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Smartphones in Bangladesh


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In a few short years, smartphones have become an integral feature of the mobile market in Bangladesh. The current state of the smartphone market is more than simply promising- it's a beacon to several businesses and entrepreneurs to get involved with one of the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh.

This infographic focuses on the current composition of the smartphone market, exploring aspects such as market share, consumer behavior and growth potential.

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Smartphones in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Smartphones inBangladesh 80% oftheworld hasacellphone Bangladeshis havecell phones 44% smartphone annualsales growth higherthan worldaverage! smartphone peneteration Market Share Others 53% Smartphone OS Usage How Users UseTheir Smartphones 21% 69% usetextmessaging 92% usesocialmedia playgames 63%81% usemobileinternet 30% takephotos 72% playmusicand videos 49% 1% 9% 20% 14% 12% 5% 21.6% 73 1.5Billionnewsmartphones areactivatedeveryday 1.8Billionofthemare smartphones Million Slidebee Qualitypresentations,training, Powerpointtemplates,anddesignsolutions