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Maranatha Associates.Sender Response


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We are entrepreneurs from NCR and have registered offices accross this region and also across India.
We are helping dynamic Individuals with some spare time to have an extra source of income and attain financial independence.
If you are interested in a business opportunity and want to utilize your time in gaining something more fruitful and lucrative then please revert with your contact details.Our experts would get in touch with you to discuss the same.
Only reply if you are genuinely interested and ready to come to our office to understand the business concept.
We need serious and dynamic individuals.
If interested then please reply with the following contact details.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Maranatha Associates.Sender Response

  1. 1. MARANATHA ASSOCIATES (TO KNOW EACH OTHER) 1. NAME: 2. WHERE YOU SEE THE ADD: 3. FOR YOU, WHAT YOU FIND IN ADD? 4. DID YOU GET ANY IDEA WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IT IS? 5. CURRENT JOB PROFILE: 6. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS/JOB YOU LIKE TO DO? 7. WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE/GOAL/TARGET? 8. ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE? 9. CURRENATLOCATION………………………………………………… 10. ARE YOU READY FOR MEETING TO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS PLAN? IF YES WHAT KIND OF MEETING YOU LIKE A. ONE TO ONE PLAN B. GROUP MEETING C.COMPANY MEETING (DELHI) LOCATION-……..DAY…………TIME…….MOBILE NO…………. Dear sir/mam, Once again I want to remind you with this org. you can earn 1000-1, 30000 / week only. On urgent basis we need business partner fro north India (first come first serve). if you are serious about your life this is golden chance for you. Please fill this small form and get back to me or call me 9213909198. Thanks For your success A.N.SINGH MARANATHA ASSOCIATES (FOUNDER)