARTS TO ROLL … TOPIC VOTING STYLE • REVIEW • UPLOAD Let’s get the master THEME project plan on the ….. board QUICKLY , PLAN ITEMS ARE FINALIZED IDEAS FLOW THICK & FAST & GET VETOED IN NO TIME TOPICS TOPICS ----------------- CHARITY ----------------- NO GLOBAL WARMING – Okayee. CURRENT Already posted CHARITY – TAXES – INDIA ECONOMCY - SPORTS – Brain-dump of topics EVENTS TECH? NO PHILOSOPHY – QUOTES - NO now Enough on TV TECHNOLOGY – CURRENT it every We do EVENTS - KIDS - ….. already other day! ONE MORE HURDLE CROSSED. TIME IS 10:40 TOPICS Hey .. How about ----------------- Taxes with an element GLOBAL WARMING – of farce? CHARITY – TAXES – INDIA COOOOOL. ECONOMCY - SPORTS – PHILOSOPHY – QUOTES - Lets do it!! TECHNOLOGY – CURRENT EVENTS - KIDS - …..
  7. AMY COMES UP WITH THIS TOO OK Guys. Lets do a HERE’s a GR8 ONE. search on possible Bar-Stool- interesting “Tax” stories Economics ALMOST FINAL … It’s SIMPLE It’s kinda And it’s a thought Let’s go with it UNEXPECTED provoking It’s also STORY CREDIBLE It’s FUNNY TIME IS 11:45 PRESENTATION STORY Discussions on the ----------------- CREATIVE THEME It’s got to be BAR STOOL starts after a 15-min something smoke break ECONOMICS unique .. What will it be?
  8. 12:10 PM Cartoons? Any ideas ? Animations? Quite a few Ultra High Impact Imagery MORE IDEAS … Cartoon? High Impact May not emphasize Imagery? We’ve got to be Presentation skills DIFFERENT Animations? SlideShare doesn’t Almost everyone support ‘em yet ! does it TIME IS 12:30 The creative guys scribled Hey .. Let’s do Inline CARICATURE with good How will it background THAT is work? imagery Interesting Show us LIKE THIS Love that idea
  9. GOOD NEWS. He is starting Where’s Can you to the office Ravee call and check Ravee is the 2407 artist Looks like Ravee doesn’t want to miss the action Story boarding gets underway Lets get the story BAR board now SNOOKER Story board is good to go Artist Ravee walks-in Nothing much. We’ll give you a This is good to Hi Guys, quick run down go. Let’s roll What am I missing TIME is 2:20PM
  10. Ravee has never shied away from You just have to create challenges about 4 caricature characters & about 25- odd scenes – in YOU GUYS And, as usual, about 12 hours ARE CRAZY, I’ll do it. as usual Way to Go Adam, get the Amy, can you Bala, You need to backgrounds wrap up the set the different script and the scenes with the dialogues photos TIME is 3:30PM And lets’ Sure regroup in Okay about 3 hours See you at 6:30 Okayee Everyone leaves to complete their assignments
  11. TIME is 7:00PM . Adam lines up the imagery he has choosen for the story COOL LOVELY Just harmonize the hues a little Will do. You’ll have it Relevant in an hour Team, High Impact check these Imagery And even scenable Caricatures next … Ofcourse, check SUPERB Ravee, are out Joe, Tony & the charcters Mark Ravee, you are ready the best Love you
  12. Ravee is giggling and obviously very excited We’ll next Cool. If you guys ok the I’ll start sending the meet at 1 AM characters, I’ll start the scenes in about 15 mins scenes. I shoot the first 10 scenes by mid-night Can somebody order cheese pizzas please .. It’s 8:30 and hunger is showing 9:15 PM 9:35 PM Team, Pizza Buffet is ready !!!
  13. Next review happens at 1:30 AM Let’s look at the scenes & characters Here you go
  14. Just a few minor corrections I’ll email the list FABULOUS Sure. I’ll get them fixed The final set should be complete by 8AM …next sprint starts at 2:30AM …. the team slogs more …. SO WE I’m real OFFICIALLY Get some sleepy Beer would MIS S THE coffee and help  NIGHT TODAY continue 
  15. 9:00AM All the caricatures are I’ll do the ready We have about scene setting 3 hours to go in an hour 11:00AM .. Is it light at the end of the tunnel? I’m pleased. Good job folks! We’ve got less Here’z the final than an hour for deck review
  16. 11:45 AM It’s a Go! 12:05PM Hey, It’s been uploaded. All the best!!! We beat the deadline by 25 minutes
  17. This presentation is created by Alex. The decision was made at 7:00AM to chronicle the days’ events and enter it as a contest entry too. This presenation, so, was created in about 5 hours. a product of slides 2407! energize. your. presentations. SM Thanks a ton. If you enjoyed this presentation, we would appreciate a vote on this SlideShare Contest 2009.