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  1. 1. The proposed site for the centre is the existing Merlin Park Hospital Site. Situated along the main approach road to Galway WESTERN VASCULAR FOUNDATION RESEARCH CENTRE city, this prominent site would allow for a building that would act as a gateway to the city. The site’s history as a TB hospital gives an opportunity to site the centre amongst mature woodland. mature woodland hotel existing access road existing hospital mature woodland The site is in the ownership of the HSE. In planning terms it lies within the Galway City Council boundary. It is zoned CF for Community, Institutional and Cultural use. The surrounding woodland (also in the HSE’s ownership) is zoned RA for Recreational and Amenity use. Galway City Council are proposing in their development plan that a new road would be provided through the existing woodland. This road would provide a new access to the existing hospital and free up lands currently taken up by the existing access road. The road would accommodate a quality bus corridor and lead directly to the new Dublin – Galway dual carriageway. The Development Plan also ear-marks a site directly to the northeast as a possible location for a major parking facility.
  3. 3. The building is to be an embodiment of the progressive, innovative ethos of the centre. Using existing WESTERN VASCULAR FOUNDATION parkland as a backdrop, the centre will be an inspiring place to RESEARCH CENTRE study, a fulfilling place to work and a restful place to be treated in. Positioned prominently at the existing vehicular entrance to the site, the building will have a high profile in the city and will be a welcome addition to the city. The building will be designed to accommodate phasing of the development as the research centre evolves.