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Ignite Baltimore #2 - Neal Shaffer


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Here are the slides from my Ignite Baltimore #2 talk on February 5th, 2009. They might not make a ton of sense without audio, but I wanted to make them available all the same.

All of the images utilize open source licenses and are attributed below (if they're not self-created).

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Ignite Baltimore #2 - Neal Shaffer

  1. 1. Photo via Flickr user sgsf
  2. 2. Photo via Flickr user Bastardo!
  3. 9. Vignelli subway map via Flickr user modulate
  4. 11. Popular Science, 1958 (via Flickr/Radio Rover)
  5. 13. Photo via Flickr user Rachael Voorhees
  6. 15. Photo via Flickr user Stussy2k (C.M. Coolidge painting)
  7. 17. Photo via Google/Life
  8. 19. Photo via flickr user p e e p e r