Health Antismoking Campaign


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My antismoking campaign

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Health Antismoking Campaign

  1. 1. Anti-tobacco The way to go…for real with no lies! By Jonathan Chai
  2. 4. LIES!!!!!
  3. 5. If tobacco companies were telling the truth……
  4. 6. No pleasure Dead
  5. 7. Death Death
  6. 8. Not convinced?
  7. 9. How about scientific proof and blunt facts?
  8. 10. One puff of cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals! Of those, almost all are bad and 43 of them can cause various cancers.
  9. 11. Here are some substances in a cigarette.
  10. 12. Those chemicals are also found in cigars and chewing tobacco, just in different amounts.
  11. 13. The more dangerous ones Nicotine- A very addictive drug that ruins the mind.
  12. 14. Tar-A substance used to pave roads or seal various objects. Sticks to your lungs.
  13. 15. Cyanide- A deadly poison. If taken in bulk, fatal.
  14. 16. Carbon monoxide- A very deadly gas. It can make you die within minutes by poisoning you.
  15. 17. There are three main kinds of tobacco: Chewing tobacco Cigarettes Pipes and cigars
  16. 18. Shocking Facts about tobacco: There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today, at the least. There is enough nicotine in four or five cigarettes to kill an adult if taken at once.
  17. 19. Radioactive lead and polonium are both present in cigarette smoke. Every eight seconds, a human life is lost to tobacco use. From
  18. 20. Still not convinced?
  19. 21. How about evidence?
  20. 26. If you were unlucky enough to already have started, Here are some ways to quit (trust me, it is definitely worth it)
  21. 27. 1. Make a list of reasons to quit using tobacco. This will make you more determined to quit.
  22. 28. 2. Change your habits. Instead of smoking, do something else. You should soon get used to it and stop.
  23. 29. 3. Exercise more often. When you exercise, not only do you stop yourself using the time to smoke, you also get fitter and healthier!
  24. 30. 4. Use “Cold Turkey”, meaning that you throw away all cigarettes etc. and stop using it immediately and try not to use it again.
  25. 31. If you haven’t started using tobacco yet, great! Here are some ways to prevent yourself from starting.
  26. 32. 1. Stay away from friends or others who smoke or chew tobacco as they will try to get you to start using tobacco too.
  27. 33. 2. Have a look at the long list of the harmful effects of smoking or chewing tobacco. This should make you more cautious.
  28. 34. 3.Practise refusal skills. This will help you say no to tobacco if it is offered to you.
  29. 35. Something to take note: If you can get up to 19 years old without smoking or chewing tobacco, there is only a 5% chance of starting after that!
  30. 36. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco. Life is much better without it.