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Superstar lighting Marketing campaign


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A marketing campaign for Superstar lighting.

Published in: Marketing
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Superstar lighting Marketing campaign

  1. 1. Presented by A Marketing Campaign for Superstar lighting Presented by 1. Shamim Ahmed-1411437020 2. Alvi Kadar-1411242630 3. Nehal Saif-1411040630 4. Anishuz Zaman Abid-142199030 5. Md. Shariful Islam-1421762030 MKT 337 Group Presentation
  2. 2. Company Introduction – Under SSG (Super Star Group) – Established in 1994 – First product ‘Super Star Incandescent Lamp’ – Vision: To be the most contemporary conglomerate locally and globally • Mission: To provide innovative products and solutions that offer customers delight – Awards: Global Marketing Excellence Award’ in 2014
  3. 3. Logo of Super Star Lighting
  4. 4. Purpose of this Presentation • To discuss with the problems in creating a brand strategy and using a combination of promotional tools to implement that strategy.
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis
  6. 6. SWOT analysis Strength: Price-power efficient: Their lights are quite cost–efficient, and their lights also consumes low energy. Warranty: They are offering 1 years of warranty, while other companies offers 6 months of warranty. Eco-friendly: Their lights offer eco- friendly lighting. The brightness level of their light is not too much nor so low, which is appropriate for our eyes. Experience: They are in this market for about 22 years, so we have a long experience of the market. They have the sufficient knowledge about the market.
  7. 7. Weakness Inadequate information: Our website is not well designed and there is also a little lack of information in their website as a result consumers have to face problems to get proper knowledge about their products Clutter: As competitor brands use so much advertising similar to us so it creates clutter effect which leads customer to remember our brand properly. Low market research: There is a lacking of a quantitative and qualitative research as it was not conducted by any well recognized research firm.
  8. 8. Technological advantage: They are adopting new technologies to improvise their product. Availability: Their products are quite available in their segmented as well as their different parts of Bangladesh. Comparative price: Their prices are much reasonable than other lighting companies. They provide comparatively lower price. Low electric bill: As their lights need comparatively less voltage, therefore electricity bill is also comparatively low. Opportunity
  9. 9. Threats: New entrance: Entrance of new companies in the market can manipulate their market share. Government high taxes: If for any reason such as if it is in a recession Govt. can impose higher taxes. As a result, company can face sophisticated and threating situation Lower pricing strategy of competitors: if their competitors offers lower price than them, it will be a threat for them. Innovative technology adoption of competitors: If their competitors adopt more cost efficient and more advance technology then SSG might face problems of their survival in the market Threats
  10. 10. Competitor Analysis • Energy Pac • Trans Tech • Click
  11. 11. Past Communication • Advertising  TVC  Radio Commercial • Public Relation  Sales Promotion  Direct Marketing
  12. 12. Category and Consumer Understanding • Mixture of High and Low Involvement • Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality • Longevity • Efficiency • Brightness • Environment friendly • purchase Criteria: Market Share, Packaging, Electricity Cost Reduction, Comfort
  13. 13. Problem Identification • Low Frequency • Absence of the Campaigns • Poor Reach • Low Brand Recognition • Absence of the Dedicated Marketing Department • No Market Research
  14. 14. Campaign objectives • Increase sales • Improve product awareness • Increase market share • Maximize profits • Research and development purpose
  15. 15. Communication Objectives • Increase in Frequency • Absence of Dedicated Marketing Department • Continuous Market Research • Increase in Campaigns
  16. 16. Target Market • Demographic: Nationality Age Sex Social Class Education Religion Occupation •Psychographic: Life Style Opinion
  17. 17. Estimated Total Budget:
  18. 18. Production budget
  19. 19. Newspaper budget
  20. 20. Billboard budget
  21. 21. Slogan for the campaign "দীপ্তিময় ভপ্তিষ্যতের অগ্রদূে“
  22. 22. New positioning A few suggested IMC elements that will help to meet the criteria of new positioning of the campaign • Direct Marketing • Outdoor Advertising • Digital Marketing • Personal Selling
  23. 23. • Direct Marketing: Phone call to real-estate firms Visiting offices to persuade the procurement departments Sending e-mails, postal mails • Outdoor Advertising: Doing advertisement through billboard beside the busy roads for mass market attraction. Pasting printed advertisement on public buses. New positioning
  24. 24. • Digital Marketing:  YouTube advertising  Advertisements on Facebook fan pages.  SEO • Personal Selling:  Stalls can be set in the fairs New positioning
  25. 25. Media Planning
  26. 26. Media Planning
  27. 27. Creative Qualities • we tried to show these slice of life in our ads very properly with a beatiful theme background music. Here is our creative qualities that we created a good story to relate and good motivation for everyone.
  28. 28. Creative Execution Style • We are using slice of life execution style for advertising. • Our advertising holds emotion with slice of life. In this ad a young guy has failed so many times but no one noticed that he needs just a little motivation which can turn his life into better way. everyone needs to turn the lights on exact time when they need it in every sector. they need a little light to find the right way, so this execution style is lighten up with ssg.
  29. 29. Evaluation • Return on investment: The idea is to check whether the money we put into the marketing plan has resulted in a profit. • Customer response: Customer response in all its varied forms can help to determine what type of reactions we are getting from the campaign. Surveys online and in person, general customer service feedback and online commentary can all reveal what customers think of our brand and product and how impactful the campaign is. • Competitor response: Response from competitors can also say the success or the failure of the marketing plan. If competitors rush to copy what we did or try their best to one-up our initiatives, the plan is working.
  30. 30. THANK YOU