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New IMC Strategy Of Premier Cement


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IMC Strategy

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New IMC Strategy Of Premier Cement

  2. 2. Company Profile  Brand Name: Premier Cement  Inception: 12th March 2004  Production Capacity: 2.4 million tons  Market Share: 8%  Employees: 700+  Factory: West Muktarpur, Munshiganj  Product Type: 2  Product Name: OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) PPC(Portland Composite Cement)  Package: 50 Kg Bags
  3. 3. Product Offering 1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): Ordinary Portland cement Type-I is the most common type of cement in general use around the world. It is a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco and most non-specialty grout cement. It is a fine powder produced by grinding clinker (95%), a limited amount of Gypsum which controls the setting time. 2. Portland Composite Cement (PCC): It is the most common type of cement used in Bangladesh which consists of Clinker, Slag, PFA (Pulverized Fly Ash), Gypsum, and Limestone.
  4. 4. Market Share 20% 19% 11%11% 9% 7% 8% 6% 9% Market Share Others Shah Cement Lafarge Heidelberg King Brand Fresh Premier Crown Holcim
  5. 5. Current MC of Premier Cement 1. Media Advertising:  Newspaper  Magazine  TVC  Promotions 2. Direct Response Advertisement:  Email  Telemarketing  Fax-mail
  6. 6. Current MC of Premier Cement 3. Outdoor Advertising:  Billboards  Wall Paintings  Shop Paints  Posters
  7. 7. Some Advertising Tools of Premier Cement Newspaper TV & Radio Billboards Direct mail National, Local, press release Ad making, Airing, Radio foorti, Bd Betar Billboard, Shop signboards, wall painting, show piece Real State, yellow pages, mail to corporate customers
  8. 8. Advertisements
  9. 9. Total Advertising Tool used by Premier Cement 1. Consumer Promotion:  Credit facility for Distributor  Short term incentive for consumer at dull season  Gifts to Retailer and Distributor 2. Trade Promotion:  Eid 2 Eid offer for Retailer based on sales  Yearly Dealer conference at 5 star hotel with gifts
  10. 10. Total Advertising Tool used by Premier Cement 3. Publicity or Public Relation:  Brochures, Leaflets, Banners, Festoons  T-shirt, Umbrella, Dinner set, notebook, mug, pad for company representatives  Regular meeting of Engineers, Masons, Dealers  Workshop on House building 4. Sponsorship and Event Marketing:
  11. 11. Total Advertising Tool used by Premier Cement 4. Sponsorship and Event Marketing:  Cultural programs like 100 year of teachers training college  International Mother language day program, Dhaka University  Sponsorship of Sylhet Royals team of BPL tournament
  12. 12. Total Sales promotion and Public Relation Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion Events Personal Selling • Contest, Awards & corporate Promotion • Test Fee For BUET and other test Yearly gifts for Distributor, Tour, yearly conference, Trade shows • Mezban for Distributor/ Retailer • Cultural program sponsoring • Masons Workshop • Entertainment, Direct mail, Exclusive gifts • Greetings, Foreign Tours
  13. 13. IMC Strategy Development at Premier Cement 1. Indentify the target customers: Customer Base may be  Retail Customer  Corporate Customer  Government Offers are of two types  General Customer (Cash ++ offer)  Retailer (Eid 2 Eid offer)
  14. 14. IMC Strategy Development at Premier Cement 2. Designing the Communication: Ad Agencies working on designing communication:  Biborton  Jara  Panshi etc 3. Communication Channel:  Media  Sales promotion  Public relation  Events
  15. 15. IMC Strategy Development at Premier Cement 4. Setting Communication Budget: Promotion Budget of 2012-13 31% 36% 28% 1% 3% 1% % Sales Promotion Advertising Public Relation Consultancy Fee Personal Selling Others Source:
  16. 16. IMC Strategy Development at Premier Cement 5. Managing Integrated Marketing Communication: The Company does the following  Evaluation after each promotion campaign  Control and combination of communication discipline  Ensuring clarity, consistency and maximum impact of message  Analyzing the trends  Appointing marketing consultant to monitor promotional programs
  17. 17. Online and Social Media  Well structured website but all pages are not equally developed  Some pages with broken links which needs to develop
  18. 18. Online and Social Media  Media center is the library of all media communication but the content of the page are yet to be completed
  19. 19. Online and Social Media  Facebook fan page is not managed properly  No sharing of contents and fan numbers also unsatisfactory
  20. 20. Execution of Brand Marketing Program 1. Choosing Brand Element:  Brand Name  Logo  Packaging  Company Slogan  During offer period the offers and prizes 2. Integrating Brand into Marketing Activities: Use of Brand tools like brochures, leaflets, stickers, company diary in  Sales promotion and Trade promotion  Mezban, Dealer/Retailer meeting, workshop etc  Developing Brand Equity among stakeholders
  21. 21. Execution of Brand Marketing Program 3. Leveraging Secondary Association:  The company can associate with some other Brand so that they can create Brand Equity for themselves  They are doing Sponsorship, Event Marketing and CSR activities to leverage association for the brand
  22. 22. Managing and Evaluating IMC Programs Assessment of the collective impact of an IMC program is very important. This can be done by evaluating the following points:  Coverage  Contribution  Commonality  Complementarities  Versatility  Cost
  23. 23. Conclusion  Premier Cement is trying to establish a strong network with their customers and associates all over the country to stay in the long run in the cement industry  To do so the company have to think about their IMC program not in a conventional way but in a contemporary way to stand out in competition  Premier Cement is still new in the industry and they are gaining the momentum day by day  There is a good opportunity ahead for the company to establish their brand and become the ultimate Brand in the market
  24. 24. Thanks To All