Painting by Numbers
                                                                  Longest Painting in the Worl...
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RMP is one of the India’s leading Direct Selling Marketing Company and Online E-
Commerce Company with cons...
no employees, no bosses and best of all, no risk! You do not have to incur costs like
overheads, staff and premises. Hence...
Retail Profit: In the retail profit method, RMP Distributor is eligible to get Retail profit
by way of getting Discount of...
Executive Distributor 1.5% + 0.25% +0.25%
Silver Distributor        3% + 0.25% +0.25%
Pearl Distributor         4.5% + 0.2...
Suppose in single month the 3% of total BV generated is 3,00,00,000 then it is divided by
220 and it will come Rs. 136363....
you. The five highly rewarding bonuses on the repurchase ensure rapid payment with the
RMP Payment Gateway. So, to benefit...
Fmp plan home
Fmp plan home
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Fmp plan home


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Fmp plan home

  1. 1. Painting by Numbers RIPTION Longest Painting in the World TAYA PEOPLE WEEKLY The longest painting TY NEWS WS in the world was unveiled at Nong HE TOWN RTS Nooch Tropical Gardens and Resort, BLES FEATURES Pattaya on Wednesday, 27th LTH February. R SECTION NT REVIEWS OPLE E SECTION The painting with a E PAGINA VISK SEKTION floral design stretched for 1,010 OPLE meters throughout the magnificent MARKET tropical gardens. The special promotion was organized by the Thai Vision Holiday D SECTION OF READERS ION RMP Infotec Company Limited from India, who sent 2,500 painters LENDAR to paint flower designs on the canvas in order to get into the world famous XPAT INFORMATION Guinness Book of Records as the longest painting in the world. T TEL. NOS MIGRATION TERS XPATS CLUB News stories placed on this website are short versions. If you would like the full EPORTS OLS story, please read the Pattaya People Weekly newspaper. SSOCIATIONS ATTAYA PEOPLE LUCKY DRAW PES F THE WEEK WEATHER EISMAN ECTORY S US KING NEWS up
  2. 2. Click here RMP is one of the India’s leading Direct Selling Marketing Company and Online E- Commerce Company with consistent presence in this industry. We are today one among India’s dynamic and reputed Business house. RMP has, in its own right, been at the forefront of our country’s economic and corporate growth by reaching out to the people in the remotest corners through its business clients all over India. Our clients are engaged in selling products Health Care, Consumer Durable goods, Life Insurance, to name a few. At RMP, new ideas and innovation are a commitment that we keep to our distributors. Lakhs of distributors in India and across Asia look to us for new ways to create and increasing their incomes. The RMP Family Mart Plan is a revolutionary new initiative that helps RMP distributors to benefit quickly through the existing binary network marketing. With the RMP Payment Gateway in place, the RMP FMPLAN has been specially created to bring YOU prosperity through innovative schemes. Direct Selling is a business opportunity, which creates a steady flow of income, which could be small initially but can increase tremendously in proportion to one's efforts. There is no limit to the potential earnings and the fabulous amounts of extra income that can be created. There is no large capital investment required and what's more, there are
  3. 3. no employees, no bosses and best of all, no risk! You do not have to incur costs like overheads, staff and premises. Hence, costs are reduced and benefits are increased. Thus, RMP FM PLANS makes a simple and secured way of shopping. Get connected to RMP the way you get connected to your loved one, simple and easy that you can relax and do it at your coffee desk. RMP aims at changing the life of every common man who thrives to make network marketing as their Profession. At RMP each Distributor will have a mission of growth with sky as the limit, the never ending GROWTH. Every product has a pre-notified Business Volume (BV). BV is used for the purpose of calculation of bonus. The BV that you and your network accumulate in a month is used to calculate the performance bonus paid by the percentage level you achieved with your Business. We offer limitless opportunities to earn. However, the actual income varies in accordance to the Consultant's goals, commitment & dedication levels. The amount one earns is invariably in proportion to one's efforts and willingness to invest genuine efforts. The Four Types of highly rewarding bonuses on the RMP FM PLAN are as follows, which are based on certain criteria and which are to be followed as below:- Retail Profit Upto 20.00% Level - 21.00% Income Rank - 22.50% Commission Royalty - 3.00% Important Information about FMP Purchase - • The FMP Cutoff of every month will be last date of the month • The Amount been transferred (if any) to your ID, through AWP/I Card, purchase should happen before the FMP cutoff of the respective month, to get eligibility for the FMP Cutoff process. • If AWP/I card amount has not been utilized by the Distributor, then the AWP/I Card Amount will be made Zero and FMP Product of same amount will be sent to the Distributor. The Product will be sent as per choice of Management. Making the AWP/ICard Amount zero or carrying forward the balance to the next month is again up to company's discretion, so we always recommend you to kindly make the purchase from your end before the cut-off. • In no event will RMP be liable for the Card lost/Damage and there of any losses or expenses arising in connection to this. • If any Distributor placing the Order before the FMP Cutoff and not taking the Products, then BV will NOT be counted. The BV will be counted only when he will collect the Products with the Delivery/Sales Invoice. • The FMP Purchase terms and conditions governed by RMP INFOTEC PRIVATE LIMITED (as may be amended from time to time) and constitutes acceptance of the same. DESCRIPTION OF ABOVE INCOME
  4. 4. Retail Profit: In the retail profit method, RMP Distributor is eligible to get Retail profit by way of getting Discount of upto 20% on purchasing RMP Family Mart Products. Level Income: In the Level Income method, the RMP distributor is eligible to get a lucrative income on the repurchase of the distributors up to the 16 level depth. More surprise no condition for getting this Incentive, only you have to do monthly qualification. No. of % of Business Levels Volume You 3.00% 1 2.00% 2 2.00% 3 1.50% 4 1.50% 5 1.50% 6 1.50% 7 1.50% 8 1.50% 9 1.50% 10 0.75% 11 0.75% 12 0.50% 13 0.50% 14 0.50% 15 0.50% 21.00% Rollup Income: The Rollup Income is yet another rewarding bonus. In 16 level depth, if any non-active (ie. Who has not made the repurchasing and are not fulfilling the eligibility conditions) downline exist, then the non-active distributor’s active downline will be considered as the particular level member. i.e.,the non active downline’s level will rolled out to the first eligible downline distributor enabling distributor to get income from the further deep levels beyond 16 levels. Additional Benefit to the Purchaser: Any distributor making higher personal purchase, he will be paid entire 21% BV commission, on the purchases made above 3times of his/her Minimum Purchasing level as per his qualification. (However Distributors monthly purchases, above 3times of personal rank qualification purchases, level commission will not be passed on to the 16 levels). Suppose A is an Distributor and purchasing 10 times more than his rank qualification of Rs.500 i.e Rs.5,000/-. Then he will get 3% Level Commission of Business Volume which generated through Rs.1,500/- and he will also get 21% of the business volume generated through Rs.3,500/-. More over the Business Volume generated through Rs.3,500/- will not participate in LEVEL Income. Rank Income: Starting from Executive to the Crown Distributor, the qualified rank distributors are eligible to get the difference of percentage (gap commission) between their level and the downline level. Qualification % on B.V
  5. 5. Executive Distributor 1.5% + 0.25% +0.25% Silver Distributor 3% + 0.25% +0.25% Pearl Distributor 4.5% + 0.25% +0.25% Emerald Distributor 6% + 0.25% +0.25% Gold Distributor 7.5% + 0.375%+0.375% Platinum Distributor 9% + 0.375%+0.375% Diamond Distributor 10.5% + 0.5%+ 0.5% Blue Diamond 12% + 0.5%+ 0.5% Distributor Royal Diamond 13.5% + 0.5%+ 0.5% Distributor Crown Diamond 15% + 0.1% each upto 10 Level of same rank Distributor Plus Income: - IF any Rank holder has got same rank distributors below him, then plus commission will help him in getting commission from two level of the same rank distributors in his downline. If there is no same rank distributor below him, then he will get entire plus commission on his group turnover. Royalty Bonus: 3% of the global repurchase business value will be reserved for Royalty Bonus. Royalty Bonus shall be distributed among Diamond, Blue Diamond, Royal Diamond and Crown Diamond Distributors. 3% of the total reserve in the Royalty Bonus account for the period will be divided into Diamond pool, Blue Diamond pool, Royal diamond pool and Crown diamond pool. The pool amount will be equally distributed among all eligible qualified distributors. Example - Diamond Distributor X Blue Diamond 2X Distributor Royal Diamond 3X Distributor Crown Diamond 4x Distributor Example, Let us say there are following number of diamond and above participated in Royalty Income:- Qualification No. of people Allocation Total Diamond Distributor 40 1 40 Blue Diamond 20 2 40 Distributor Royal Diamond 20 3 60 Distributor Crown Diamond 20 4 80 Distributor TOTAL 220
  6. 6. Suppose in single month the 3% of total BV generated is 3,00,00,000 then it is divided by 220 and it will come Rs. 136363.60/- for each Diamond and above. As per above Table, the payout is given below:- Each X Qualification Allocation Total (Rs.) (Rs) Each Diamond Distributor 136363.6 1 136363.6 Each Blue Diamond Distributor 136363.6 2 272727.2 Each Royal Diamond Distributor 136363.6 3 409090.8 Each Crown Diamond 136363.6 4 545454.4 Distributor Hence one Diamond will get Rs.1,36,363.60/- whereas one Crown Diamond will get Rs.5,45,454.40/-. Note: 1. All incentive is calculated on the Business Value (BV) of the product and not on the purchase price. The Business Value (BV) is a monetary figure assigned to each product and is quoted in terms of rupees. 2. In order to become eligible to receive any RMP FMPLAN Income/ benefit / reward, one should be active – which means he is should be valid RMP distributor, should have done minimum monthly qualification as per rank and should have completed any other criteria which will be announced from time to time (will be announced through our website) RANK QUALIFICATION FOR EVERY MONTH Rank Active position Distributor & Rs.500 Executive Silver Rs.1000 Pearl Rs.1500 Emerald Rs.2000 Gold Rs.4000 Platinum Rs.7500 Diamond Rs.10000 Blue Diamond Rs.15000 Royal Diamond Rs.20000 Crown Diamond Rs.25000 3. In each and every RMP distributor’s binary incentive cheque certain % will be deducted weekly basis based on his earning as per below mentioned and will given a Voucher cheque of equivalent value. All deduction will be made on Gross Income. - - Income from 1000-5000 10% Income from 5001 – 25000 8% Income from 25001 – 50000 7% Income from 50001 – 130000 5% From this detailed explanation, you can clearly understand that the RMP E-Repurchase Plan has been specially created to bring out new income opportunities for distributors like
  7. 7. you. The five highly rewarding bonuses on the repurchase ensure rapid payment with the RMP Payment Gateway. So, to benefit at the earliest, participate in the RMP FMPLAN right now.... RMP FM PLAN - Terms and Conditions a) The Incentive will be paid to those who has renewed their distributorship and done their Personal Business Volume. b) The Incentive will be paid on the Turnover generated through Family Mart Plan business, which will be paid monthly basis. c) Level Commission Paid to all upto 16th Level. d) Rank Commission will be paid from Executive and above Distributors. e) The personal purchase made excess of their Rank qualification will not be carry forward for next month. (Suppose A is a Silver Executive and his rank qualification is Rs.1000, but he purchase the Product for Rs.2000, this all the BV generated will be adjusted in one month and it will not carry forward for next month). f) For getting, Rank Commission and Royalty Income in RMP FM PLAN GOLD and above uplines have to submit their Training Report with the signature of their uplines and downlines to us before closing of every month. Incase of non-submission of Training Report, the Royalty Incentive will not be paid. The details should be given in the prescribed format every month without fail and submitted only to Head Office, Chennai Surprise rewards and benefits! From time to time, RMP will reward its Best performing Distributor and Franchisee with exciting rewards for participating in the RMP FM PLAN...So, join up now...because you could be the next winner! FMP PRODUCTS 1.Big Bazaar Coupons 2. Group Insurance 3. MAGNO Health Drink 4. Siyarams 5. MP4 6. Mobillezer 7. Titan Pair Watch 8. RMP Training Kit 9. Ayurveda Weight Managaement Kit 10. Ayurveda Joint Pain Relief Kit 11. Ayurveda Spa Navratan Kit 12. Nuwellness BioEnergy Pendant 13. Nuwellness Multifunction Nano Card PROJECTIONS On Big Bazaar Coupons Assuming everyone purchasing Rs.1000/- coupon S.No Product Price B.V 1 Big bazaar 1000 300