veterinary epidemiology antibiotics india disease control mdr veterinary epidemiology amr antibiotic drug resistance vaccine disease prevention fmd antimicrobial drug resistance herbal antimicrobials animals covid-19 covid vaccines brucellosis esbl vaccination antimicrobial therapy control diagnosis salmonella one health pandemic diseases mortality morbidity veterinary education bacteria escherichia coli sheep abortions goat drug resistance methods endemic zoonosis antibiotic alternatives epidemiological determinants treatment cfr amr patterns brucellosis control mbl metritis corruption fmd-cp disease causation laboratory diagnosis ndm buffalo epidemics camel animal cattle zoonoses brucella vaccination failure disease pathogenesis klebsiella tuberculosis outbreaks pcr incidence prevalence genotyping pharmacopolitics disease monitoring data authenticity fmdcp nadcp animal disease control prions bacteriology ayurved homeopathy microbiology carbapenem-resistance prebiotics synbiotics probiotics bacteriocins predatory bacteria nsaids amps epidemic waves strains sars cov-2 clades variants breakout epidemics environment veterinary medicine sarscov-2 case fatality ratio prevention coronavirus virus outbreak amr trends veterinary drug uses substandard antibiotics nsqd antibiotics and producers in india from 2013 fake drug business in india cdsco fake drugs molecular epidemiology model disease eradication vectors epizootiology production positive predictive value screening test negative predictive value ppr-cp infectious diseases fmd control programme treatment failure bse antigenic drift antigenic shift ppr brucella melitensis brucella abortus brucella ovis carbapenemase veterinary bacteriology b-lactam antibiotics herbal antimicrobials and antibiotics synergy carbapenemase producer bacteria in veterinary clin vaccination threshold herd immunity emergence of drug resistance antibiotic sensitivity infertility mic tdr antimicrobial medicine bio-toxins in-vitro models serratia zoonotic clinical medicine tb salmonella serovars blue tongue live identification compromised diagnosis disease investigation fake diagnosis false reporting biased diagnosis monitoring and surveillance pen-side diagnosis holistic diahnosis wto & disease reporting final diagnosis provisional diagnosis clinical diagnosis advances in diagnostics disease diagnosis kappa values apparent prevalence interpretation influencers true prevalence diagnostic test evaluation gold standard test reference value sensitivity specificity likelihood ratios precision-recall curves roc curves dichotomous diagnostic test nondichotomous diagnostic test laboratory investigation the clinical diagnosis or the bla proof of concept schedule y clinical hold vaccine safety datalink vaers sea rules serious adverse events (sea) emergency use authorization vaccine safety vaccine efficacy global clinical trials multi-arm multi-stage trials phases in clinical trials pilot studies feasibility studies treatment trials screening trials prevention trials wg multilocus sequencing rapd-pcr pfge rflp aflp spoligotyping mlv and mlst lipid profiling protein profiling serotyping biotyping colicin typing phage typing plasmid profiling wgs and ngs pyrosequencing eric-pcr qpcr host variability spatiotemporal mdr-tb pasteurellosis lsd phase-conversion serotypes lineages clones strains 3ab3 elisa bcg vaccine hs (haemorrhagic septicaemia) vaccine strains in use nps (non-structural proteins) phenotypic markers genetic markers diva test marker vaccine siva vaccine species vaccine strains strain clone field isolate isolate disa diva economic losses capripox virus neethling virus disease notifiable disease zoonotic disease mechanical vectors flies mosquitoes geospatial epidemiology prevention and control std sexually transmitted disease clinical signs sheep-pox vaccine goatpox vaccine lumpy skin disease (lsd) yesinia mycobacterium metazoan parasites prozoa fungi extracellular intracellular pathogenicity islands (pais) invasions adhesions virulence pthogenicity uses of molecular epidemiology tools of molecular epidemiolog causal pathways necessaru cause and sufficient virus receptors molecular interaction canine parvovirus cd aids or hiv bvd mill's method koch's postulates hill's criteria genetic epidemiology gaumata dairy animals cross-sectional survey contagious diseases gaushalas sudden milk drop syndrome drastic milk reduction ayurvedic treatment nosod homeopathic therapy phage therapy brucellosis treatment therapeutic interventions research proposals rejected holy cow protection icar-ivri disease-data veterinary vaccines killers of holycow holy cow antinational canine distemper parvovirus infection fake data dahd data ppr control fmd control cure allopathy mantra therapy chinese medicine naturopathy touch therapy reiki siddha medicine unani medicine antibiotic use and misuse agriculture aquaculture humans drug-resistance nosocomial infection reverse zoonoses silent pandemic amr-emergence amr-mitigation alternative therapy therapeutics of herbals antibiotic-resistance herbal-antimicrobials stenotrophomonas maltophilia b. contaminans b. pseudomultivorans b. cenocepacia burkholderia cepacia diagnostic-risk zoonotic-infection phenotyping clinical-infection quality-control ip-guidelines infections ultrasoundgels bcc burkholderia ghost particles vaccines for aquaculture vaccines for pet birds broiler/ layer vaccines poultry vaccines vaccines for dairy animals swine disease vaccines ovine & caprine vaccines equine vaccines rabbit vaccines canine & feline vaccines bacterins and toxoid vaccines vectored vaccines rna & dna vaccines killed versus live vaccines diva vaccines classes of vaccines types of vaccines planning defects administrative issues veterinarians problems uneducated farmers legal costs pcicda act cow-slaughter act preventive cost therapeutic cost penalties legal issues disease reporting vaccine quality control disease surveillance blue tongue control brucellosis vaccinesn brucellosis-cp classical swine-fever cp nprsm & nadrs ascad & ped livestock diseases in india anthrax african horse sickness bse risks livestock-production index tb and jd glanders nadcp & fmdcp vaccines & vaccination empres glews epidemiology network disease intelligence secondary control primary reemerging diseases eradication versus elimination zero disease concept disease management disc diffusion antibiotic sets stokes' method kirby bauer method sample transport necropsy samples biopsies for culture sampling for anaerobic culture wound samples feacal samples automated testing septicemia uti blood samples clinical samples sampling sites sampling errors antiotic susceptibility assays clinical microbiology holistic approach reductionist approach phycology protozoology archaeabacteriology microbiophobia mycology virology indian pharmaceuticals truth faulty vaccines conflict of interests testing quality yajna homatherapy antimicrobial mantra acupressure acupuncture antimicrobial peptides serum-therapy monoclonals bacteriophages selective media in-vivo models conventional methods pathogens pheniramine maleate diclofenac flunixin meglumine paracetamol aspirin faecal transplant therapy chitosomes liposomes nanoparticles monoclonal antibodies covid19safety covid19solutions covid19prevention covid19vaccination covid19pandemic lemmongrass oil patchouli pogostomum cablin holy basil ajowan and ajwain cinnamon respiratory tract infections lower respiratory tract infections upper respiratory tract infections impact climate change food security food safety human health plant problem solving problem identification problems limitis aeromonas media aeromonas bestiarum acinetobacter schindleri acinetobacter calcoaceticus • achromobacter xyloxidans sexed semen semen quality artificial insemination uterine infections endometritis panic plandemic kumbh mela election rallies mutants spread of drug resistance enterococcus faecalis enterobacter aerogenes aeromonas salmonicida bacillus stearothermophilus group i bacillus sphaericus bacillus mycoides bacillus circulans bacillus cereus arsenophonus nasaonia alcaligenes faecalis alcaligenes denitrificans aerococcus spp. actinobacillus spp.  acinetobacter lowffii  acinetobacter calcoaceticus paenibacillus microbial quality of air gayatri mantra proteus mirabilis moraxella ovis klebsiella pneumoniae ssp. pneumoniae hafnia alvei escherichia fergusonii erwinia stewartii erwinia cacticida enterocococcus malodoratus enterococcus faecium candida albicans bacillus megaterium aeromonas popoffii alacligenes faecalis staphylococcus aureus cow-dung cake ash buffalo-dung-cake ash agnihotra-ash spritual agnihotra vaccine-quality population density poverty literacy rate disease spread health indicators phytozoonosis re-emerging emerging food habits snake pangolin bat monkey civet lion tiger mink dog cat anthropozoonosis anthroponosis zooanthroponosis reverse zoonosis dpt polio bcg disease modulators covid19 eradication global threat disease of diagnosis politics of medicine health emergency self-education self-help modern teaching personal teachers online teachers teaching assistants apps augmented reality virtual reality teaching medicine teaching-softwares mechanical teacher synthetic intelligence aied robotech roboteacher color combinations teaching aids effectiveness powerpoint micro-nutrients minerals vitamins health obesity excess toxicity deficiency nutrition il1 retained placenta orchitis reproductive physiology national brucellosis control program interplay interleukins cytokines polyarthritis hygroma repeat-breading therapeutics feed antibiotics growth promoters livestock antiseptics disinfectants biocides not approved antibiotics pharmaceuticals oie who non-approved antibiotics in therapy therapeutic use of sub-standard (nsqd) antibiotics misuse of antibiotics as preservative contamination of environment with antibiotics pharma pharmaceutical producers of substandard and fake antibiotics mncs substandard drugs antibiotic resistance sampling plans sampling area of operation hypothesis in epidemiology measures in epidemiology tools of epidemiology types of epidemiology modelling causation concepts basic epidemiology static studies cross-sectional studies longitudinal studies experimental studies interventional studies analytical studies observational studies errors bias study designs survey histograms paranormal curves skewed curves normal curves distribution cuves epidemic curves survivalcurves hypodemic epidemic contagious disease control control of infections herd immunity indices for control of infections rho values for different diseases rho value case fatality contagious disease bison yak cloven-footed animals hoof & mouth disease aftosa मुँह पका खुर पका रोग foot & mouth disease biology life iceberg-size iceberg shape disease mapping disease causation webs disease causation wheel disease triad rothman's pie model effect cause diagnostic test gold standard daignostic test predictive value of test specificity of a test sensitivity of a test aeromonas streptococcus enterobacter alcaligenese pyometra moraxella animal reproduction staphylococcus acinetobacter ndm-1 antimicrobial chemothrapy wildlife swine fever brucella-co disease control programmes animal husbandry cbpp animal diseases johne's disaese quality control foot and mouth disease dairy life sciences god & goddesses demons and demonic theories medical sciences clinical sampling samples for diagnosis samples to antibiotic sensitivity assay antibiotic use abst multiple combination bactericidal testing (mcbt) bacteriostatic e-test antibacterial microtitre wells broth macrodilution method additive effect bactericidal broth microdilution method antagosism microtitre well dilution assay checkerboard analysis assay brocth dilution time kill curve synergism fic primers pneumonia pseudomonas ertapenem doripenem ipm meropenem vim diarrhoea carbapenems imipenem variant cjd fatal familial insomnia sodium hypochlorite tse prion diseases transmissible mink encephalopathy vcjd prpsc kuru bubonic plague gerstman-straussler scheinker syndrome (gss) scrapie prpc senility disease alzheimer’s disease chronic wasting disease transmissible spongiform encephalopathy creutzfeldt-jakob disease (cjd) lpai h5n1 hpai host range bird flu avian flu spatial distribution treds influenza virus a influenza avian plague wild birds temporal distribution birds plague of small ruminants kata gazelles morbilivirus peste des petits ruminants endemics laristan sheep ovine rinderpest goat plague captive nubian ibex clostridium novyi type b black leg duck feedlot cattle clostridium tetani clostridium septicum black quarter layers pig clostridium perfringens necrotic enteritis broilers enterotoxemia clostridium chauvoei enteritis necroticans tetanus poultry r. mooseri • urban typhus • murine typhus • scrub typhus • rickettsia • spotted fever • rural typhus • neorickettsia • endemic typhus • anaplasma • richettsial infection • shop typhus • typhus • eschar • rickettsia typhi • indian tick typhus • bartonella quintana • human monocytic ehrlichiosis • ehrlichia • flea borne typhus • bacterial infections chlamydophila psittacosis chlamydia human chlamydiosis systemic infections antimicrobial chemotherapy never-ending dieases hyperendemic dream tb treatment tb control mdr tb bovine tuberculosis human tuberculosis tuberculosis complex brucella suis abortion control programme ncpb metallo-b-lactamases veterinary clinical isolates strategies for future key-hole effect herbal drug resistance drug interactions herbal drug interactions mbl producer bacteria in animal infections disease control programme r0 wonder drugs novel medicine gastrointestinal disturbances xdr antimicrobial sensitivity assays multiple drud resistance mbc mycobacterium tuberculosis oonotic tb mycobacterium bovis mycobacteria seed germination failure crop production cultivars bacterial toxins pathogenesis models zonoses alternate disease models methods and theories risk measures meta-analysis forest plot techniques translational dignosis elephants helminths cestodes cats companion animals parasitic zoonoses dogs giardia toxocara the prevention and control of infectious and conta animal importation act signals and flags indicating disease quarantine eligibility of animals to be imported in india mutant genetically engineered defined deletion genetically defined defined deletion mutations salmonella abortusequi pathogenicity assay in mice and in-vitro pathogenicity assay elisa biken test dot-elisa agglutination test agpt isolation salmonellosis typhoid
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