A License to RHoK


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Want to change the world? Then get a license to RHoK! Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global initiative to create practical open source solutions to humanity's toughest challenges. Organized by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, HP, NASA and the World Bank, RhoK brings together thousands of the best and brightest developers from around the world - like YOU - to participate in fast–paced and competitive marathon coding events resulting in real applications that are making an impact on humanity. The RHoK community has grown rapidly over the past 2 years, with 3000 participants from 43 cities who have worked on 214 distinct solutions. This talk will bring together "RHoKstars" to provide an overview of the initiative, discuss some of the solutions developed, describe how the SxSW community can contribute to the effort and most importantly, brainstorm about what is next.

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A License to RHoK

  1. #RHoK @randomhacksGet your very own copy of this presentation: http://goo.gl/PcT8k
  2. Introductions Todd Khozien Nicholas Skytland @toddicus @skytland SecondMuse NASAChristiaan Adams Elizabeth Sabet Patrick Svenburg @spinmap @esabet @svenburg Google SecondMuse Micrsoft
  3. RHoK-stars
  4. RHoK-stars
  5. RHoK-ing
  6. RHoK-ing
  7. RHoK-ing out
  8. What is RHoK?
  9. A community ofinnovationdevelopingpractical opensolutions forsocial good
  10. How Does it Work?Subject matter experts Volunteers work on Together, they movedefine the problems open technology those solutions to solutions implementation and impact
  11. “Hacking for Humanity”
  12. Who Can Participate?Everyone
  13. History of RHoK?
  14. Next Up:The RHoK Journey Global HackathonImpact June 2-3, 2012 Dec 3-4, 2011 5th Hackathon 28 Cities June 4-5, 2011 4th Hackathon 19 Cities December 2010 3rd Hackathon 22 Cities June 2010 2nd Hackathon 7 Cities December 2009 1st Hackathon Silicon Valley, CA June 2009 @ CrisisCamp Time
  15. Who is RHoK?
  16. 4000+ people
  17. 45+ cities
  18. 180+ partners Core PartnersRegional Partner Operational Lead
  19. Why RHoK?
  20. Problem Definitions
  21. A goodsolution startswith a goodproblem
  22. Brainstorm. Define. Refine.
  23. Success Stories
  24. sheltr.org
  25. Partnerships with The Coalition AgainstHunger, Project H.O.M.E., and thePhiladelphia Office of Supportive HousingInterest from many cities across the U.S.Expanded hack to include food sourcesPress coverage NPR InterviewAwards for best civic hackHomeless service providers reaching out
  26. CHASM (Combined Stability and Hydrology Model)Created at RHoK #1Chasm is an integratedslope hydrology/slopestability software packagethat aids the assessmentof slope stabilityconditionsAcademic researchercame to RHoK with theconcept and base codewithout interfaceProactively used anddeployed in Latin AmericaAnd the Caribbean
  27. www.phillysnap.com
  28. Assessing (and aggregating) beehive health beepods.com
  29. TheHackathon Brainstorm.Process Define. Refine. Hack. Support and sustain for impact.
  30. A License to RHoK
  31. Introductions Todd Khozien Nicholas Skytland @toddicus @skytland SecondMuse NASAChristiaan Adams Elizabeth Sabet Patrick Svenburg @spinmap @esabet @svenburg Google SecondMuse Micrsoft
  32. rhok.org @randomhacks #RHoK Thoughts? Questions? Discuss!